Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

Though the composition is public domain, the performance belongs to the record label that recorded the following performer (see YouTube's attributes in the full description): Hannes Kästner Album: Bach, J.S.: Organ Music - Preludes and Fugues - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - Chorales Preludes. This album was released in 1988 and it's also available on ITunes :

Legendary Gaming
Only the 1700's kids will understand
I'm Romanian, so everytime I enter a room this starts playing
Strung Up
Bach was metal before metal was a thing
Kyle Shepard313
everybody gangster until the thunder cracks and the organ start playin'.
Oddball TV
Nobody: 2000's cell phones at 3 o'clock in the morning: 8:14
Composed in 1703, still good in 2019.
Randi Walby
I showed this to my German Shepherd dog. She is now a werewolf.
Al Guien
I want this played at my funeral while they release bats into the air
And if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.
lieven Van loo
Composed in 1703, still good in 2020. Might as well say it early.
The Pipe Organ is the King of all instruments.
Catherine Bradbury
This was composed over 300 years ago and is still known. Most music composed today won't be known 30 years from now.
Kevin McCaffrey
If we ever communicate with aliens, this should be the first thing we send them.
Stephanie Simpson
Classical organists are superhuman. At more then one stage this guy is playing three different tunes at the same time - one with each hand, and one foot on the bass pedals. How do you even do that ? Its an exreme form of multitasking The only thing more awesome is jazz played on a harp.
Grimm Joke
He wrote this piece while he still tuned organs as his day was what he would play to check them out....this is essentially just blowing the dust out and checking the action of the board .....that's genius.....
Miguel Ribeiro
"Tesla sentry mode activated"
Listened to this while getting blood drawn. Then I got a strange urge to drink it and my teeth became rather pointy.
Baroque and roll
JPL Toy Experience
When you open the fridge and found out that the donut you left has a bite
Joshua Rudolf
I showed this to my girlfriend, we're both vampires now...
Today is Johann Sebastian Bach birthday.
Ian Lervin
Composed in 1703, still good in 2703. I just hope this is still a thing.
Pandu Widagdo
7 missed calls from mom.
xy zxy
Always finish on the Bach, never finish on Debussy!
Dupe Dipe
I played this to my pet octopus, now he is the captain of Flying Dutchman.
Chad Corber
Nothing will ever beat hearing this live after stumbling randomly into Montreals St Joseph's Oratory a few days before I moved away from the city. It felt like God himself was speaking to me
Santiago Jr. Dungo
I was intently listening to this when my wife called suddenly. I thought i saw a vampire!
Andral Neto
Elon Musk made me come here. Thanks Elon
it's evilness, powerful, gothic, and beautiful, all at the same time
I showed this to my Tesla... and *Jazz music stopped* and _sentry mode activated_
Once you defeat all the organists, you must face the final boss.
Kirk McDufford
" The Original heavy metal music..."
Gwen dy
I played this for my cat, and he said "you have at last found my anthem"😻
ludo fovez
Triste pour Notre Dame de Paris
Kamen watch lies
"Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life... but if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it." — lord orochimaru Thanks for 7 likes guys!
Kazuo Tsukumi
Once there was a fairy. I showed her this song. She became MALEFICENT.
Joe Schmoe
As great as this is, not much can compete to listening to a pipe organ playing music like this in person. The sheer power of such a large and complex instrument is incredible
when your breaking into a car and summon vampires
Jhon Eduard Lozano Reyes
0:00 "Este Programa es patrocinado por Azúcar Manuelita, que refina el mejor azúcar de Colombia"
Chaos Kumagawa
The beauty of cleansing the universe of mortal conscience in music form. Perfection.
Shayan MB
Sit down back and thank Bach for creating this magnificent piece
Kitty xoxo
no one: not a living soul: *night king raises the dead on our planet in 2019* *chaos ensues* me: I'm okay with this.. can't wait to see MJ :)
William Ruting
This was the closing piece at a concert in Passau, Germany at the largest cathedral organ in the world (I believe) it was absolutely amazing!
So.... you wanna come back to my place and watch me play my organ? ^^^ Well that escalated rather quickly. I mean, that REALLY got out of hand, fast.
The Cool Persian
I'll be Bach.
Familia Espinosa
It's really amazing this melody. You can enjoy it at night or everytime.
Margarita SIbileva
9 min long video...ugh not gonna watch it.... at the end of the video ....still staring at the screen....breathless ❤❤❤thank u for posting
jeff Cousineau
For some reason the last 35 seconds always brings me to tears.
mario earth society
Omg I love you Bach, will you tour America ever?
Londo Mollari
Bravo pour l'organiste... Belle performance. Magnifique !!
Tigerguy 101
BOO YAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH Kim Possible fans will get it
Luis Jaime Andrade Sonco
Bach con una sensibilidad sublime en la composición de sus obras, Aquellos que lo disfrutamos contemplando, escuchándolo y dejándose llevar por sus acordes allende donde el tiempo y la existencia está a un lado y que admiramos siempre su calidad, su alto nivel de perfección en todo. Donde quiera que se encuentre, si se encuentra, gracias Bach.
Lord Vincenzo Leonardo Corleone III
The legendary Johann Sebastian Bach!!!!!
Ulises Ayala Alvarado
I played this to my bird, now is a raven.
Pedro Kaser
Searched this with "That one organ song" 10/10 I must say
Tom Kelsall
This was, I believe, played by Hans-Christoph Becker-Foss.
prima diana khaled
Orochimaru's theme brings me here
Shauna Allen
I truly enjoy the dark images this tune manifests in my mind... even in darker times you can be filled with beauty \m/
Adele Farough
3:53: the pedals are sounding a bit behind the manuals.
Ghost Shadow
Blessed is he who’s composition created enduring majesty and powerful emotional music for generations to enjoy.
Can you imagine a beginner player practicing on this massive organ and constantly messing up. The whole town would be annoyed.
Doctor: "You have 10 minutes to live" Me: * Listens to Toccata and Fugue *
I played this to my rat. He became Chuck E Cheese.
Raya Pramudya
i played this on my nissan altima. now its turn into black r32 skyline
DEADMAU5 35675
There is a eurobeat version that sounds just as good as the original and it's called back on the rocks
Carlos Augusto França Schettini
Could you imagine Sebastian + Kraftwerk?
Thanks to Google, happy birthday to Johann Sebastian Bach!
Rollerball (the good one,not the remake)
Best Recording of Toccata from Bach, I ever heard. Thanks to the YouTuber for the posting of this fascinating sound, witch I hear with my Inears with 100 %KHZ 😊
Arthur Giorgo
wonderful Thank you lovely yes Berlinale Germany
Δημητρης Βριαρεως
The Count Dracula is coming! Brrrrrr
The organ is one of the most underrated musical instruments of all-time
Cooper Cunningham
I played this to my cat and it's still a cat. Dissapointment.
꧁Slay Queen꧂
2:12 seeing your enemy in public.
Initial d back on the rocks intro
Ruda Šebek
wait this is not Lil Pump?
Dylan Hagmaier
Happy 334th birthday, good sir.
Rob Sadwick
I couldn't Dracula myself away from this masterpiece 😂
Mr Yuuga
I showed this to my water now it's blood
One of my most loved compositions!
Connor Bliss
I found the name of the organists they were Gabor Lehotka and Miklos Spanyi.
Metallica : "We are the kings of Heavy Metal". Iron Maiden "no we are!" Bach : "Hold my beer.."
Karl Andrews
The organist playing this piece certainly knows their way around an organ of this many ranks. This is a MAGNIFICENT offering!
Javier Ramirez
i`ts for the fall of notre dame
When I hear this music it stops me in my tracks - spell bound and transfixed - I am helpless.
I actually came here because of Tesla Sentry Mode lol
João Vieira
Incrível mesmo é pensar que essa música desse peso foi dedicada a Deus, Bach dedicou essa música pra Deus, junto com quase todas as suas composições
Saumon Ermonique
00:21 It’s the music in bowser ?
nico gros
i need to say how it s beautifull,how i fell the space,the time and the matter when i m listing this best composition,how i understand the univers and the love,how i love the mystery of the life,how it s amazing to live ! i want to thanks Bach,Einstein and Anna my beloved,i was dead and now i m alive,maybe i m crazy...but i m just in love and this is the most important !
Megadeth "Last Rites / Loved To Deth" brought me here.
Bach droppin' sick beats since 1704.
Malfunctional Doll
Never heard of this until Orochimaru
Angel Anster
When your mom comes with your exam.
Jorge Luis Ludeña De Montalbán
Amazing!! And, of course, so beautiful! Thanks a lot.
Full Lol
Initial d Backs on the rocks
D.J. DryBowser
i believe the best version ever is from Access All Arenas
Edward Kvest
*E U R O B E A T I N T E N S I F I E S*
That Guy Mack
I had to remember that I’m not listening to a certain Eurobeat song from a certain anime
Gero Brauer
Ist,bis auf manche Registration,tatsächlich perfekt!!! Die Registration ist aber auch Geschmackssache....😏