"Happy Without You" - The Strangers (1968)

The Strangers were a highly successful '60s pop band in Australia. They were the house band on many TV shows including the Go Show and had half a dozen top 20 national hits. John Farrar found further success as a song writer for Olivia Newton John. Pete Robinson was the highly respected bass player.

michael pound
Uptight, on Saturday mornings, hosted by Ross D Wylie, on the 21" black and white Astor tv,  in an East Bentleigh loungeroom. The Strangers had to be one of the most polished Australian acts at that time, and they never failed to deliver....
Michael Morrison
Happy With You I am happy with you Up or down good or bad I love you day or night You are the sugar in my tea The cream in my coffee. M. S. Morrison
Darren J Ray
Ian Meldrum at 0:48 and again at 1:42. Loves a camera!
Greg Franz
I'm 62 and I still remember this GREAT song from the 60's on Uptight. What a time for truly great songs and music.
Jan Douglas
Terry's voice was sensational ! And what a gorgeous looking bloke !
Ok, so I don't know the name of the blonde but i reckon one of the dancing guys is Molly Meldrum...he was in that show
John Kyneur
A great bit of oz history but what was the name of the blond girl that you see dancing with tony at 28 secs and beyond!? I came in me daks in 1968!! Oh no.Its happening again! The dance was called ,aptly,"the skate". I think it was old hat by 1969.
The Strangers-The Beatles. Strangers still a good group! :)
Guy L
One of the best ALL-TIME Power Pop tracks ever!!! Always a favorite of mine and I must say "The Strangers" were a polished Australian outfit! I will always enjoy this and all the other Strangers tracks too......Terry Walker had an awesome voice! (G.L. Melbourne).
The Paradox King
That bass in the beginning is awesome.
@Homeo67 - Yes I think so too. He dancing with the girl in a light dress far right foreground. Guess even then he wanted to get his face on TV. Steve
The Substitutes Melbourne
@lgendarychickenfairy - well detected. The original audio was taken from a mono videotape copy of the TV broadcast and hence of very poor quality. I have tried to synch the CD version to do justice to the song.
Thanks for posting this one Glen, The Strangers had quality studio production on their music, although your take seems to change tempo here somehow. What gives?
@AusBeatle There is a CD around best of the Stangers, try canetoad records, have to purchase on line, maybe you could pick up a copy at JB check on line there to,
Good ol australiana gold at its best. Didn't get any better than this
Thanks for putting this up, glenlyons98. Do you know where the song was recorded? My dad, David Fraser was a recording engineer at BEA and did a bit of work with The Strangers. I have a fabulous photo of him with John Farrer, Peter Robinson, Garth Thompson and members of The Graduate, Mixtures, and The Iguana. He would be thrilled to know this sort of stuff was available and that people were still interested.
Pete Raymond
Molly Meldrum at 1.43 ??
Collingwood Beatle
@haipe0 He is living in NSW. Lost two fingers in a chain saw accident. Peter Robinson told me this.
@rickym49 Does anyone have any idea what happened to Terry Walker? I have been googling until my googie withers and can't turn him up. Is he still with us? Stll singing? I believe he is a very good guitarist? Amyone got any ideas?
ron murphy
Rocky Balboa on lead vocals!
That would be a Maton "El Toro" , I think
My goodness, never heard of this band or this song! Very cool nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.
I'm pretty sure the lead singer was Terry Walker from Perth. If i'm correct he had a group called The Times. Great
Duncan Kimball
Knockout! Note matching Maton "El Toro" axes -- provided as part of endorsement deal. They were the engine-room of Melbourne pop in the late '60s and provided backing for heaps of artists as well as their own stuff. Guitarist-vocalist John Farrar went on to form trio with Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch of The Shadows; subsequently wrote for and produced Olivia Newton-John, incl. "You're The One That I Want" and "Hopelessly Devoted To You", for "Grease" the movie.
wow! Never heard of or seen this group- what a knockout number. The lead singer sounds like Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, the bassline and melody definitely Motown-ish, with a hint of ELO and Beach Boys in the vocals...and you can dance to it- LOL! The epitome of 60's goodtimes, fun and dancing. Thanks!
Tony McCall
Saw these guys many times at St. Kilda Town Hall (Opus?). They were so professional and their covers were incredible. Great Melbourne band from a great era.
emma peelfan
Got a glimpse of Molly Meldrum dancing away in the foreground!! I loved this band and the show they appeared on, Uptight. It was the best four hours of the week for me. Many thanks for this.
wow i remember this although im only 44 thanks for posting glenlyons98...many thanks
Collingwood Beatle
You can get all the hits of The Strangers on a compilation CD including those songs mentioned.
The Substitutes Melbourne
Pete Robinson is the bass player in this clip. I'll ask him what happened to this guitar...
Carmine 8
this is a great 60s Australian classic has anyone got other Strangers hits eg Lady Scorpio and Melanie Makes Me Smile? cheers
I'm having a great night finding all these beauties from my youth
emma peelfan
I thought Terry Walker was soooo good looking. He sounded really macho and looked it. Thanks for this great clip.
Nicholas Pratt
I play this song at a club called Gimme Shelter in Melbourne it kicks. Looking for a copy of Put Yourself my place though.
Carmine 8
great song - what a voice has anyone got Melanie Makes Me Smile and Lady Scorpio? - other magical songs they did
Great song, like yesterday.
Tomasz Kecler
The Strangers
michael pound
Strangers starting to look like a good copy of the Beatles, 3 guitars and drums, excellent melody, vocals and harmonies, good lead, driving rythmn , 60's, where else?
Isn't one of the dancing gals the wife-to-be of Ronnie Burns ?
russell campbell
My favourite Strangers' song. Love the bridging riff and what a vocal.
Aussie 60s at it's best. I am lucky enough to have some of their 45. My brother loved them. I do too. LOVE the Strangers
Greatly under-rated