Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance - Playthrough (PS2)

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Game: Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance System: PS2 Me (GSTAR321) doing a live commentary and playthrough of Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance. Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance was the first official '3D' Mortal Kombat game which marked a significant change for the franchise; it would be the blueprint for future MK games to come. Deadly Alliance featured a completely new fighting mechanic which involved switching between styles during combat. It also introduced a new mode called Konquest mode, and brought about the 'Krypt'; a place in which you unlock things such as new characters, costumes and concept art. Overall, this is a great Mortal Kombat game and a lot of fun to play; although it does take an initial adjustment to get used to, especially if you come straight from the classic retro MK games. Enjoy!

mortal kombat deadly alliance ps2 playthrough walkthrough commentary gstar321

Vítor Salvan
who are the characters raiden is talking to? in the intro
Chad Robinson
I originally was brought to your channel because of mk shaolin monks which by the way was an amazing lets play, i just wanted to inform you that this is one of the best gaming play through channels on YouTube, your funny rages make it differ. Any mortal kombat x coming soon?
Cameron Dominguez
Lol Bo'Rai'Cho is coming back in MKX
Zach G
Holy Shit, over a million views! Congrats GStar!
Daniel Phillips
Deception is my favourite of the PS2 trilogy just purely for the amazing konquest game.
Cyrax is 650 pounds XD
Алексей Васючков
Mr. Meme
I love Bo rai Cho I don't get why he hates him
does anyone else hear the fart at 30:00
Reptile when he is in Crab style it looks funny as hell
mafu upega
this game is 14yrs old???smfh!!!I feel old af....I use to play this game everyday when it came out.I'm 25yrs right now
Ellison Lindsay
Bo Rai Cho is the worst fighter in the game!
deception is where its at
Li Mei did have a nice rack
John Brown
The story in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance is the most solid. And it's the best 3d Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kopycat and the rest just crop. Mortal Kombat Trilogy still the best. I mean I didn't believe the host on G4 when they said Mortal Kombat: Deception was not that good. (Remember the two guys that rated games on that channell.) Back then I was a die heart Mortal Kombat fan, but when I finally played Deception it let me down. It sucked! I saw it being advertised on television and I was thrilled. I saw stage fatality, being knock into other rooms, Kabal was back and the usual darkness of Mortal Kombat. But when I finally played it I was disappointed. From then every other Mortal Kombat game just went downhill. Surprisingly it appeals to alot of persons but games like Mortal Kombat X for example seems like something for kids. It just so unrealistic, the talking they do before fights is corny, it is very gruesome but doesn't have that dark feel that the original Mortal Kombat games had and really doesn't have creativeness. Instead they said the more gore the better. They need John Tobias back in the group to give the game some meds.
Joe M
i used to hate commentary during video game videos, but this guy...holy shit man, you're hilarious!
I was wondering why this video had so many dislikes, until you talked shit about Bo Rai Cho.
great video ! can i use this on my site? linking to u?
Deadly Alliance, that moment when the series became shit.
Lawrence Ladd
20 minutes in and you're still not actually playing the game just talking & critiquing the damn game!
I'm getting annoyed just seeing reptile in crab style
I'm also Australian and have been watching your vids on and off for years. You always crack me up every few minutes and the more I watch from you the more I see that you're very well researched in the MK universe. Big respect. I also have a fairly successful channel, where I reimagine retro games in creative ways - and the next vid is MK2 reimagined in pixel perfect 3D. Stop on by if you're ever curious, love your work!!
Mr. Ash
I know this is going to be embarrassing, almost blasphemous, but I actually liked Hsu Hao. Yes, in retrospect, he looks a bit silly with that military hat and Village People vibe, but he actually had a good moveset. I loved his Sun + Moon weapon stance, especially his 4 hit combo attack where he brang the blades down and then up. He was also the only character to incorporate the wrestling fighting stance. Tell me it's not cool to see a backbreaker in Mortal Kombat. All in all, Hsu Hao is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I'm probably disgracing the MK community for liking him, but I feel he didn't really deserve a lot of his hatred.
Alex B
Sub Zero's alt in this game is the best he ever looked imo. Though Deception was pretty badass as well.
Galactus Knightingale
raiden's 7 feet?!
I think you should do Mortal Kombat Deception and Armageddon's konquest and not Deadly Alliance. By the way you should check out Hsu Haos alternate costume, it's hilarious!
Juan Pina
iDonnie Delta
like ur video but u talk way to damn much
Ignited Springtrap
Raptile looks like an total disaster
Jose Valdizan
they really did a fantastic job with the 3D MK games
Silent Hill Nurse
Frost being a sub-zero rip off? Well if you think about it Mrgstar321. Every mortal kombat character in all of the mortal kombat games are a rip off of others. Mileena is Kitana and baraka combine. kenshi and ermac. nightwolf and raiden. back in mortal kombat 2 reptile was a rip off of sub-zero because of his costume and slide move. cryrax and sektor sure they have different moves but they still look the same. they are more of a predator rip off because of the hair. And Liu kang......... Well he's a BRUCE LEE rip off. and the list goes on and on
Default Sub-Zero looks like Daniel Craig.
Rich Garcia
*_Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance_* was definitely a status quo-killer. And it wasn't fucking around when it killed off the main protagonist in the opening prologue and overhauled the fast-paced 2D combat system to something stiff and cerebral in terms of timing combos correctly and making use of the 3D plane to avoid an enemy's attacks. Now the 3D games are a relic of an era in the MK franchise that is best forgotten. And *_Mortal Kombat 9_* was the giant middle finger that made this happen.
Tayler Remme
Hey now, I love Lei Mi :(
Reese Stansbery
Is Frost an ally because she's there with Jax and the others when Raiden is talking to them
Sir Rant-A-Lot
The move's sound effect is just hilarious
Hong Wei Lim
Hahah, the way you pronounce the game is priceless, i keep hearing "diddly alliance"
Just got this game on Xbox for $3
Awesome work doing playthroughs on these. I'm gonna watch Deception next. Just because of that RPG, it's probably my second best MK game ever, second only to MK2.
My rating for this game is a 7.5/10
Marcos Cortes
Favorite MK is armagedeon
Otha Bland II
Best MK game along with Shaolin Monks & Armageddon before MK9 & 10 ;)
Karia Jin
I hate Drahmin in this MK. How can you play character who got zero ground combo? The only way to combo as Drahmin is juggle.
Joseph Tardieff
I don't really understand your analysis of some of these characters :/ what exactly do you mean Reptile's "transformation"? He's always been a full blown lizard creature and that became evident in Mortal Kombat 2. Only thing is...since his introduction as a secret character in MK he's always masqueraded as a human up until Mortal Kombat Trilogy. So.......yeah? I also don't understand the hatred towards Li Mei either she's a pretty fun character.
The Black Gamer
This will always be my favorite Mortal Kombat game.
This game had, IMHO, the best Sub-Zero of all the MK games, but also the worst Reptile of all the MK games.
A Love Letter
This game had that "dark" feeling/vibe that mk9/mkx just doesn't seem to have in my opinion. (Not saying Mk9 and MKX aren't great games though)
I'm still working on unlocking all of the Krypt coffins in this game lol
on a scale from 1 to 10, how good was this game? i don't know but im planning to get it.
Li Mei is like Mileena without ninja dress and monster teeth XD
Tucka Matt
Hey MrGstar321 just wanted to say awesome videos and love your commentary, it's entertaining hearing your take on games,nice work.
Haruka Senpai
kenshi has the telekinetic moves because he helped emac and emac offered to teach him the telekinetic moves
Chase Wynkoop
This game is amazing the sub zero fatality in this game is my favorite of all time
Ben- Dover
holy crap i can't believe i sat through the entire thing lol
When you were going through every character in the select menu, I was laughing my ass off! I felt exactly how you do lol Subscribing!
S. H
I really love your commentaries been here since 500 subs
MrGSTAR321 Your probably the best youtuber ever,your style is different from others and u explain the instrumental of games the best way possible. I've been watching ur vids since the very start and I hope u become a more visual bigger famous youtuber in the future! keep up the great work! "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! The AI is bullshit alright"-MrGSTAR321, 2016
Piotr K
This game is something... it deserves an expansion with PS3 graphics.
Ancient Paradise
I'd wish Sub-Zero & Frost can team up for to destroyed the Deadly Alliance in rainy night. That can be the best match between two chosen ones vs. two evil sorcerers at the palace ..... but their storyline suck which it's throws me off.
it's funny that scorpion has two swords on his back that are sheathed and when you use his weapon it's a huge kitana lol
"Taking away Scorpion & Sub-Zero" Hey... Tiger Game Com did that shit a LONG time ago
Facking Cunt
Holy shit, I'll never forget this game. I had the most epic rage quit moment with this game. I broke the disc, my controller and punched my TV through my wall so hard the back end was sticking through the wall in the bathroom. Never played it again lol.
Tristan Beiser
Mortal kombat x trailer looks amazing
Rollercoaster Academy
anybody else notice that on sub zero's costume the top square says "OK"
joseph rivera
Looking back, most of these characters are fucking terrible. Pretty weak game, things got back on track with mk9
waluigi number one
mortal kombat deadly alliance was in a rush that's why it only has one fatality and no stage fatality
TJ Lockhart
i kinda like li mei she's just adorable to me and she uses her feet in this game, I hate how they changed her fighting styles in deception but i still liked her
Demonix Realms
I miss how dark the intros to Mortal Kombat used to be. It was extremely cinematic and epic.
armor wolf gaming
in my opinion i love the new reptile
Andrew Baron
You think Quan Chi in this game has the worst fatality in the MK series... I think Bo Rai Cho's fatality (MK: DA), in this game, is the worst in the MK series :/
overseer devil
Theres a secret to play as blaze, mokap, and Moloch by finishing konquest on each character.
I'm glad you shared lore about drahmin, I played as him alot on my friends console and I wanted to know more about him, so thanks
memories :')
Get R3kt
How did MK turned out to be tekken LOL
omar eduardo
Had this game, now I have Mortal Kombat X :D, time flys bruh
Josh Reimer
Out of the three games for ps2 and xbox MK deception was my favorite
Evil Nightmare Fire
I love Scorpion
Piotr K
Piotr K
you did this Moloch like a cabbage!! :D
Zak Naeem
did anyone see reptiles first fight style HUNG GAR
Destin Williams
Dissing Bo Rai Cho? Come on dude.
Brachy slayer
#Armagedon for best MK game
Chozo Warrior
poor Scorpion
Nice great memories from this game back when I was in middle school
skull man
I have this on Xbox
Raiden is 7ft??? Wtf?
"look at him........look at him"
Wolf Chan Howling
what about blaze or mokap
Othon von Salza
this looks 10 times better than armageddon
I Really Despise Deadly Alliance Like WTF At The Beginning Liu Kang Dies WTF! And Another Thing Is That @53:25 Scorpion a.k.a Our Favourite Character Or Should I Say Our Favourite Ninja Gets Defeated WTF Is Wrong With This Game And Ending! I Would Rather Play Armagadon And Deception Then This Shit!
Jaysun Fox
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Remastered??
Soltice Taiken
.... nobody likes commentary! (Thumbs down)
Conner Gaskell
when you go into rage its funny and reasonable
Alex Mercado
Kenshi was actually taught BY ermac
Ignited Springtrap
14:40 will be the character select
Neal Castro
dude u shouldnt be giving dislikes, because there is a purpose why everyone is in the game, like their backstory and fighting moves. ya know da sayin: dont judge a book by its cover
Howling Cerberus
And by stop this Deadly alliance, he means beat the crap out of each other.
BoRaiCho is fuckin awesome, man.
This Channel is RIP
Who is that at 55:15? Ryu from Street Fighter?