Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Live BBC @ Glasgow 2014 HD)

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Super sexy performance by Katy Perry @ Glasgow, BBC Radio. 2014 in HD. I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry Super sexy performance

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Paul Savage
"Put your hands togethaw!"
Amy Pilkinton
She can sing and she's hot!
Michael Philips
Imagine you'd be that background guitar guy... standing behind that booty, having to play guitar... shit... he had to be gay to handle that well
Her hair looks so much better longer
bam bam
damn katy just sit on my face alreadyyy!!!
Maddy Elizabeth
When people say Katy makes me question my sexuality I'm like... Honey she made my sexuality ;)
The guitar solo rocks!!
Daniel C
and now some virgin is complaining he was kissed by her
Katy is the sexiest women alive. So beautiful.
she is very hot and her voice strong and great ..
Ayva MacInnes
her breasts are wobbling XD
Adam Lambert Hungary
hot mama!
sad childe
if you turn off the sound you can see she's dead inside, her eyes are so empty. there were times she only needed a guitar and her voice to captivate the audience.
Чай С молоком
Пиздец я бы сказал она бы ещё трусы одела но она их и так одела .
Braco Omer
0:38 to the dude on guitar behind katy perry to the left, I feel with you
raphael Antoine
why does ALLLLL the singers sounds so bad compared to their original video!! Everytime i see a live, it's a disaster!
Marco Hdez
I love her body 😻😍😏
Fede Stefaninski
Damn, katty is so hot!
cristiano messi
man she is so damn sexy
1:59 the kardashians are preforming too?!
Topo Sikosis
her butt is so cute <3
Katy Perry Lover
so hot!!!😘😘😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Her ass looks great in this vid.
Wes Kendi
I kinda envy whoever got to tap That.
purry lidya
im here because she's hot
Beep boop
1:12 omg why has no one commented about this.. I can't be the only one who knows what it means
Howdy Folks
She likes her hips and hair grabbed from behind, while slapping that fine behind
Nayden Rodriguez
She really energetic!☺️😐😏 And she's Hawt!! Lol! ILY mom!! Hail Queen Katy!!❤️❤️👑👸🏻❤️❤️ KatyCat 4ever!!!❤️❤️❤️
KatyPerry Vocals
She can sing
Steve Campeau
God she is beautiful!!
Bill Grundy
great, and now I need a wank
Bounce like a boss. Dayyumm
Chloé A
That guitar solo is epic
KyuzuLoVefUcKiNgLiFe InTrOuVaBlE
she has much energy and she enjoys much of his life and I like, Your better amused than not amused and depressed ♥ c:
Jo Sy
thats so terrible!!! dont you all see how she changed? :(
real deal44
Katy - You're an entertainer, not a politician, keep it that way!
AllyKC Peck
Think I'm doubting my sexuality. So talented aswell👌🏼
My face turns red when I see her. What am I watching? I am supposed to listen to her voice! OMG :'(
girl id like to kiss you
jouliano' s tube the headmaster
you are the best katy
Mc Lovin
Is it necessary to wear such outfit? Can one just wear proper clothing & sing?
Sad Eyes
i wanna bite those thighs!!! 0:53
Scarah Screams Animation Productions
Casual Hard
155 people never kissed a girl
Klaus Geltl
When I went to her shows since last year I was on fire like that guitar. Katy is incredible when she does 2 hours of this, and so is her whole team. 🌻🌻🌻
Fatih Gürkan Semiz
Katy sings amazing!
Andrea Dudášová
I'm still love this song
William Lindroos
holy shit the red strpper can sing!
Celestial Man Richard
Absolutely glamorous in her gorgeous red bra and girdle ensemble!
justin bieber/HA
i think that she haven't clothes cuz she is singing in the underwere 😂😂😅
Nikola Petrovic
Kakva ljodra bože
Kiki Kira
1:51 OMG WTF, MY EYES UGh!!!!!!!
willian souza
RAP mexicano Beats instrumental
Uyy katy perry eres hermosa mi vida
Ali Koksal
Her body is INSANE. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
princess fabsome
whoa whoa whoa i never thought katy would be like this.
what a great body
Edward Bartlett
I've never been a fan particularly but this works for me...
rana priyanshu
She is very very very very beautiful.......
Fajko Garibovic
hot yes is mama .
Super hot
Heini 433
Yeah im totally gay
John Szczerba
she's a ten
José Salvador Navarro Hernandez
Hermosísima 😍😍😍
The Sqaush
what happened :/
Phong Vong
Nothing is gonna change my dream of you. You ought to know by now you are the cutest. That is why i am trying to be faithful that you are the one i love most.
Kadir Özer
her voice is perfect katy is incredible GOOD!!!
Carlos Marquez
That´s The Prismatic World Tour?
༈민티༈ ❲Mɪɴᴛʏ Cʀᴇᴀᴍ Sᴡᴇᴇᴛꜱ❳
i kissed a girl feels like kissing a girl
1000th sub
Kasper Joonatan
well i always love to watch something bouncy :)
I love the zombie Venuses and her guitar heros!!! 8D <3
Jonathas VerissimØ
Que mulherão da porra * _ *
JN Panganiban
Katy is amazing Go katy cats
Tasha KG
Every time I see her performance, she look so controlled.
ali joe
i love this performance
Carrie Liebergen
Part of the tour?
Dagi Bee May Queen
Slay Queen
hamdi hannechi
those backup dancers though :o OMG ahahahahahahah XD
Tomas KatyCat 4
best ikag live ever
༈민티༈ ❲Mɪɴᴛʏ Cʀᴇᴀᴍ Sᴡᴇᴇᴛꜱ❳
wow~~~wow ♥👍👍
Dauda András
lucky guitar guys!
yvan eht nioj lol PS: she can't even sing
Nay Alves
us girls we are so derpable, soft skin red lips so herpable
Lila Cloe
God shes so hottttt😍it would be so easy for her to enchant EVERYONE!! Though shes single, She takes the whole stage whoa😃
ChocoLinas YT
i love
Mr. Perry
Why haven't I seen this yet? btw she's going to BBC's big weekend again this year in, which is in 2 weeks!
Cosmic Fuzion
POF 415
Biggest liberal 💩 puppet Cuntessa 💩
larryete stylinson
Just red cheery
saff ugh
I came here for 1:48
jaden martinez
I wish I was there :(
guitarists killed it
Rod Sterling
wow katy perry looked so hot here, not like now.