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A great relief seeing the doorbins accept 1.5 litre bottles, otherwise I would never want one of these...
anon Karl
It seems like ''S" class is so expensive that camera man was not allowed to sit in it.( didnt even get a proper glimpse of the interior of the car)
Thomas Darya
Kaddahy Mohamed
You can pay extra 6500 pounds for the swimming pool package as well😂
5 years old design that the competitors still not able to overtake...USA can't create even 25% of this
I know it's not fair, but he is right.. No matter how good the A8 or 7 series are, if you drive them and see an S class get by, you will always feel number 2... Besides that, I saw pov video of them all: at every speed the cabin in the S class is the most quite and stable of all..
Gary Hunt
feeling like watching a flick made in the 80s...
william h
Had my S560 for a few months now. More than I ever expected.
Shihabuddin Ahmed
All Luxury cars are amazing. BMW 7-Series , Jaguar, Audi A8 and Quattroporte . But Mercedes S-Class has been the first choice of VIPs , Top Diplomats for decades, which gives it a psychological value most cant match . Buying Luxury sedan is mostly about feeling important
Si Armstrong
Great review but why talk about the steering wheel if we can't see it?
Josip Ćurić
Mistakes in the video: 0:41 "But look closely" camera zooms out instead of in 0:48 Head *lights* but rear *lamps* inconsitency 1:07 camera is way too low, nothing is visible 1:12 "New steering wheel" so are we going to get a steering wheel shot or not 2:13 center armrest should have been open for our side while you were talking about it 3:18 "And the other thing I want to mention is the design" we never got a *proper* interior shot 3:48 - 4:08 You talk about the thing s that come with the AMG line but the video shows random interior shots. 5:25 upper right corner 7:03, 7:07 You can see people moving in the reflection
Jon petter
S class may be the better car from passanger perspective but as a driver the 7 serie is just fun to drive.
Mario Torrez Quant
You`re right James, Benz is the best!!!
William Wallace
S class is the king period ! GOODBYE sleep tight end of story !
r g
The S class has lost its class because all the merc models look exactly the same now lol
hari krishna
I think real buyers wouldn’t watch this kind of videos
steven richards
Matt should do all the reviews
Cheng See
whats with the low angle shot, most car review should be showing top down for better view of the car interior. Its bugging me to no end
Paul Marc
But is good enough, the best? ❓🥇❓like if you agree
Truly and will forever be the very best
emnor koeng
really really awesome.. Tq bro..
Wouter Van Es
Mercedes is elegance and comfort, BMW is driving experience and Audi is a bunh of touch screens and shiny plastic....that will never change I think. Personal taste is key in this segment.
Sunil Nijran
Great review, James! Can't beat an S class. Can you please do an independent review of the new Lexus LS and then do a group test between a Merc S class, Lexus LS, BMW 7 series and Audi A8? ... Then we'll see which one is ultimately the best!
you act like CARWOW :D
Peter Chiung
the global sales figures doesn't lie.... the S class outsells far greater units then 7 Series, Panamera, A8, etc.... in its same segment.
Denis I. Njunwa
Wow, that interior is dope. I can afford that 😊
Lynda Sellors
I was lucky enough to own one best car I ever had, a gem, for me the best in the world.
Danny Tan
James you have improved good job
Ari phill
Matt Watson does reviews better .....this guy just sits on one position n talks ....u gotta move around and show us more of the car !!!
In as much as i like BMW and Audi, they will have to stand behind the S Class
joe bloggs
Have to agree even as a BMW fanatic I would still rather have the S Class over the 7 series or the A8 Audi.
No S560 version in the UK, I wouldn’t accept that TT i6 for a 500. US spec S560 TT V-8 463 HP
Ena Avenchy
I got the 2019 BMW M5 ad before this video. 😆
Mubbasher Niaz
This man making it sound like a celebrity watching his video lmao, nah g we all broke
Yes!!! Let's watch another review of a car I will likely never buy or even drive!!!
M Odyssey
The S Class, super standard for full-size luxury sedan It's getting close to completely new S Class which will be disclosed in 2020 and delivery from 2021 as before 7 years after introducing the current S-Class in 2013
man with no name
This guy reminds me of a nasal version of Murray from Impractical Jokes.
Fungai Jairosi
This was a very sentimental review...
Tazwar Hossain
The seven series looks quite aggressive , the S class feels the most sophisticated and the Audi a8 is the best of both worlds!!
Oscar Mendez
Sure, sure, sure, but how's the lumbar support?
Theo kokkiniotis
James Batchelor YOU are the BEST !!!
The kingdom Gamers
Dream car😍😍😍😍
aayan goverski
Introduced in 2014, and yet still doesn’t look old at all. This generation can go on and on until 2023. Like no joke
Cmon carbuyer. Why would you not show the new steering wheel or the centre front storage up close when Batch is describing it? Shoddy video-editing nowadays...
Waleed Ahmad
It's 2018 not 2019 look at number plate
Damear Still
Remember Matt Watson was on this channel?
Jeremy JS
Jim, at least change your trousers lad
Steve Michael
Nice review. A very beautiful and imposing car. 👍🏽 I haven’t seen Ginny do any of the recent reviews. Has she left the channel?
You dont buy over 5 m limo to get you excited - you buy such car because the comfort and nothing can beat Merc in this compartment. And I find it more beautiful and special in and outside... However the straight 6 diesel is 2.9L not 3.0. I miss the regular V8 500 model. V8 in AMG spec is not what you really want - it has sportier settings and it is pointless. Good review!
C. J.
Jeez! Those socks!! 😅
rawa dream
You talking alot.. how much . How Many Kilometer a walking???
Abdulganiu Ganikale
Great review, buh it's better to do reviews of all four; Lexus Ls, A8, 7 series and S class...
So what's the PCP, just £5k down and £540 a month! "Honey, we're living with my parents for another 4 year, I want to impress the Jones!"
Shanjan Usman
It is the ultimate alternative to an SUV
Henry Sarao
I will get one in the next 5 years.
Al Ansaar
S class has a special classic element which is missing from bmw 7serie and Audi A8.
Alex Vatamaniuc
carwow made this review 6 months ago lmao
jino simon
Dislikes given by hopeless BMW n Audi fans😂
Mercedes all the way!
They could just call it the s300 since it's not a 5 litre FALSE ADVERTISEMENT
Amoroso Gombe
I struggled trying to make up my mind which I liked better the XJ or the S-Class and though the new XJ is really really fantastic looking, a luxury limo should have a superlative interior and the XJ doesn't have a peep on the S-class in that department. It's almost like Jaguar did a fantastic job designing a new car on the outside and left the inside as an afterthought. For me that keeps the S-class top of the class.
Hei have the steering wheel on the wrong side. Take it back to dealership!
cmonn makeittwerk
People still watch this ? Carwow is much better channel lol
Jonathan Burns-Tang
"almost as good as a Bentley" this guy is too british
LockHeed Gaming
Your Dad Own the *Roads* Or What?
Deny Qypi
David Ve
best of the best <3
gaurav dutta
Again Orange !!!!
Nik Skrbinc
Why doesn't he criticize the cars he reviews
Nouman Syed
Adam Dunn
Amazing car but give me the XJ, the drivers limo
Kynigos 96
This car is amazing! Nice review!
Daniel Hawtin
Fairly sure the diesel has just been replaced by a 2.9 straight six diesel which is leagues better
Debadatta Padhan
The price of ExShowroom
Hamid S
I thought this is car carwow!
How many cars have you sold with your questionable stragedy?
West Midlands Buses and trains
Can you do the E class
David Torres
Bring Matt back!!!
Abdullah Zahrani
everything that you have mentioned in this AMAZING AND OUTSTANDING S CLASS is also found in the BMW seven series. 1:40 no it does not work just as the BMW i drive system, next time before criticizing any other better competitor look up your facts.
dharma teja
if ever there will be oscars for auto journalists, he will get it for just the line in introduction " why they all do this...they all want to beat this .... MERCEDES S CLASS " proud it feels to hear that...typical merc fan i am😉😄
Shanjan Usman
07:17 That's what most people want. They wanna drive it not be driven.
Farooq Anwer
Copying Mat? From Carwow
I’d buy that for a dollar
Don Limpio
So elegant👌🏻
Deep Das
such a nice intro...
Am i the only one who thinks MAT WATSON cannot be replaced?
rt bigman
Siddhant Sharma
6:50 Good try Batch...but not as good as Mat
Minecraft Minecraft
Lmao Mercedes sucks i prefer Audi or BMW
Abdullah Zahrani
this whole video is completely biased
Areli Gutierrez
Limousine electric on in like it's on the mobile
Pothitos K
Omg enough with the Jaguar Xj already, that car is so outdated, so irrelevant, it’s been in the market since 2009 for crying out loud!!!
Sam Durling
So now the Mercedes infotainment is just as good as BMW's idrive?? After years of saying the opposite and the rotary dial being the same?? James I like your reviews but this video doesn't seem the most accurate. Sorry
Matt Davies
Apple car play comes as standard on my Ford truck so it bloody well should come as standard on a Merc. C’mon😂
Logan Jones
Are you reviewing the new Peugeot 508 any time soon? Hardly any coverage on it.
one thing i definitely won't be caught dead in, are those pants, pal.
Daz Sid
Lexus the best luxury car, not only for great Japanese craftsmanship but fantastic reliability & great cars 👌🏿
olternaut is happening to the driver while the rear seat goes flat???
Adrian Echim
7 series interior is a bad joke
New Peugeot 508 is better...