Lonely Cat Misses His Family

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Our cat Mato likes to think he's tough, but when he thinks he's alone he gets lonely and turns to his stuffed squirrel for security. Cute cat hidden camera video.

Separation anxiety. You guys are the center of his universe. Poor baby.
Cali Aux
My cat randomly cries at night when everyone is sleeping or just when the house is quiet. I don't think she realizes we're just in our rooms
Lisa N
Aw I just want to hug the kitty!!
He really did miss you. You guys need to do something about it like leave a gown of yours on the floor so he can snooze on it.
i dont know why i thought the cat would suddenly dance in front of the camera X'D
Deepa Lall
As much as I love seeing kitties missing their humans,I hate to see them stress in these kind of videos.Those cries breaks my heart 💔😿
Rob Brown
mine would act aloof then he'd be in window @ 4pm when I got home. Like he could tell time.😂
Awwwwwwwwwwe, the sweetheart just wanted a hug! he doesnt wanna be all ayone
I think it's good to expose pets to different situations. Leaving him alone sometimes for a little while can show them that it's okay and doable. Another thing to let them experience are car trips, short rides that don't end up at the vet's.
Awww poor baby
if they leave him forever, his heart will stop beating
Carmelo Pappalardo
Really? Tubular Bells? So the cat is possessed?
Put some music on or a tv program background noise soft sounds can help alleviate this. Also feed before you go out, and turn the lights down. Cats tend to sleep alot when properly enduced to do so.
Joy Harbour
Its really best to have 2 cats.. The separation anxiety and loneliness would stop.. Adorable kitty.. Thank you for sharing..
Jan Badinski
Poor kitty! Yes, they love hand miss their people when they're gone. He needs a playmate.
Ava The Lazy Queen
This made me cry. . . And I never cry....this is truly sad TwT
Baby c
Mato smells like a fart
Jacqueline Wong
My cat always meows like this when we are not downstairs. But then he comes upstairs and he meows at me so loudly i have to wake up.
Kathryn Blair
You should get another cat to keep him company
Angi Bryan
awww.. this makes me never want to leave the house again.. I always thought my kitty just found a good napping place and napped until we came home.. truth is I'm home ore the time.. but still I'd hate to think she was lonely when we we're all gone.. poor baby
H Miller
My cat does the same thing!!
This is another reason why I love cats.
My cat does the same shit lol he has a little stuffed cat and drags it all over the place meowing.
my cat waits. we'll leave food out and she won't eat until we get home. even when i'm home she doesn't want to be in a room i'm not in
Liz Glagowski
It's nice to know other cats do it too. I've never seen anything like it before.
poor little dude...my/my girlfriends cat is like that...when she leaves her place for the night, the cat sits in her room crying
Paul Freer
just like my cat shelly
Awwwh, poor kitty, he missed his parents <3 Adorable cat btw (:
Darken NoShinka
Aww poor baby
Sally Chamness
My Noah does the same thing n it breaks my heart.
KEITH Parrish
Poor kitty all alone. If the cat lived closed by to me,I would go and play with it and keep it company. Well for a little while .
Stella Caldwell
Poor baby, he needs another cat or dog for company.
Sarah holland
Oh, he's scared you're not coming back.
Mary Burnight
Heartbreaking but also adorable!
serving Jesus
aww poor Mato! My Tiny is meowing at the door when I put the key in the door returning home
l lost my tabby cat
Reginald Andrews
That damn spooky background music makes me shyte in my pants!😖
Kat35 Lulu
He is a good looking cat!!!!! Get him a brother or sister!!!!!
I have a BLACK cat :) He's never lonely , he's the best
l lost my tabby cat
l lost my tabby cat
Dylan A
my cat meows like that when she's lonely but way louder
Kathy Miller
Awww, he was crying
Nana Muskuri
Omg. How he cry. Poor cutie baby.
Susan Patterson
Poor little Mato. His crying broke my heart. Like any lonely, scared child, he went for his favorite toy for comfort and started crying for mommy and daddy.
Music is really creepy.
Poor baby, feeling alone is a dreadful feeling, Bless you kitty cat. I have a Maine Coon that does this when i'm in bed and I have to call to him.
Memoria Lux
Hey! Your cat kind of looks like mine! There are some obvious differences I can see, like body size, the paws, the face, and, of course, personality. My cat has a half white half black nose. If I showed you a low quality picture of my cat, it'd probably look pretty much the same. Cute cat ;) Sweet that he misses you like that.
Nat Amaral
Poor cat.
Amy Rose Abdul
Those meowww❤🐈🐈😚😢😢😢
Get it here, Thing
Exorcist music...? Why?
Dave Saenz
Poor thing.
marilyn M
OMG this made me crying a lonely Animal or person can get really Sad
Phyona Kirsten Cosino
catherine birch
He makes such plaintive meows.
our cat did this at 4am today with a sock (thats her thing) because she was probably hungry
Tiny Towz
Aida Mohd
Tail between his legs. Looks so sad...
Anita Ruiz
D'aww, poor kitty.
Robert Miles
That's what my cat was like. Often if I was gone she'd be wandering around yowling. Not only if I was gone long, either. When I got in through the door she'd trot right up to me and flop down for tummyrubs. I miss her so.
l lost my tabby cat a few days a go
Onofre L Herrera
Poor baby ! =-(
Qonita BadegesTM
Oh mY this is sO sad! What are we supposed to do bring them to work like dogs? I would but I'd thought that they'd get bored & wanna go home
Twenty one Panicking pilots
Poor baby
l lost my tabby cat
Big baby
Kelly Anderson
My cat does this late at night while we are sleeping she carries her mouse and moans while walking the floor, after i get up and rub her she will usaully stop and come to bed, ahaha cats are funny...
This is what lions do after a kill they call everybody to eat. This cat hopes by pretending to have a kill that the other members of the group (the humans) will turn up and join the eating, pretty smart kitty.
Jessie Chan
did he just confine is such a small space? I bet he will be lonely if he cannot stroll around and watch windows
Tim Spriggs
music sucks
The cat is hunting, not lonely. I have had cats for over 20 years and they make that sound when they are hunting their toys. Cute cat and video.
night bird
Music is so fuckin' scary. It's not a good idea to watch this video on nightime.