David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody [Crazy from the Heat]

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Song: Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody Album: Crazy from the Heat - EP Artist: David Lee Roth Year: 1985 Label: Warner Bros. Records All rights by Waner Bros. Alle Rechte bei Waner Bross.

Music Pocket David Lee Roth (Musical Artist) Just A Gigolo \/ I Ain't Got Nobody (Musical Recording) Crazy From The Heat (Musical Album) Just A Gigolo (Composition) I Ain't Got Nobody (Composition) 1985 Music Pocket

Dennis Burgos
i love this song. Great oldie song.
Axel de Lallée
Bad Grandpa brought me here. Damn...
Piwi V-Tamer
I think I remember hearing this song back in 1994 or 1995. In fact, by the sound I thought it was a 90's track. I'm glad to hear it again this year. Hoooo!!! ^o^
I haven't gotten so euphoric and excited as a song played since I first listened to "Fallout Boy" music! What a happy song! What a talented singer! Outstanding! I heard this on the radio and I HAD to find it!
Colin Sanders
entered Billboard March 23, 1985 ...reached #12
Nora Sanchetti
unico no hay otro...
Super Song !
Karla rodriguez
I found this cassette tape in my dad's tape collection when I was like 10. I love the sound to it. And besides, DLR is my fav
David hit #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 on 6/1/85. Thanks for posting it! :)
Bill Vasvary
Number 9... Number 9...