Tchaikovsky - Hymn of the Cherubim - USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir

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Tchaikovsky - Hymn of the Cherubim Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky (25/04/1840 - 25/10/1893) Orchestra : The USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir Conductor : Valery Polyansky Album : V/A - Sacred Treasures - Choral Masterworks From Russia Label : Hearts Of Space - 1998

Tchaikovsky Hymn of the Cherubim USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir

In 1984 I went with my father to Russia. It had been an ambition of ours for so very long. Early one morning we crossed the road in front of our hotel to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra (monastery) in Saint-Petersburg for the Holy Liturgy. The cathedral was packed with people attending Mass before going on to work. So packed, that I and father were separated. I looked around to find him and saw him, about ten yards away, the tears pouring down his face, so moved was he by the singing, and by the resolute, strong faith of the dense crowd around him. When you hear music such as this, the veil is parted between Earth and Paradise, and you realise how small you are, and how much you are loved!
I wonder what makes people to click thumb down when they hear such a purity in music.
Children are afraid of the dark and adults are afraid of the light.
Husa Jah
I wounder how the western civilization could abandon such beautiful art/words/spiritualism for the inner core of the body which is the connection between flesh and consciousness. They chose pop-music over this. Me, born as a Muslim, but have the greatest respect for this beautiful culture and religion and happpy to witness it.
Robert Paterson
Back in the early 1990.s I was working in Kyiv. My work partner and I, both atheists, made it a habit to go to church - How this music is performed is magical - the congregation stand in the core of the basilica - the choir sings unseen from behind screens - it is as if the angels are singing especially as the sopranos come in over the top and the basses rumble at the bottom. The sound washes though the people and the congregation vibrate in tune
You are soul
I'm 23 seconds in. I've listened to Tchaikovsky all my life but never heard this. This is sublime.
wow I am humbled to be a Christian. God bless all my brothers and sisters from your Syriac Orthodox (Assyrian) brother
Robert Early
I've been a professional musician for 65 years. This Russian choir is truly truly wonderful singing a truly heavenly piece of music.
As a Westerner, as an American...this strikes me to the core, only an introspective people with a deep sense of humility and raw experience of life could produce such stark and beautiful music...may America and Russia find peace for we share the essence of this music between our peoples...
Adi Vino
Why am I crying?
Kyle Buck
May Jesus Christ bless all the souls of those whom died under Bolshevik Communism. God bless the world. May the power of the Lord Jesus Christ outshine the darkness.
Chris Z.
Deeply moving.....I feel gently transported into God's presence. A window into heaven! We need this while we are still here on earth.
Shivam Mishra
Close your eyes and you will feel like God is standing beside you to take you to heaven....its very peaceful..
Chrys Aureus
... this music is truly Divine, ... nevertheless one cannot help noticing here that a disproportionate number of comments, instead on focusing on the sublime substance of the matter, do testify to the old Chinese saying by Confucius: “When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.”
doug hollinshead
Mr Putin needs not his armies,,, he can win over the world with the wonderfull Russian singing and culture.
عالمنا الغامض
Welcome, I am a Muslim and I love the songs of the Christian orthodoxy because it has a high spirituality
Yuri Ivanovich
Some have referred to this as being sad. I find it very intense and uplifting, myself. Close your eyes and you can see the Angles singing.
I am a coptic orthodox (Christian from Egypt), Just want to thank those who shared this precious christian heritage. Russia is a great country, and Russians are wonderful people and strong believers
marie budden
A Pizza
This beautiful spiritual creation from Russia is one of the reasons that the anti-christ and his forces are trying to misrepresent and destroy Russia. American Christians and all other Christians around the world must open their eyes and hearts and see what the evil people in their governments, and their backers are doing, and we must all pray and resist the anti-christ together. Amen.
An Albanian Catholic here, living in the West. Russian literature and music, have influenced me massively.
//◭// たわごと藩主至高 //◭//
Whoever finds this song has been blessed.
Jesus is Lord
Music to die to. Incredible and beautiful.
Tasos Papanastasiou
God bless Russia and our Russian brothers in Christ Jesus! For they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven! Jesus return is soon! We await with amazement and adoration! Amen!
Gina Kalla
I keep coming back to listen to this. Russians have suffered. They overcame, then they lost again. But they kept on giving, even their own lives, to make the world better. They have huge hearts and serious souls and with their music they cradle me, wrap me into rich tapestry and calm and re-assure me that all will be good in the end. The power of goodness made music.
frans le noble
penicilline for he soul xxx
the revolutionary
i m a muslim and i love listerning to this because i love jesus christ.
Fiona Tanzer
Beautiful pure music. Tchaikovsky was a genius. This music easily rivals that of Palestrina
Артём Козлов
Regardless of religion it's a beautiful song, Muslim Chechen here. I'm proud that my country created this
Tony Coleman
I cannot describe my emotions listening to this eternal masterpiece. Thank you, whoever posted this. I wish peace and tranquility to all people. Thank you Russia. Bless you all.
Mikhail Andreev
how can you love Russian music and hate Russians? I do not understand
Matthew Wooding
although im an atheist, i don't think i could live without this type of music
Marie-Claire Ording
Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky must have heard the angels sing!
Eric Wilkens
Proof That Music in pure form can bridge The gap between The worlds masses. We don't need a new world order to become One great human race. We just need THIS kind of music for The soul. Bravo USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir!
Patricia Dileonardo
This music is heavenly....Lord have mercy on this world
My first time listening to this. And I won’t forget it.
Linda jamshidi
Oh, the power of the human voice!
Mavis Emberson
There is no longer a U.S.S .R. since the 1990s This piece is from the Russian Orthodox liturgy based on that of St John Chrysostom.of Byzantium. The Church music in Russia is sung by church choirs now check for further information
Ro Mc A
Rich, deep, And holy. Music. This is beyond language. It’s a sense of belonging
Paul Hilko
While visiting Russia, I heard some of the most angelic, and spiritual music of my entire life. As I was walking past a church in Russia, I watched people as they walked by a church, actually stop, face the church and bless themselves. Orthodoxy Christianity is alive and well in Russia.
OMG is this a great composition and performance
Lala zarla
I am Muslim i like so Much it’s great
Charles The Hammer Martel
Roman Catholic here, but I just LOVE Russian chant. Absolutely STUNNING!
Lou Duva
I'm an atheist. I love this.
Found this... Maybe it found me? Im delighted to hear heaven 🌅🌃🍀👍🌷🌍
Nada Stojanovic
Предивно и моћно. Поздрав из Хрватске.
Fernando Arismendi
Sagrado Altísimo Señor Jesucristo Bendito gracias por toda la música de Chaikovsky
Antonio Bonfiglio
Великий универсальный Чайковский
Deedee Neri
when the unseen forces people in power destroy what God created...but you have trust and faith in Christs love that you continue no matter how hard it gets
Игорь Строгино
Голос небес!!! Великое произведение!!!
ninon akva
РОДИНА.. её Пётр Ильич животом ощущал... благо во все времена
maria ekman
Beautiful. The word per definition. Sad and sirene...Holy. Glory in Excelcis Deo.
Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel
Its beautiful!
Richard Cook
Consider the text as you listen: We, who mystically represent the Cherubim, And chant the thrice-holy hymn to the Life-giving Trinity, Let us set aside the cares of life That we may receive the King of all, Who comes invisibly escorted by the Divine Hosts."
Brut Brut
preco mam pocit ze slovani maju dusu a srdce a anglosasi maju drzost a krutost v dusi? My pravoslavni sme zazili tisice rokov utlaku.Od roku 1646 nas mali zozrat uniati /greckokatolici, podriadeni papezovi /, v podstate cele vychodne slovensko muselo nutene lebo zemepani drugethovci prikazali prestupit na uniu grecko katolicku, pod hrozbou straty majetkov, smrtipreto sme pravoslavni aki sme.Uniu zaviedli abi rusini neboli jednotny narod,aby necheli vlastnu zem.CO myslite ,aku vieru doniesli na Velku Moravu Cyril a Metod? Pravoslavnu.To su tie paradoxy, odtial ich hnali latinici, rimskokatolici a dnes ja na slvenksu sviatok Cyrila a Metoda.Ved to je na smiech aka je historia pokrutena.Latinici chceli latinsky obrad, nie byzantsky /podotykam ze greckokatolici nemaju sancu si privlastnit nejaky byzantsky obrad, kedze vznikli od roku 1646 . ..v grecku su PRAVOSlAVNI- greckokatolik je reformovany pravoslavny, nieco ako evenjelik / Z velkej moravy ich vyhnali do Srbska odkial dosli sem do kyjevskej rusi. Prosim ziadne diskusie, len preto vznikli uniati.,aby sa rusini hadali na viere od roku 1646 ! Pravoslavie katolicke je od pociatku,od dob isusa christa, preto davam cerveu uniatskym kecom, pozdravujem vladyku Chautura aj monachov v Krasnom Brode / povodny klastor je ale urcite PRAVOSLAVNY, zo 14 storocia kde nebolo chyrovat o uniatoch, starsi ako grecko katolicka cirkev :( mier a lasku a hospod s vami bratia uniati
James Dotson
God Bless this sainted music and those who feel its' message.
Slava Rossii from America
Lord Ezio
I'm Muslim but I hearing hymns and I love it so much it's make me feeling better and giving my soul the peace
WOW! Mesmerizing! Why haven't I heard of this piece before?
Josef Windischbauer
Wonderful! From Heaven!
Mariana C
Sounds like Heaven.
Maks Ter
Слава Отцу, Сыну и Святому Духу!!! Аминь
Ljubiša Davidov
USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir with Valery Polyansky is the best choir in the world!!!
Mihail Mihaylov
Божественная музыка российской души !
Dolphro 75
For you Sarah, always in my heart...R.I.P.
Ester Balbi
1998 there was no USSR. Please clarify.
Valii Sihastru
God, please forgive us, in the holy name of Your Son, Lord Jesus Christ !
Vinícius dos Santos Costa
Maravilha de música....celestial!!!!
John Delmos
that was very beautiful.
Keith Winter
stand down demons
dear god why all this evil why l realy cannot understand all this destruction and you there silent no response to this diabolic evil .abortion, wars,lies, christian persecution ,traditional family destruction ,and much more simply disgusting
"Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain." — Vladimir Putin
Суанда Джанхот
Господи, как прекрасно
Инна Яценко
Музыка, уносящая на небеса и обнажающая душу.
Edward Kleingeerts
immerse yourself in the sound and experience something so great we can not describe w
Di trower
So utterly beautiful!
Jade Haj
I listen to this every night. Love from Norway
Maltese Melon
Tchaikovsky, wherever you are, thank you.
Yolanda Duval
Tchaikovsky, the soul of the Russian people. Love his music.
Amber Grooms
I'll tell you what, I've been listening to choral music since a very young age, and this recording specifically has moved me to tears, which is rare when I'm listening to choral music (I absolutely love it, don't get me wrong, but nothing has ever struck me so powerfully.). I have listened to a handful of Tchaikovsky's works, and each and every moment I feel something heavy pull and tug on my heart in the most wonderful (possible) way. He definitely had a gift of connecting the human race to something greater than itself--which, if one believes, is said to be God Himself. I will always be in awe of his ability to align frequencies and rhythms into works unimaginable by anyone else; in my opinion, no one will ever live up to his God-given talent.
SefineLingerie BS
It is beautiful. Sefine. ( )
Наталья Стерина
Гениально и божественно!!!
Marina Samoylovich
The harmony is beautiful.
Keith Thomas
An unusual side of Tchaikovsky but a very moving one. Those Russian basses!
Patrick Shivers
Iv'e just 'discovered this - Incredible piece of music, so beautiful. The vocal dynamics is amazing. Balm for the mind, heart, soul and spirit. A 'Desert Island Disc' contender.
kevin munnelly
Gives peace to a troubled soul!
Mauve Dreamer
Cosmic 💜💜
Lyu K
Потрясающее исполнение этого шедевра
Lord, should I forget thee, please don’t forget me... amen
the Eastern Orthodox Church is supreme.
david stuart
All art forms in the Orthodox Church tradition be they choral music or icon paintings are spiritually inspired- something rarely experienced in the West.
tyler perkinson
God this hits hard.
rachel hilla
It brings me home. Amazing the vibration.
John Dickerson
this is beautiful..
Fernando Ontiveros
Oh Tchaikovsky... i don't know what was inside your mind, but i think i know what was in your heart, a solemn love, this piece is pure light, this is the proof your inner ecstasy, your honest joy... But people, yes, he was amazing as a human being, but hear what was inside of him... hear that light... feel it... the message, not only the messenger... God... Light... Energy...
Darlene Mitchell
Absolutely wonderful...transporting. Does anyone have any other recommendations that match this?
so beautiful, it gives me goose-bumps!!!
Shofo Yoshy
This HYMN took me to an area out of the Earth...It's DEVINE Shukry from Egypt 25May2018
Yuri Ivanovich
This must be the most beautiful song. I can feel the negative emotions pouring out of my body when listening to this, every time I listen. And feel the light enter my soul.