KISS Symphony - Alive IV Full, best quality (2003, Glam Rock, Hard Rock)

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- Deuce 0:00 " Strutter 4:22 " Let Me Go Rock & Roll 8:13 " Lick It Up 14:24 " Calling Dr. Love 19:49 " Psycho Circus 23:20 - Beth 28:39 " Forever 33:43 " Goin' Blind 38:15 " Sure Know Something 42:18 " Shandi 47:44 " - Detroit Rock City 51:33 " King of the Night Time World 56:10 " Do You Love Me 1:00:01 " Shout It Out Loud 1:04:06 " Gene Bass Solo + God Of Thunder 1:07:10 " Love Gun 1:15:45 " Black Diamond 1:20:14 " Great Expectations 1:29:20 " I Was Made for Lovin' You 1:34:08 " Rock and Roll All Nite 1:40:26 "

Dingo Rock
Wish Paul could still sing like this.
john paulo Austria
1:38:55 "my microphone needs viagra" hahaha, oh Paul
Phil Bellmore
There is only 1 Ace.....but I have to admit Tommy is a kick ass player. He has respected all the original solos dead balls on....and for that I respect him. If we have to have a different lead guitarist than Ace, then after years of being a naysayer.....I hereby give props to Tommy.
Roger Wilson
Peter was having a good night. He sounds really good here.
Peter did well on this live album
Mitch Morris
Deuce 0:00 Strutter 4:22 Let Me Go Rock & Roll 8:13 Lick It Up 14:24 Calling Dr. Love 19:49 Psycho Circus 23:20 Beth 28:39 Forever 33:43 Goin' Blind 38:15 Sure Know Something 42:18 Shandi 47:44 Detroit Rock City 51:33 King of the Night Time World 56:10 Do You Love Me 1:00:01 Shout It Out Loud 1:04:06 Gene Bass Solo + God Of Thunder 1:07:10 Love Gun 1:15:45 Black Diamond 1:20:14 Great Expectations 1:29:20 I Was Made for Lovin' You 1:34:08 Rock and Roll All Nite 1:40:26
Could you imagine what this show would've been like if Eric Carr never died?
Alt Angels Magazine
This could be by far one of the best Kiss concert videos that I have ever seen. The sound is just fantastic
john Magill
I love how during Beth, Peter noticed the young lady in the front row dressed like him, how he acknowledges her. By Pointing and smiling at her.  You know that made her night.
cesar ramon rubio tepozano
que mal que peter criss abandono kiss porque el es mejor baterista que eric singer
Brian Chandler
Mr Peter Criss:: Your drummer style is un matched by any other dummer out there: I salute you & send best wishes your way from your fans:::: You are the one & only CATMAN
- Deuce 0:00" Strutter 4:22" Let Me Go Rock & Roll 8:13" Lick It Up 14:24" Calling Dr. Love 19:49" Psycho Circus 23:20 - Beth 28:39" Forever 33:43" Goin' Blind 38:15" Sure Know Something 42:18" Shandi 47:44" - Detroit Rock City 51:33" King of the Night Time World 56:10" Do You Love Me 1:00:01" Shout It Out Loud 1:04:06" Gene Bass Solo + God Of Thunder 1:07:10" Love Gun 1:15:45" Black Diamond 1:20:14" Great Expectations 1:29:20" I Was Made for Lovin' You 1:34:08" Rock and Roll All Nite 1:40:26"
Sean Patrick
Paul Stanley's vocals are absolutely phenomenal!
I just watched Deuce and, I'm sorry haters, this band really can rock. That, after 30 years  no less, was positively electrifying!
Elle Shell
Thank you for posting this. Watching this on the day that it was announced that KISS would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. FINALLY! and BOOYAH! And P.S. What a freakin' riot that Gene tells the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to "Kiss my ass!" bwahahahahahahahahahaha
Josh Day
Without a doubt peter was better in the 70s. But his drumming is on point and he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. He really did good here!
esto si es musica
Peter Criss' drumming was on point, he plays so comfortably in this performance, Tommy Thayer is a great guitarist but misses a few cues and is still not Ace Frehley when it comes to playing solos and just flat out jamming. Thayer pays cleaner than a modern day Ace, but you still can't beat the original line-up however this line-up was phenomenal due to Peter Criss' performance, it's Peter Criss at his best!
Andrea de Jesus Castillo Guerra
¿que significa esto? todas estas personas que critican a Kiss están locas, esto es ÉPICO, bien sea miembros nuevos o viejos sigue siendo KISS no sean perdedores, disfrutenlo
Shandi is fantastic, on Paul Stanley voice....
aleksandr malahov
This show would be so much better if the director hadn't been so trigger happy on the camera changes. Like it would have killed him to stay on a shot longer than half a second? Musically, it's incredible. Unfortunately, the director thought he was directing an MTV video or something.
James Burns
Say what you will, but as you can see from this concert some 40+ years later, they had a huge impact on the youth of America and the rest of the world, cuz' looking around the crowd you see young and old rockin' out to the same songs that made them famous way back, yes, they stand the test of time in this wishy, washy confused world we live in!
imagine how much more cool genes solo would be if he actually played something during it
Adilene Jimenez
Paul Stanley está como quiere ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 viva KISS forever
StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)
45:30 WA WA WEE WAA!!!!
scorp v27
es un señor concierto
Lovin the symphony members wearing KISS Makeup - too funny, and too cool !!!!
I honestly wish people would quit bashing Tommy Thayer. Is he as good as ace? Hell no! but he is still a damn good guitar player regardless. but in retrospect, Tommy doesn't come with as much baggage as ace does.
Great audio but the editing is too manic, no need for so may cuts.
Chris Juni
I've been a KISS fan since they first came out in '73. This is one of their better performances. I'm not going to get into who should or shouldn't be in KISS. This performance is the way I want to remember them! I saw them a year ago and it is just sad. Paul's voice is shot, Gene is overweight and they are just a shell of what they used to be.
The women in Australia are gorgeous!
Harvey Triana
no doubt the best show in the world
"Goin' blind" what a performance and stunning sound. I know they probably fixed any issues in the studio. But the core is there and gene's vocal, peter and the added keyboard sounds eerie as hell. they wrote great songs!
Raul Zamora
Concierto Memorable. Gracias a You Tube, lo he visto y disfrutado muchas veces. Una de las mejores producciones de Kiss y una excelente ejecución de la orquesta sinfónica que le acompañó. Disfrútenlo! Pocas veces se logra una interpretación de esta magnitud. Kiss, Orq. Sinfónica, Coros, Luces, Efectos especiales, Maquillaje. Definitivamente... ¡Extraordinario!
Maite kiss
Great Show! I LOVE KISS!
Lais Oliveira
I love kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patricia Florea
This is perfect for my KISS marathon
Goin' Blind was a surprise treat and Simmons did a great job with it.
Justa Witness
The people of Australia really rocked the house at this show. I live in America and have seen KISS live at least a dozen times since the 70's. This was a great show...great crowd!!
Sammy Lane
I got to watch this in one of those Phantom Events things where you can watch a concert in the Theaters...very cool to see the guys in 100 ft tall screens w/Dolby surround sound...and Hotdogs too.
eduardo sanchez
I'm the only one who realizes that in Psycho Circus he has different Paul guitars
Chris Hunter
Dave Campbell, conducting the symphony ensemble, later conducted the Rush Clockwork Angels string ensemble for that tour. The man likes to rock.
Shame the original four could never stay together. Of all the KISS sounds the original four was the best. But they never had any bad musicians in the band.
Gianluca Canala
Come si può non amarli 💓 \m/.....che concerti ragazzi!!
Johnny Blade
But he his playing those leads better than Ace..
Eri Airlangga
Everyone's at his best. Awesome audience!
william harris
singer is a good drummer, but criss' feel fits this band so much better
Rich Vee
yea Peter screwed up so bad that he's filthy rich, not as much as Gean and Paul but he has plenty of cash, so whine all you want people, none of these guys have anything to prove to the haters on here, you only wish you had it as good as Peter or Ace, you haters do realize they are considered very successful at their professions........right? oh well, enough from me, just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.................. Later! oh yea, Gean and Paul  SUCK, Kiss has not got my money since the 96 reunion show, which was kick ass in St. Louis Alice in Chains opened, Kiss does not get my money anymore mainly because of their shitty attitudes.......Peace Out!
gustavo gomez
Paul Colville
This is a truly great concert from their later period. Reminds me of Alive II. Paul's voice may be gone now but Kiss have left their mark on the rock entertainment world for sure.
Michael Extrafalarious
Paul's vocals where surprisingly tolerable in this show
Daffy Muck
This is an excellent musical presentation, one I wish I had been blessed enough to attend!
my favorite line-up of 'over-all' KISS, don't get me wrong I love classic KISS and Eric Carr as well. However The current line-up, with Peter Criss as the drummer is pretty the Revenge era, Eric Singer and Bruce Kulich, as well
Dan Livni
Kiss top 10 songs. Rock and Roll All Night live Detroit Rock City. Love Gun Beth Lick it Up Heaven's on Fire. Crazy Crazy Nights Tears Are Falling I was made for loving you New York Groove
David Nieto
Es el mejor concierto que he visto y eso que no estuve en vivo! Kiss son los mejores en Escena!
David McAninch
This was the first time I heard them play "Forever". Man is it beautiful!!!! I sing it for my girlfriend all the time.
Il bischerazzo85
rock end rollll cristooo
Dustin ONeill
great upload! so glad to watch this
Kary FloHer
Paul stanley in love gun=PERFECT!!!
marianne Wezelman
MaryAnn Perry
I'm really glad I watched this!  Phenomenal!!
Tamara Goertz
Wow wow wow. What a show! KISS came to Calgary last week, July 13, and what a show! I've been to hundreds of concerts over my 30 concert-going years, including KISS around 25 years ago, and this recent one was hands down by far the best concert I've ever seen... They looked like they were still 30 years old! What incredible energy, passion, musical talent, and special effects! These gentlemen just get increasingly better and hotter. Astounding the phenomenal condition they are in. Thank you so much KISS for all the thousands of hours of dedicated hard work in training, physical conditioning, planning and practicing to bring us jaw-dropping performances (and in your spectacular costumes) to bring us back -- for a short time anyway -- to the fun and beautiful past of 1974. You are a tremendous inspiration to attain our best physical shape and to never stop improving our current skills, no matter where they lie. I'm sure I speak for all when I say thank you!
It's funny w. the hired "supermodel" "fans". Paul had them as frontrow "glitter" when he shot his 2006 'One Live Kiss' concert too.
Margaret Davidson
They are still good any way they are I love the new guys
Abraham Corral
awesome!!! this is the KISS I remember, and love... full force,full energy!!
Richard Vazquez
Kiss ... <3 forever
Paul Walker
I was fortunate enough to be born in 1962 and experience some of the BEST rock & roll had to offer. I LOVE KISS and have Always been a fan. Without bands like KISS, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath and all those early pioneers.... I shutter to think what rock & roll would sound like today. They all steered it to what it sounds like even today.
Larry Sizemore
Whoever edited this should be shot.
I love Kiss but the symphony parts are weak. The parts written for the Metallica Symphony are way more creative.
David Jett
Tommy Thayer, living the dream...pretending to be his hero. I wonder how he feels when he's alone with nothing but his own thoughts? He's contributed nothing, he just gets on stage in what is handed to him and pretends to be someone else. I guess being a career cover artist is OK with him. It's all green in the end anyway for some people.
Tommy Thayer's workin' hard... he's worth a deuce.
@philBell all props for tommy playing all the original solos. he is all heart
Diego Mancha Abc
so eu assisti 1 milhão de vezes ! kiss 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 . Kiss Army Brazil
Miyushu Babii
This concert kicks ASS! The audience was awesome! They Melbourne Symphony was amazing!
fernando montebelo
love kiss,love kiss, love kiss.....................the best word...............................
Nikola Brkljac
The best concert ever
Janusz Tomczak
A wonderful concert ,performance and theater.Kiss is amazing.A fan from Poland
Cristian CHILE
James Rockford
No Ace? No KIZZ
yo si soy rokera de corazón hace 40 años y todos los grupos de rock me gustan incluyendo kiss desde la secundaria 💜🎤🎵🎸🎶💜
Shawn King
Tommy Thayer is one hell of a guitar player......BUT he aint no Ace Frehley
DeadpanSpider 24
girl at 51:39 ??
Berenice Sandoval
Podre ver este concierto miles de veces y seguirá siendo mi favorito de por vida 😍💪🎤
Para Plays
Why they never play crazy nights anymore?
Leonardo Pascoal
I Was Made for Lovin' You I Love Kiss
joel dias
very good!
Anthony QE
2019. ...¡¡¡ wuuuuu #PERU
Галкин Андрей
Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy
Best Concert  I Have seen in along time,  Aussies should be very proud of themselves and  The  Melbourne Symphony Orchestra .  Top  World  Class  Musicians .   Kiss made History . Australia Thanks You., 
Всеволод Топонаров
самое крутое шоу за всю историю рок-н-ролла 100%
roger delgado
Excelente, muito bom, aqui no Brasil nós adoramos essa banda, kiss para sempre!!! 
Kiss in great shape musically excellent, very good drumming Peter, Tommy fits perfectly into the assembly. Kiss are mainly about music, without any mask would be meaningless.
colin trebilcock
The way the film is edited really kills this for me. Waaay too many quick cuts.
Christian Carbonell
Putoamismo elevado al cubo.
Jane Ponce Jane
este es el buen Rock es fabuloso
One of the best kiss albums
Spartacus Legende
best of the world maintenant et pour toujours love you since 1975
DJToniLights.voicedrum Pcelecteltronics
The Best performance of Kiss,,showcase of Gadgets  Gene goes up, Paul with Zip line, peter also floated....Beautifull attendees..Gorgeous ladies in Melbourne, Aussies! and groupies.....also shown... Ace's  ideas of Profelled lights, rockets....great music...
Aaron Stanley
De los mejores conciertos de KISS