Alice Cooper "The World Needs Guts" Live Paris 2017

03 décembre 2017 Salle Pleyel Paris

Old School Rock Is Best
Love when Alice plays something from the Constrictor album.
Alice just gets better with age !!
Great to hear something from the Kane Roberts era... but Nita does amazing.
Awesome! they shoulda had Kane do a guest appearance for this tho ;) \m/
keith assoun
Nita Strauss is a STAR
This song is awesome, glad alice finally has someone of nitas talent in the band, shes a beast live!
Saw him live in Dragontown Tour, and hell, that concert was one of the best rock concerts I've ever seen in my life. He seems has if his life depended of that show. Now, 16 or more years latter, seems that he haven't aged even one day. Fuck. Is this guy even human?
Don Munkres
Nita puts the men to shame.
Maarit SK
Alice is awesome, but who can say that women can't do this? Nita is so great!
Сергей Сергеев