Jerry Goldsmith - Ave Satani. (The Omen)

Tema principal de la película La Profecía (The Omen) realizada en 1976. *** I do not own claim to own this material (Music & Photos). This video is purely for entertainment purposes and not for profit, I give full credit to the artist and to the owners of the song, No copyright infringement intended! *** Album: "The Omen - Deluxe Edition" Track 1: "Ave Satani" Composed, Producer, Music and Latin lyrics: Jerry Goldsmith Conductor: Lionel Newman Performer: National Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus. Orchestrated: Arthur Morton Label: Varese Sarabande Copyright (c): Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation ℗ © 1976 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. Manufactured by Varèse Sarabande Records The Omen: Original Motion Picture Score (Deluxe Edition) [Extra Tracks, Original Recording Remastered, Soundtrack] Audio CD (October 9, 2001) Distributed: 20th Century Fox The Omen is a 1976 American-British supernatural horror-drama film directed by Richard Donner and written by David Seltzer. The film stars Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner, Harvey Spencer Stephens, Billie Whitelaw, Patrick Troughton, Martin Benson, and Leo McKern. The first installment in The Omen series, the film concerns a young child adopted at birth by American Ambassador Robert Thorn unbeknownst to his wife, after their own son is stillborn. They are surrounded by mysterious and ominous deaths, unaware that the child is the Antichrist. Released theatrically by 20th Century Fox in June 1976, The Omen received acclaim from critics and was a commercial success, grossing over $60 million at the box office and becoming one of the highest grossing films of 1976. The film earned two Academy Award nominations, and won for Best Original Score for Jerry Goldsmith, his only Oscar win. A scene from the film appeared at #16 on Bravo's The 100 Scariest Movie Moments. "Ave Satani" is the theme song to the film The Omen (1976) composed by Jerry Goldsmith. The Omen won the Academy Award for Best Original Score, with Ave Satani nominated for Best Original Song, one of the few foreign language (Latin) songs ever to be nominated. The Latin title of Ave Satani translates to "Hail Satan" in English. In an interview, Goldsmith says that his idea was to create a kind of Satanic version of a Gregorian chant and came up with ideas while talking with the London choir-master of the orchestra that was helping him. He decided to create something like a Black Mass, inverting Latin phrases from the Latin Mass. The choir-master, according to Goldsmith, was an expert in Latin and helped him come up with phrases; instead of saying "Hail Mary", they decided on "Hail Satan", and so on. The song contains various Latin phrases inverting Christ and the Mass, such as "Ave Versus Christi", meaning "Hail Anti-Christ", and "Corpus Satani", an inversion of "Corpus Christi", the body of Christ. The resulting lyrics are an inversion of the Roman Catholic rite of the consecration and elevation of the body and blood of Christ during the Mass. Source: Wikipedia. Latín Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Rolle corpus Satani, ave Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Rolle corpus Satani, ave Ave, ave, versus Christus Ave, ave, versus Christus Ave, ave, versus Christus Ave Satani Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Rolle corpus Satani, Satani, Satani Ave, ave, Satani. Lyrics in English: The blood we drink The flesh we eat The blood we drink The flesh we eat The blood we drink The flesh we eat Raise the body of Satan Hail The blood we drink The flesh we eat Raise the body of Satan Hail Hail the Anti Christ Hail the Anti Christ Hail the Anti Christ Hail Satan The blood we drink The flesh we eat Raise the body of Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Traducción al español Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos Levante el cuerpo de Satanás, salve Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos Levante el cuerpo de Satanás, salve Salve, salve el Anticristo Salve, salve el Anticristo Salve, salve el Anticristo, salve Satanás Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos Levante el cuerpo de Satanás Satanás, Satanás Salve, salve, Satanás

Sandwich. Mini Moose. Core Rooms. Pretty Boobs. <3
shaolin dynasty
I want this played at my wedding when the bride walks out.
Andreas Behringer
My wife walked down the aisle to this. Always brings me happy memories. Good times.
Devilz DandruFF
The film was phenomenal.. right up there with The Shining as my all time favorite horror films.
yee yee
Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Sanguis bibimus ( Corpus edibus. Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Rolle corpus Satani Ave... Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Rolle corpus Satani Ave... Ave, ave versus Christus Ave, ave versus Christus Ave, ave versus Christus Ave Satani. Sanguis bibimus Corpus edibus Rolle corpus Satani, Satani, Satani Ave, ave Satani...
Charles Holden
Scared the shit out of my friend with this haha
Dr. Pain
You guys commenting things like I want this to play at my funeral do know that this is basically a prayer to Satan right?
Jackson DeStefano
To think this was nominated for Best Original Song against Evergreen from A Star is Born and Gonna Fly Now from Rocky
who`s coming from south park ?
David Netterwald
If hell had it's own soundtrack this song would be the first track. This theme is awesome it's so creepy, dark and it sounds so evil. I get goosebumps every single time I hear it. One of my favorite horror movies and horror movie themes of all time. The original Omen rules!
Music from heaven
lucas alves
o melhor filme de terror da historia
Tryhard Gaming
I want this song on my funeral when they lower me to eternity lol
Chainsaw Romance
This soundtrack is so fundamental and clear. Simple, but also complex. Just perfect. Oscar well deserved.
Darth Sansa
I find it damning to my soul to even listen to this. I do enjoy the instrumental part though, particularly towards the end. Not to start any religious topics, but, since they say God is forgiving, perhaps He'll forgive me for listening to this just to hear the instrumental background behind the chorus.
John Eiser Garcia Gomez
Esta canción es terroríficamente buena, una obra de arte perfecta para la película que cuenta la aparición del anticristo, una obra de arte.
That small touch at 0:16 with the child's piano before launching into the entire thing, so perfect for the movie
Oscar Mayor
Tengo la piel de gallina 😵😬😁
Mark Smith
English translation from Latin repeated over and over throughout the score. Ave Satani - Hail Satan. Versus Christus - The True Christ. Sanguis Bibimus - We Drink Blood. Corpus Edimus - We Eat Flesh.
SaveAways Mr Michael Kratzer
The written description that accompanies this video..., (What the hell do you call that? An introduction? Foreword? Uploader's Foreword?). Anyway, that is the best description I've ever seen. Push up. Very Groovy
Non Chalant
When I found the real lyrics and its translation, it creeped me out! Really, to be able to come up with those words and team it up to this haunting melody is frighteningly brilliant!
David Cauich
Ave Donald Trump
Jenna Martin
Ave Satanas lovers!
Luna Makeva Amin Zitor
perfectamente maravillosa....!
Somewhere out there, there's a GOP music guy composing THIS as the re election 2020 theme. LOL. I'm joking. Loosen up.
Jason Johnson
One of the best horror theme songs in my opinion
Frightening...but Wonderful!!! Brrrrrrrr!
Telly Simmons
Beautiful piece...smoke one and turn it up.
John O
creepy music this is music they should use for bray wyatt
Sanguis bibimus Bibimus Bibi Benjamin Netanyahu Coincidence?
Arthur The Bootleg
When you see a group of Engineers dancing around the dispenser in TF2
I don't know who's worse. Damien or Justin Bieber. I mean one is bent on the apocalypse of the world and the other one is the son of Satan.
Rectus...Dominus...Chee...Esperen...creo que me equivoque de canción...
Anyone else come here from Hellsing Abridged episode 8?
sküll düggery
why are they chanting "hold me closer, tony danza"?
Billy Zvanovec
This is music way south of Heaven!!! 😈🔥
Atividade para Anormal
Vai com o satanás de vcs pra la
Me recuerda a south park xD
Me hace miedo cada vez... Lo amo
Matthew Cross
I want this played at my funeral
Kanae Takamire DOS
Que tetrica y eso que no entiendo una J de la letra XDDD hubiese estado bien poderla ver subtitulada ^^
Terrell L. Howard
I love it Brilliant.
armin yorman barrenechea rivero
muy buena eh!!...
Radek DarkAngel
Ave Satanas
Carlos Miranda
Suicideboys Durango 95 brought me here.
Faking It At Life
Ave satani translates to hail Satan
789 ___
"Big Moose Mini Moose"
How many of you, who are also football fans, feel that when you're listening to this song, you feel as if Juventus anthem is playing?
So many people take this seriously. lol. I couldn't understand why people would vote for a tool like trump (not that the other choice was better, just not trump) and now i get it. If 'adults' are scared by scary music....then i understand their inability to make adult decisions. It's a rampant stupidity epidemic. It's just music. Music created with the intention of scare factor. Nothing more, nothing less.
Sanguis bibimus = we drink the blood Corpus ediumus = we eat the body Tolle corpus Satani = raise the body of Satan ave, ave Versus Christus! = Hail, hail anti Christ! ave Satani! = Hail Satan! The Latin isn't quite correct but close enough.
A Rose that Blooms in Early May
The best song known to Mankind. 👍👍👍
The Yami
Me: *checks song* *song is playing* du dudeuduvilduevilduuddu Me: *becomes Satanist*
gustavo ospina
Como para una pelicula donde miles de malvados soldados, se tengan que enfrentar a 1 solo hombre, y que su mera presencia a metro,s se hagan caquita.
6 6 6
Franciele Maziero
goku kakarotto32siempre
como para eschucharlo solo a la medianoche... jajaja
Ramil Askerov
честно говорю говно какое то
Tessa BlackAngel
luv it * - *
Janago 02
raphael agosto
Satan is back
Bruno Fantoni filho
sou fascinado por esse gênero
The Anonymus Engel.
Yo tengo un pasado de mucho dolor y sufrimiento, les puedo garantizar que 9 de cada 10 que me molestan en mi escuela y calle desde que tenia 5 años son catolicos y cristianos, asi que decidi jugar su mismo hobbit, llevarle la contraria a los demas, y esta cancion si que me encanta escucharla de noche, casi una cancion de cuna para mi, si fueses del crimen organizado o narco, ¿Te acercarias a mi para hacerme daño a mi y a mi familia? :)
I love Jesus 666
Rafomet LordSupay
Excelente brother excelente lml
The Flash!
Juan C. Feliciano
Sandwish, baby food, dog food, very good.
Mia Phillips
holy shit this is creepy and horrifying. good movie though!!
Thai Tastic
Ave Maria or Ave Satani the choice is yours!
gabo sabalas
Esto da mucho miedo,estoy debajo de la cobija temblando😱😱😱😵😵😵😵
mid scarface
Who listen to this during midnight?
Bolt Marksman
When you realize that this was nominated for "Best Original Song" at the Oscars The Academy loves Satan Confirmed!
Joshua Waring
Gonzalo Saldaña
Esa canción es de niño fantasma 👻 en el metro Ⓜ Paolo Figueroa
Leila Békélé
I lost myself on youtube .
Ariel Lobato
Yo no se si es correcto escuchar esta canción, se que es algo satánica pero es espectacular.
That one Rotom
“And so, Heavy went on a mission. To capture someone.”
Gonzalo Saldaña
Sanguis bibimus corpus edimus
Ang Dating Daan Ng Iglesia Ni Eli Manalo
TheSkyrax 669
Versus Christus
Did I hear my name!?
Dani Cuéllar
El himno de las feminazis.
Ave ave versus Christus!
Jeffrey daerma
So that park brought me here
Milf Hunter
doctor lavle
Lyla Pittman
why do i feel like it's going to come back to haunt me since I'm listening to this nonstop...?
You're Goddamn Right
I come coz jobby... Welp
Angel Martina
nice music! i love it!
Lillian dahmer
This them is perfect for marilyn manson the antichrist superstar 😍💀💓
The Fat Dragon
When you play through a game and face that one boss who shrugs off whatever you throw at it. You can just FEEL the futility and terror in this tone. Scares me easy.
Grandmaster Squirrel Boi
When Obama came into office.
Khun Bon
What is The Omen?
Zenon Pogrzebacz
Love it! So scary, so satanic, so athmospheric
i came here because of the amazing world of Gumball. :)
Bartek Kubica
This music gives me chilles.
This reminds me to Bakura from Yugioh
Jory Federighi
nice lol this is actually pretty sick lawlz
you tube 425
I get horny when I hear this.
SATAN would love this..."