Hot Cross - Risk Revival (Full Album)

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Track List: 1. 0:00 - Exits and Trials 2. 3:51 - Turncoat Revolution 3. 8:16 - Resent Resist Rebuild 4. 8:54 - Fire the Foundations 5. 12:09 - Cardiac Silence 6. 15:29 - Kill the Name 7. 19:21 - Silence Is Failure 8. 22:04 - Fatefully 9. 26:20 - Existence 10. 29:43 - Rejoinder 11. 32:56 - Finance Fuels the Sickness at Heart 12. 37:00 - Blame Truth 13. 38:53 - Scrape Wisdom

I know this might not be the mos reverred band or the best album in its category, but every 6 months I come back to it. The songs come back in my head and I remember them as clearly as a Led Zeppelin or Beatles track, for me, this album is up there, it's a classic. See you is 6 months!
Tom M. Riddle
The good days are more jerrys pizza ( more ebgbs (nyc).the sense died and was devoured by hipsters non morals to the traits that made the time Great.sad.I will miss was fun.oxnard cries for what we had back in the
I love this album so fucking much!! Discovered it a few moths ago, but I guess it's never late to listen to sick awesome music.
Keegan crapload
This Album bring back so much memories !!! again and again ^_^
Benjamin Reilly
Francsico Silva
one of the best bands ever
Billybobjoe Norris
cryonics is better
Eric Albrecht
This is dope
Corwin Gentry
easy within my top 5
cryonics is most definitely more raw and for that I like it more, you can tell they grew a little more in this album. nevertheless, cryonics has too many memories locked in and I will always love it more .