Californication season 3 episode 12 final scene.Elton John-rocket man

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Hank arrives at home and tells Karen everything about him and Mia and after that everything goes wrong

Started watching Californication after this season. Went back to watch all season on Netflisx. This show is amazing.
I felt so sorry for hank in this scene, after this episode everything turned to shit for him. When really, he didnt really do anything wrong, made a few mistakes but did not deserve his daughter and karen to hate him
Spenser Rameo
One of the most powerful scenes in television history.
Damn, this scene was so powerful.  Especially that part where the police car drives by Karen and Becca.  Hank couldn't even lift his head up to look at them, he's so ashamed.  Just fucking heartbreaking.
best scene in the whole series. posting after seeing the series finale. take it easy hank moody… it's been real.
Sean Hastings
This season had the hardest laughs and the rawest drama.
Roberto Gaspar
One of the greatest tv show of all time. This scene actually is so perfect, raw and powerful. Its impossible to not feel the pain and relate with Hank. As usual when everything seems to be leading to a happy ending. Boom ! There comes the shit from the fan. Mia just played that lonely rich daughter that its spoiled and full of vanity, playing a very dangerous game. The plot is so well constructed. Too bad after season 5.... the show lost track. Even still l fucking dont care... l love this show til the day l die. Only can have lived a life almost close to the situations that Hank had... can really understand the depth of his pain and how hard he tried to make things work. Sometimes we make a small mistake and we pay for that for a very long time a very HIGH price. l love this show, to me super funny, realistic and sometimes incredible sad. M O T H A F U C K A !
Bruno Lira
They're such good actors
I think a better series finally would have been, a tragic ending with moody meeting up with Lew Ashby one last time for good...
Can't take it but I keep watching
To truly enjoy this show you have to relate to hank. I can watch this show over and over just because how relateable hank is to me
It makes me sad to watch season 7 after this, seeing how far the show dropped off
Tyler Briemon
Most intense scene I've ever watched
Jorge Barreto
best scene in this show, especially because Hank the character isn't talking much
SORRY,... I hate to be a spoiler, but as someone that watched this show from the day it first aired, til the final series enduring...sadly, it never gets better than this season ender. BUT, it IS one of the best season enders of ALL TIMES.
Terrence Aybar
That was heartbreaking. Probably my favorite scene (so far).
The end scene was very touching having watched the whole series up to that point, he desperately didnt want his family to be hurt by his mistake, brought a tear to my eye seeing him arrested and his family upset... and the dream sequence of him sinking to the bottom of the pool is heartbreaking - perfect song choice !!!
BlackLion 14
brilliant scene heartbreaking, great show
Still one of the greatest season endings, or for that matter, scenes of all time, on t.v. I have probably watched it at least a couple dozen times since the original airing, and it still has the same "feel" as the first viewing.
Elias Strauss
Best scene in tv history
Ruben Cortes
Elton John's Rocketman helps the viewer feel the scene more.
This was the finale of the show, everything after this seems meaningless.  This was the point of no return.
On season 7 now. This is still my favourite scene.
D Targa
I love the way the daughter runs towards her Dad at 2:29.
Really missing this show
You can show this scene to anyone who hasn't watched the show, and they'll get it. They might not know exactly what Hank is telling her, but they'll assume it's something really bad. That's how good this scene is.
One of the best scenes ever! I cried like a baby. The acting in this scene is breath taking and heartbreaking. I don't think I've ever responded to a scene like that ever!
This scene broke my heart because it was a shame to see hanks life collapse all around him Such a great season finale
Joni Wänski
so close to move in new york but dammit...
Jerry Munger
My favorite show.
aline c.
Breaks me every time
I consider this the ending of the series. Just perfect.
That's pretty much how my relationships end minus the Venice Beach location...
Matt Chau
its sad when he was going away in the car because he doesnt look at his family because he is so ashamed of himself and at the end when fell into the pool that also sad because as he was barely hanging on he finally fell off
One of the most devastating and well acted season enders of all time. I miss you Hank Moody.
this song is in the series finale as well! 
Ricardo Fensterseifer
best entire series scene
Best scene in TV history, loved how they put the music over their speaking, after 3 seasons, you know what they'll be saying to each other without hearing it, especially this moment, that has been building since the first episode. Best scene of the best TV show in history of TV.
I'm heart broken and it's the second time watching through this show 😢 it's breaking for hank....ugh...
Lucas Davis
(Note: I haven't seen season 7 yet) The most frustrating thing about Californication, for me, is that Mia didn't get any punishment for what she did, considering it wasn't rape and all. I know Hank wasn't deemed guilty for his discretion, but still. Mia shouldn't have got away with what she did to Hank, considering he suffered more for not only his mistakes but also for manipulations. 
I read that they improvved this scene. Such good acting.
Evin Paauwe
This floors me everytime
this scene gives me goosebumps ... and tears ...
When I first saw this scene I thought it was the end of the show. It would have been a good ending since the pilot begins with this song in the background. Glad it didn't though, I love this show
Giorgos Rusinov
Amazing show..
Ian Cain
Even tho this was the worst thing to happen. Everything in between before and after although Mia was the very first episode . It seems like Karen would get mad at him for being with someone when she wasn't with him. But when she was he stayed with her and only her. Truth some people in real life stay with someone that hurts them emotional and physical.with no love and just got the kids. And even then it couldn't hold a candle to this relationship. He lived her we know that she should see it for what it is. Of course be pissed and all that but like he has the purest love for ya . Shut I envy a destructive relationship like this lol I mean if someone would always forgive me and I would stay true to them when dating. Meanwhile I get stuck with the we break up they have sex with someone. Get back together break up again I just text someone else thinking it may be over. Get back together and find out they're like you texted them .umm yeh was gonna move on and not be alone and sad . It ain't even funny how many I left for her just so my heart could get broke again. Anywho I would love to have a Hank and Karen relationship. :( <3
As a fan of this show from the opening episode to the series finale...this season ending, in a nutshell summed up, what Hank Moody was all about. CALIFORNICATION👍
This scene was really powerful and painful to see, you can actually feel the broken heart of everyone there ( if you've seen all the previous episodes )
Luis Antonio Menjivar Escamilla
the besth season californication, hank and karen
Kay Schmideke
Hank Moody on his finest!
Can samebody help me?..Who the artist and the music in the beginning during the pool scene whwre Rebekah is going to sing it? It would be important,thank you in advance!
Walter Rae
Rocketman scenes are the best
David Sundbaum
I so wanna know what Karen said to Hank (when the Music stars and you can't hear them speaking/yelling.)
Sad day for me
Still here, after 2 years. Fml
This was an incredible ending to this episode/season.
Michael Barrett
Absolutely perfect lyrics for the characters and the moment. Producers and writers nailed this. One of the best scenes of the whole show's run. Some lyrics: "She packed my bags last night, pre-flight Zero hour, nine A.M. And I'm gonna be high As a kite by then I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife It's lonely out in space On such a timeless flight And I think it's gonna be a long, long time 'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh, no no no I'm a rocket man Rocket man Burnin' out his fuse up here alone"
Maxwell Winters
ONE of the best scenes ever, from tv shows, movies, anything ...
zer0 95
i was in doubt  to watch this show or not?? then i realized its the same as shameless you will start loving the characters after pilot and i was right , i'm so glad i started to watch this show, awesome!!!!!
Edward Grayson
wow   O . O
Justin VazquezTM
My favorite moment from the show.  Heartbreaking moment.
matias andres uauy diaz
nice peli
Vik Seemungal
Best scene so far :(
Roger Alejo Mayta
the best scene!!!
Attila Márta
I think it's beautiful that both the worst and best times of Hank were accompanied by the same song. (season 3 and 7 finale) The ending is like a metaphor too. He leaves his Porsche behind with all his LA life, with the drinking the drugs and everything. I liked this show very much.
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Kunakorn Jirathumtanakul
Why karen so upset about hank and mia? It just one time and he dont know she was under age
essa parte partiu meu coração!
Come one David, nobody cares what Hollywood thinks, we know where your heart is....
Bloody Period in History
What exactly was Karen and Hank saying in this scene while muted by the song?
i cry every time when i see this scene and becca running towards hank. in fact i cry at almost every scene when becca is emotional, but this takes the cake
What were they saying...?
Sandhy Winartja
by that time i knew Mia is 16 i knew she would lead my boi Hank into this
Jon Bones Jones
I remember watching this scene live, powerful shit.
Last season is 7.. Many many good times watching this TV show :/..
Jose Salazar
if females can only fight back
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to my understanding true alpha males can escape physical fighting in more than 99,99% of the case cause of their verbal and leadership intelligence. There is this saying: "Once your thoughts are flooded by love, you become invincible"
Awesome, but very sad season finale...
High Sense 2.0
i prefer original rock version of this song
Liam Hackett
This show drops off so much after this season. The last couple seasons I lost interest.
Wayne Hoxit
why and was karen and extreme mad and at hank
H3voc Gaming
i cried on this scenee man it get the feels.. :(
Tim Lamberto
Hate this episode. love the series, love s3 the most, hate this episode.
So brilliant. The fact that they had a song playing through the actual dialogue of the moment of truth(great song choice btw) is what made it better, the actors really showed their greatness here since they had to express themselves without audio.
Louie Cisneros
tearjerker indeed
James Tuthill
Oh shit, she said "You're dead to me." at 1:42
Jeffrey Moscardelli
we need this show back
This scene saved the whole season
Sacha Bingham for sure!
Revecca Tataglia
heart-breaking scene
Victor pina
linda cena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wayne Hoxit
why and was Karen and extreme mad
Unbelievable scene.
Holy. ..
You know I like this scene, but my favorite part is just how the police literally come, put him away and drive off, no investigation, nothing. LOL
πουλαω τρελλα
Now Thats a season season finale
Max Fattore
This might just be the most powerfull scene i have ever seen in my entire life.
Neat Monster
I love that you know exactly what Karen is saying without even hearing her. This is still so sad to watch.