Air Gear Opening HD

Air Gear Opening Sin creditos

Air Gear Seriously needs a Remake
all the budget for this opening got put in the scene with akito
This is one of the most lazy openings I've ever seen. But song is op.
The animation doesn't match up with the awesomeness of the song, in my opinion. It feels a bit... Lazy.
petition to remake Air Gear.
Soran Xenthos
Imagine Air Gear getting produced by Ufotable god this anime would look gorgeous
Damn the nostalgia is so real I miss this anime
Tyler Wood
god bless the random people who upload the old gold
Darkest Argentum
tragedy this didn't get a full anime adaptation
one of the best anime ever. the candle that burns twice as bright goes out twice as fast *sigh*
The opening animation is quite boring especially without the credits accompanying them but the song is amazing.
Hector Dubon
This needs a second season badly
Simple and very effective. Didn't need any bang-pow-whiz. It's a show about high tech roller blades. That's all there is to it.
Underground Tech
From Tenjou Tenge to Air Gear. Bravo Ōgure Ito
I think all of us can agree that while the music is awesome, the actual opening is extremely boring and doesnt fit the song at all
samuel quandt
Wish I had a pair of A-t's and friends to ride with '_'
OMG this is like the anime equivalent of JSRF (my favourite game)
Caleb Day
This is one of the greatest stories ever created I would love to see a reboot. AHA to kickstarter I go
Kenny 11
The nostalgia just watching the theme the anime was great but the ending wasent that great
this is one of my favorite anime yea it can get boring at parts but it was the first anime that i picked and watched and ended up loving it lol, this is what got me into anime and manga, air gear was also my first manga i ever bought too haha
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma
Jet Set Radio Future: The Anime
John Smith
Lots of people complaining about the lazy animation. Tbh, personally i feel like it conveyed a particular feeling and theme that didnt need flashy animation. It feels like sitting around on a blacktop/pavement with some friends letting the world pass by, no flashy sequences needed.
Although I am still a bit disappointed that it ended at that point I'm also kinda happy it didn't go through the wierd ass shit the manga went to (like how thay explain how/why the regalias are made)
Loved the manga no wonder it won the 30th shonen manga award
Jet Set Radio much.
eddie wilamo
yo the manga ending was on point, they should have finished the show bc this series is the shit
Elysion Field
2019 still looking at this ... get this manga a remake plss
Maggie C
Where on Earth is season 2 of this good anime?
Most underrated anime
Ari W
This is one of my favorite animes of all time. What a great show, unique, original and funny! <3333
I come back to this video every freaking year man.. this is the third year. 🤷🏾‍♂️⭐️
It's weird to have such nostalgic feelings from 00s anime bit then you realize you were watching these shows over 10 years ago
karlo calzada
The manga is good
Jesus Israel Escamilla Campo
este anime me gusto mucho lastima q no era una serie completa
Where are the credits? Feels so empty...
Pretty lame compared to the song in my opinion :3
Vashj Leydi
Imagine madhouse remakng this anime and they give sleeping forest fight scenes like we never seen before.
bobinola 123
You gotta do give this amazing anime it’s deserved remake...
Man this was a really bland opening animation for an epic series. The music is great however.
por fin termine de leer el manga(es bueno ,recomendado).Supera totalmente al anime(se ven muertes horribles)...,y el final epic
Mark Lewis
Love it, love it, love it, NEED MORE, COME ON JAPAN MAKE MORE!!
Misunderstood Madman
a thing
Sonic & Jet Set Radio the anime
I need watch this again... But first must end ZOmbie Loan.
DJ Pedobear
Sakay Kotse!!!!!
Joysulem Trinity
the anime is awesome pretty sad they stop making more I read the entire anime until the end and piss me off they never continue this masterpiece story
Maryu Daiku
An excellent Opening for One of the Best Iconic Animes in this age people. Thanks.
Andy Lichtenstein
Air Gear is waaay better in manga format. I don’t think a 20 minute anime could fully flesh out what the manga does perfectly.
Tommy Vercetti
Used to watch this when I was 9 or 10 years old on TV. Just found out today it's rated 18+ lol.
After riding Roller blades for most of my life and now just learning how to to do advanced roller skating. I can see that the movement and technique is more base on roller skating more than anything.
muhammad hazim
I want air gear season 2.... please make this top comment (Y)
Towards the end it starts to get pretty GAY
I just realized how slow this opening is, but still works so well because of the music.
Leo's Thighs
Ha, you don't wanna know XD Let's just say it's not exactly appropriate for younger people.
saki marvelous
Can someone tell me what's wrong with this anime because my brother won't let me watch it?
brings back memories
thats not a joke. its like saying "i killed him" when really u just poked someone.
Keve Teller
there is the air gear ova
It's just a joke...
Brandon Martin
Just read the Manga people. ITs already done
Keve Teller
I wished second season would come out :c
i cant believe this is the top comment..when i hear airgear "wheels on shoes" and awesome action comes to mind and not that....well it comes to mind after to be honest but if you are really open minded.. the ecchi or "hentai" stuff wont really matter because air gear is not all that.. that's just some sprinkles on a very good action/comedy/drama/shounen story..
Jet set radios anime counter part, that's good
good anime but opening sucks :/
i don't think the best anime ever will have rollerblades in it...
EDGE blade
2nd season is just a dreamland fantasy..
Edal Margo
WTF? Why did you compare that shit with Air Gear?
Why was it cancelled?
Andrea Monte
that and the fact that it didn't make any fucking sense
dang that feeling and shivers you get down your spine rewatching this and remembering how awesome was the feeling of watching air gear :) so good
wacth what youre writing, fanservice or ecchi is not hentai.
The good old days :')
*Fan service.
william tucker
they did Hentai?.... *sigh* I shouldn't even gonna ask.....
the manga was a great series even better when it got a little complicated just that when it started getting good Aka the beginning of the tournament that was around the time they told the author to end it quickly this opening just no it makes it look less awesome then it is or was
Thank you.
thanks for letting me know.. all though it was too late for me...
nice comment
Ben Primerano
It actually hurts to watch this opening since it makes me think what a great series the manga could've been if it stayed simple.
not cancelled read the scan online :) just the animation has stopped ^^
Can someone tell me why was air gear cancelled?
You're not the first to notice this similarity.
Fuck yeah Jet Set Radio Futur....err, I mean, fuck yeah Air Gear!
it's a shame the anime got green lit when the manga was still early in volumes. If it would have gotten a green lit now when the series is done it could have been a masterpiece!
charlie frank
This reminds me of jet set radio lol
Perly Cervantes
Cool song
manga goes one farther. almost 600 eps
Thx blackdust
around chapter 104
:))))) ,el mejor anime de accion jajaja , para mi gusto , que saquén la segunda temporada ya !!!!!!!!!!
does anybody know where the manga starts where the anime stops
reminds me of Jet Set Radio Future
Kazz OfAnarchy
Only anime I've truly enjoyed watching. Even though the manga was amazing it does need a season 2.
this looks similar to Jet set radio
definitely the best song ive heard as an opening in an anime show. My fav!
Gabriel Boyd
<3 love it
Rebeca Zabuscha
AGITO <33 Love from Brazil!
raisane zair
manga took a turn for the worse, so maybe it was for the best..
without all the hentai stuff.. this anime could of been the best anime ever if it wasn't cancelled...