Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

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Though the composition is public domain, the performance belongs to the record label that recorded the following performer (see YouTube's attributes in the full description): Hannes Kästner Album: Bach, J.S.: Organ Music - Preludes and Fugues - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - Chorales Preludes. This album was released in 1988 and it's also available on ITunes :

been listeing since 1703, still wonderful!
Try to imagine being a destitute beet farmer in 1700. All of your life you hear only the birds in the sky, the sounds of hammers on wood and iron, and shovels digging in fields. The closest thing to music you get is a rowdy chorus once or twice a month at the local commons, more often during a harvest. At some point during your simple life, you have occasion to travel to a great city with a grand cathedral. It is the largest building you've ever seen, adorned by previously unimaginable wealth and splendor. It is God's house. And there is music. It is a haunting, terrible melody that fills your chest with something that you cannot describe. The sound is so loud that it simply can't be real. The pipe organ creating the noise is a device that you have heard stories about, but it is more impressive than you could ever guess. It is a colossus, a sparkling gilded tribute to God and truly must be the greatest creation of man. What a world we live in.
Ulises Ayala Alvarado
I played this to my bird, now is a raven.
Metallica : "We are the kings of Heavy Metal". Iron Maiden "no we are!" Bach : "Hold my beer.."
André Filipe
even the demons go to church to hear this song
Am I the only one that thinks that this is Dracula's song?
I played this to my dog, it's now a werewolf.
Johann Sebastian Bach
Could be louder
Tobias Scheel
When I first heard this piece when i was like 7 or 8, I ask my dad, who introduced me to bach's music, how many organs there where playing... I am a trumpet player and i was used to one instrument playing one melodie at a time. He laughed and told me it was only ONE organ. I started to play the piano a few month later! Thank you bach and dad!
My gold fish is now a silver shark ...
Frank Gorgas-Waller
I do agree about this being one of the best Interpretations ever of it... and I happen to know it is played by Hannes Kästner on the renovated "original" Schuke-Organ in the Thomaskirche in Leipzip were Bach played it himself, just a few hundred years earlier. It was released on a CD called "Orgelwerke aus der Thomaskirche" I guess none will ever find out since this is 5830 comments down, unless you all vote it up... And I listed to about 40-50 different recordings to say so.
Dylan Black
Please Europe keep your culture, do not let Bach etc die out.
Kenneth Jacksack
I played this to my bird now it’s a airplane
Roddy Shikatekime
Pipe organs, the original surround sound XD
Chapman's Christina Gaming World
2018-2019 anyone ?
Versipellis the rogue Changeling
Who's listening to this on a dark and stormy night?
Kermea The Frog
I’m so happy there are still people who appreciate classical music. So that means, that not EVERYONE is asking Alexa to play Despacito
Cette musique est beaucoup trop géniale. Elle n'existerait pas, elle manquerait à l'humanité.
mst 4891
This version is like the Bach himself came down and played it
String Player Gamer
I believe you may edit your video description already. Youtube and iTunes figured out the performer for you. "Toccata & Fugue D Minor, BWV. 565" by Hannes Kästner (iTunes)" And I agree this is one of the best recordings of this masterpiece I've heard so far, and I've heard several.
Matheus Ribeiro
Impecável !! Ouvindo isto me sinto dentro de um conto do Edgar Alan Poe ou sendo protagonista de alguma história de Vampiro da era Vitoriana !
Grag Grams
I'll be bach !!!
Monika Trzeciak
someone: toccatta and fugue in d minor is such a great song me, an intellectual: dracula song
Bach was 22 years old (at least) or even 17.. have no more words. Just think about it
Johann Sebastian Bach
Makes me emotional
kosmas chrisos
0:00 - 9:21 Best part!
Dominic Curcuru
My cat is now a tiger
Bruce Wayne
Michel Temer's Theme
My neighbor called the police on me for playing this too loud. They arrested him!
Tuve la oportunidad de escuchar La Toccata en la Catedral de Berlín en 1977en el Órgano Monumental, una sensación increíble.
Michael Davis
Boy oh BOY... if 8:24 (to the conclusion) doesn't raise the hair on the back of your neck, YOU'RE NOT HUMAN! Fantastic stuff; and people wonder where all those incredible minor chords in (real, melodic!) Heavy Metal come from: look no furhter! Bach... the God of Chordal Thunder!
Jurij Bograc
I played this to my city now is chernobyl
tone wheel
Having studied and played the Toccata in D minor since I was a teen, I have listened to a LOT of recordings. This is a terrific rendition! The registrations are incredibly important to the execution of this great work. Without them, it falls flat. Whilst I appreciate both organists rendition and delivery, I find it hard to go past the master, E. Power Biggs. In stating this, the similarity between the two is startling. Granted, the organ on which each interpretation is performed has a bearing, but this performance ranks with the best in my humble opinion. Thank you for the opportunity to hear this. "Power" to you!
The organ is one of the most underrated musical instruments of all-time
jackieee m
I am Goth and this music is pleasure to my heart, my soul.
Thomas Gabriel
2018, anyone?
Luke Downs
I am not a classic head so not sure I am aloud to say this rocks but it rocks!
Dracula’s wake up song.
Paul List
This is not 'Classical' music, people. This is from the Baroque period. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert were from the 'Classical' era. Not JS Bach.
Love his vines, funny guy. Didn’t know he did music.
Peter Luger
Toccata: 0:00 Fugue: 2:39
Douglas Bruce
Sorry to disillusion some of the enthusiasts that admire this fine piece of music! However the attribution of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor to Bach has been challenged for some time now by various scholars. There are atypical features throughout the piece and even frankly broken chords. For some time there were theories that it was the product of a young and adventurous Bach, or that it was even a piece intended as an organ test.. Indeed Bach's own generation would have styled it "Fantasia and Fugue," (Walt Disney's instincts - think of that famous film - were absolutely on the mark here) not Toccata and Fugue -- and a progression of notes Bach never would have allowed. "Bach's greatest inspiration is invariably revealed through his complete mastery of the 'rules,' " The evidence of rule-breaking includes doubling at the octave and the curious minor cadence that ends the Toccata, both not heard elsewhere in Bach's organ output (indeed, until 1720, works in a minor key conclude with a major chord). The Toccata also brims with harmony and counterpoint bordering on simplistic for the masterful composer. "No other Bach fugue contains such feeble part-writing," writes Fox-LeFriche, citing the "complete absence of contrasting rhythm, modulation, contrary motion or a least a few notes that don't slavishly follow the subject." In short, the Toccata and Fugue approaches nothing Bach ever wrote for the organ, or ever wrote at all. "It is certainly very different than any of his organ works," says Don Fellows, organist at St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland. "There are parts that don't fit the hands." It is entirely possible that the piece was written by one of Bach's students, perhaps Kellner or Kittel, both of whom had occasion to play at St. Thomas, Leipzig, and who could have slipped their copy into that cabinet standing beside the organ console. That said, this work is a great piece of music - and in my own recording I have credited it to Bach himself(!) - so please don't let scholarship impinge on your enjoyment of it.
☀️ Sunny Days ☀️
Male Butterfly
0:00 Replay button ;)
Kriss Kross
Please world help us german people not getting destroyed our culture. Love u humans
imagine having an orgasm to this song.
Doctor: "You have 10 minutes to live" Me: * Listens to Toccata and Fugue *
Bonnie Blueflag
Who's on the organ? Bella Lugosi ??? Or Lon Chaney ??
Bach war ein Genie
Why am I crying?
Jam theWither
I wish this would play whenever I entered a room.
Thomas Eriksson
8:25 When Albus dumbledore create the firestorm too safe Harrys life.......
H. M.
The picture shows the organ in the dome of Passau/Germany Beautiful church
2018 anyone ? Lmao
DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip
Better than Despacito
Wayne Behrens
Dracula's Theme.
Nicholas Juntilla
There's no way Bach wrote this. It's 10 times more brilliant than any of his other music. I just don't buy it unless he was struck by lightning. I guess it could happen, but listen to the confidence and risk. Listen to the playfulness and the cohesion of thought. Listen to the dissonance. Air on a G string is probably Bach's greatest piece if he composed that, but this is someone else or maybe it was handed down and added on to by many musicians, but after listening to a variety of works of Bach this sounds completely alien in the repertoire. I don't believe it.
2019 anyone???
Composed in 1703, still good in 2017.
The Bolsorama™
sounds like Orochimaru theme song
bill bixby
As nancy Pelosi takes the gavel and becomes Speaker of the House.
Dracula would love this for his castle.
. No Comment. For 50 years of my life this music was just a background to a few movies . . . Incredible, today I listened to it ( so far ) 3 or 4 times , beginning to end. It is all there , the nuances of modern music, or maybe I am just getting OLD.
When is Bach releasing a new single?
Aaran Fleet
Is it just me or does it make it more creepy when it says organist unknown?
Jan H.
die kollegen auf der arbeit, die mobben mich
derek kras
whats the location on the picture , amazing interior
2:40 incredible
Monster Bash
Heavy metal before electric guitars were invented.
Paolo Ranuzzi
Questo organo è fantastico. Fortunati gli abitanti di Leipzig.
ruben marsicano
there is a bit of hell and a bit of paradise, there are angels and damons - Bach used to music metaphysics.
When you get to the top, you ever been to the top? ....
Taiga Jäger
really i'm delighted ! BACH IS A GENIUS !!!
Diego Ortiz
Se me viene a la mente una película de la historia humana, hasta la actualidad, viendo grandes figuras, avances y retrocesos en Esta máxima obra de la música clásica, inspirada en el mundo, el universo y todo lo que hay. No hay palabras para describir todo lo que evoca.
Jaime Hernandez
Life back there was much more cruel More real More brutal I can't avoid to feel goosebumps my spoiled self feels like is too weak to take such deep feelings made music My first time listening to it and it was magical
José Sigala
Brendan Crawford
I keep coming back to hear this one more time. utterly captivating.
Pandu Widagdo
7 missed calls from mom.
TR Goohileshea
Bach was the original musical bad ass!
Ronald Yim
When you forgot to do your homework.
Jose Andres Diaz
Amo esta cansion❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍🤗😎
Mohammed Haider
Who else is reading this comment while listening
Kirk McDufford
" The Original heavy metal music..."
Christopher Prentice
Now that the recording has been identified, the church depicted doesn't match. Does anyone know what church is the picture?
Pierre-André Daignault
Great emotional power trembling the cathedral,
Mihail Chapanoff
Tiene mixturas muy bellas este organo pero la interpretación muy plana para mi gusto... ¿Para qué sirve el órgano? Esto demuestra la decadencia de la música barroca y la interpretación del compositor más grande de todos los tiempo, que merece respeto y estudio para entender bien la forma de sus obras y hacer los respectivos cambios en registración para ser fiel a la belleza musical y no a la idiotez. Después no es nada raro que aparezcan idiotas diciendo que es heavy metal o Dracula
Osvaldo Marsella
Es imposible magnificar la grandeza musical del gran maestro de maestros, el que transformó la música de la humanidad.
Manfred Schneidereit
J. S. Bach was the greatest composer all time.
Pierre Grenon
Sue Davies
I totally adore this, a lady I clean for has classical music on her radio and I heard this piece but played by an orchestra it was good but in my honest opinion it is best played on the organ
MIchael Brown
I can hear this being played in hotel Transylvania 4 where dennis plays this on his new organ that Dracula got him but is stressfully playing it missing notes because he can't stop thinking of Winnie LOL
Know what is best, look at the comments. So many different cultural layers impacted for a song composed 300 years ago... Dope :D
Roland Deschain
When you telling people your not a vampire just pale and your phone go's off and this is your ringtone
Johnny Pimpinz
I feel like... we've let history down. When it comes to music that is.
Alex Grigoryan
This will play in my head whenever I go back camping. Because last time I went camping MY GRANDPA DIED ON THE FIRST DAY!
Terrible Certainty
How can people dislike this pffft!