Let's Play: GTA IV - Cops 'n Crooks Part 1

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Jack, Ryan and Geoff try to lay down the law as Gavin, Michael, and Ray fight the system in this week's Let's Play GTA IV Cops 'n Crooks Part 1. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: /> » Get your Let's Play merch: />» Subscribe: /> About Let's Play: A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly. More from Let's Play: » Achievement Hunter: /> Let's Play: GTA IV - Cops 'n Crooks Part 1

Before Geoff became a slave to meetings, Gavin spent 3 out of 7 days a week on a plane, Ray quit, AH hired new people as if they had to have 4 new people a week or else they'd never see they're families again, and Team Lads grew up, these were real Let's Plays.
Isaac Hou
Michael:Gavin, are you going to drive that? Gavin:Yeah. I'll cover you guys from behind. Michael:Ok. You're worthless *Minutes Later* Michael's dead and Ray doesn't have a car Ray:Gavin,Where are you!? *Gavin comes up in same car* Ray:GO GO GO GO GO GO GO *Ray gets in and him and Gavin drive away* Me:Best part EVER
I really miss GTA IV's physics. So wacky.
John T
"Hey, you know those fun game modes we had in GTA IV? Let's not put them in the next game!" -Dumb Rockstar Employee Quote by an unknown Youtuber
Mikhail Diljohn
this is easily one of the best AH videos ever
Juan Guerrero
"It's unfinished, it's like speed" -Gavin Free
Ah, the nostalgic sound of 6 people blowing their microphones out at the same time.
Anthony Musolino
3 years later and this is still my favorite gta lets play.
Shoutout to one of Geoff's favourite let's plays.
I don't want to say it... but I will anyway. For some reason, GTA IV is so much more enjoyable to watch than GTA V.
I miss the old angry yelling about everything Michael
Ego The Magnificent
Ray Screaming "MOTOCOP" Is one of the best things ever.
"What kind of luck do I have?" "WHATS UP ASSHOLES?!" My favorite part.
RIP Ray, the Super AIDS got him good.
Nesta CZ
Wow, AH really changed, this is friends having fun plying together, but now they are making videos together, I know it must be hard, but it's missing something
Loud Ray is the best Ray
erstwhild ?
when I originally saw the double sump truck jump, I laughed so hard I cried and hurt my sides
My god this is way better than their later GTA V videos. They're actually having a ton of fun, instead of just "occasional" fun.
Ray Narvaez Jr., moto/super cop
Sergeant Scooter Captain Moto Commissioner Faggio
Eric Pettersen
I forgot how much I love Ray in these Let's Plays
Chang Jia Yang
If only they managed to get this gamemode into GTA V...
Anthony Volpe
the 10th minute of this video ( 9:00 - 10:00 ) probably the most remembrable moment in Achievement Hunter
These were the days. I used to laugh so often during achievement hunter let's plays. I still laugh nowadays, but only occassionally.
Vanilla Physics
You know, This period, when I first started watching AH, was one of the best periods for them. Ray was discontented with the job, and so the videos got quieter and of lesser quality after this, hitting Rock bottom right after he left. The videos were not great for a while while they were finding a new sixth member of the crew, but now, with Jeremy firmly established as the sixth member and Matt as a great backup (along the lines of kerry/caleb) The quality has improved drastically. I think we're going to be seeing a return to the gold old days very soon. :)
Anyone else like the GTA4 Let's Plays more than GTA5's?
Fauzan Azhari
Back then in 2013 when Achievement Hunter used to be so good...
I tell you what, "That might be the funniest thing I've seen in my whole life."
still love watching these
Ninja Pups
goddam, this game looks like rubbish nowadays xD
Captain Moto and his partner Sgt. Scooter
Jhett Greene
20:09-20:17 has to be my favorite moment in this Let's play XD
Jonathon P.
Such a great Let's Play.....
Soooooo, who's watching this again for the 10th time already? lol
Ray doesn't Lets play with as much enthusiasm as he used to. in fact, he never does it anymore.
Andy Watkins
I just found your channel and I must say I haven't laughed that hard in a while
Ever since Ray died of Aids the team seems to be less energetic. I guess Ray was the life of the Party.
Obi Igwe
Funny how the old things get better the more you see them
Did anyone else crack up at 17:03 when Ryan just shot out that guy in the car and the blood splattered on the window? Plus he kept driving.
Irish Jet
These three episodes of cops and crooks are my favorite lets plays Achievement Hunter has ever done.
lawn loom
When are then gona put cops in crocks in freaking gta v god danm
Mid West
I cant believe they didnt put this mode in GTA 5 online. This was my favorite game mode.
Maxine Hartnett
This would make a great movie
Matt Powell
I can't believe it's been 2 years since they started doing GTA Let's Plays
If anyone still watches this, is this the start of Gavin's love of firetrucks in gta?
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Greatest Achievement Hunter video of all time.
Aw man I miss these. I wish they had Cops n' Crooks in GTA V.
Hi. I'm here from 2015. I miss 2013 Ray. D:
Khanh Mac
if gavin switch with any member on the gents then the lads will never loose
This was the only thing I wanted in gta v AND THEY DISAPOINTED
Kamron Barnett
Who else is rewatching the gta 4 cops and crooks because of the new rouletsplay
Carrick Schwartz
It was never reveled how gavin got the mini van on the tracks also 12000 comment
Clash Bandikute
There needs to be a Retro Let's Play this holiday season where they play this again.
Man this games looks like crap compared to gta v
Ray's utter, sincere joy at succeeding as Motocop is my happy place.
justin mccaffery
I want them to switch off from GTA 5 and 4 every week I miss these
in to about 9 mins i realised i have already watched this
Watching these old LPs even just a couple years later, the only real difference I can tell is Michael's voice; it kinda sounds like he's gone through puberty again (how old is he? 27, right)
I fought the law and the law won!!!
These lets plays were the best not gta v let's plays thumbs up if you agree
AH Conor
9:10 best AH moment of 2013?
This is one of those Let's Plays that I watch whenever I need a laugh. Is it that way for anyone else?
its not that i dont like jack but he always blames other people for his mistakes and never gives people credit, he blames geoff for not getting in the car but geoff had to wait for him to get in the car first so he doesnt drive it, its almost as bad as him not giving micheal credit for killing him in the first to the nether lets play, one block of gravel didnt kill him....arrrrr its very annoying know what i mean.
Nathan Bullock
I AM NOT complaining about new Let's Plays, but this one is still the best
Zach Vajda
Who else came to watch this video after watching Cops and Crooks in GTA V ?
And thus began Gavin's love of firetrucks...
Robin White
Geoff's laugh at 9:14 is amazing!! One of his best.
Melchior Cross
if 9:00 happened in real life......
Jimmy boi Schowitzky
Anyone watching in 2017?
Every time they drive off a jump or an edge, I sit here thinking that it's flashed into Transformers-level action.
David Hubbard
The way the lads gunned them down it was almost like the gents were unarmed black teenagers...
Spencer Smith
20:08 the funniest moment in Cops n Crooks history!!
Jayden Reid
Its unfinished like speed... is the best moment in all of Ah ever
Augustine Irigoyen
Expect a upload of cops n' crooks for roulets play.
John Frombach
Who else is here in 2018?!?
I’m rewatching these good ole memories
AH needs to do a Throwback Thursday where the play Retro Games. #AHTBT
Vulcan Jedi
Ryan: he's on a Bike, he's not innocent.....
Still watching this in 2014
It been 4 years since this video got uploaded and this is still my favorite lets play of all time
Danny G
Now, I know that Ryan and Jack are two different people, and that they sound the same sometimes, but at 2:55, am I wrong in saying that it sounds like Ryan is having a conversation by himself? I know its Jack, but amiright? Fellas? Ladies? No?
3:26 Lol, GAYME!
Dr.Leonard Church
This was probably the golden age of achievement hunter
Why was there never a t-shirt with Gavin in a firetruck that says "Spraying the nation"
15:12 gavin walk straight in to a pole 😂
Geraldine Rambano
I like how they open up to Jack saying "We are cops." and Gavin blurting out "COPS" like how Sis from RvB does it.
Jonathan Puckett
somebody should make a complitation of geoff saying something is the funniest thing he's seen in his life
Ah... to be in 2013 again...
that sound at 5:27 is my favorite by Michael
Tyler -
Coming back and watching this after their GTA V cops n crooks lets play...100 times better
Ned White
Is it me, or has their audio quality gone up since this video?
adam berg
I don't know why, but every time it's Lads V Gents I always cheer for the Lads.
Craig Crisostomo
15:12 Classic Gavin. XD
Eric Pettersen
I come to watch this video once a year for a good laugh!
Who else is watching this again 4 years later?
Richard Patten
28:01 michael; DENIED YOU JUST GOT DENIED ray: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gavin:........................... geoff :I WAS ABOUT TO DRIVE AWAY jack : GOD D*MMIT ryan:...........(dies)nooooooooo
Jimmy White
Michael hits regressed puberty @ 4:05