A MUST SEE! This video is blocked in almost every country (2018)

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must see world news

Tang Her
Definitely sharing this with everyone especially on facebook
Neha Pardeshi
birds are lookin very creepy😫
Don House
I've seen more birds than that sitting but not in street? They not scared
Michael Place
At this point half the population would be happy if the world was destroyed
Tzuriel Meir
We need Sam and Dean...
Nick Morton
Super disappointed in myself for clicking on this
Lisa S
Ok the birds make it creepier 😨
Don't deny God...
Black Coconut
*Ali-A theme starts to play*
Rudolph Campbell
I’m high
Uhh some of these things are just naturally occurring events and religious practices lmao
Thanos is COMING! But seriously I don’t care what anyone says you ain’t faking all those birds, something is causing that
•Jin’s THICC lips are my religion•
*Will be patched in the next update*
Blake g
Can the world just end already. I'M TIRED OF WAITING
A Loyal Amethyst
Terrible how much smarter the birds ARE than man. PRAYERS ☆♡
Pokerclown 79
The matrix simulation is experiencing some issues, will be patched in the next update
kassidy stiffler
War of the worlds 2
TW1STEDK1LL3R Robloxian
I came here to see the Michelin man
Anthony Santiago
Juni 242005
God is coming really soon 🙏
Why everything has to happen in USA?
Bad Bandida
Oh great I’ve been waiting for the world to end 😍
BT21 A D R I A N
*azan is my fav*
Torah and Hebrew roots
Only a wicked generation looks to signs, i will patiently await my messiah yahshua ha Mashiac, remember demons can perform signs and miracles to deceive, stay vigilant and read scripture.
marcos morales
I hear yanny 😂
Foxxie Era
I have heard the trumpet sounds this year many times ^~^
Intellectual Me meeting Jesus: *RABABABA RABABABABA RABABABA*
Look man ive killed two horseman, satan, bethagor, and raphael. we have michael locked up and lucifer doesnt stay in one place for too long. He knows hes being hunted down. The world is not ending. Youre welcome.
Itachi was here
Mr. Fluffy Buns
Some people told me that if you see a lot i mean a lot of birds flying together, then its the end of the world they said but idk...
Meckenzie Wilson
Oh my the trumpets and the birds ....oh my goodness lol some reason I'm not creeped out
red berry
End is near, Repent your sins and be pure heart.Jesus Christ is light and life of the world.
Ella Stanyer
*What* is this and *why* is it on my *recommended*
Elisa Naudts
We got people calling a cloud jezus
Michael Rodriguez
It almost sounds like the earth is crying out in pain. Buckle up people, thinks are going to get real bumpy!
Lol CoolGirl
Why is everyone believe this no one and I mean no one can tell you when Jesus is coming just be prepared he is coming slowly but surely also that first one looks like a meteor
Lucifer has claimed the uk
King Debeone
Trump pence,,,get it trumpets,,,let the trumpets blow,,im too high on this good weed
Dickon Nodnuts
The four horsemen have started their ride
Jessica Sanna
Let me guess...., Christians are all here hahahah
Mustafa Noori
😂😂😂that African man made me laugh , if he live the dead , so maybe he is the lord .
Clorox Cherry Bleach
Yup it’s official I’m moving to Japan 🇯🇵
David Reece
Month later it’s still here so not that confidential to national security.
same name
I first heard these trumpet sounds in 2011. I remember it very well
Subu Zen
Itachi is coming!!!
Rashel Reyes
i thought this was clicbait
dogy dogo
What the heck!😱😰
Bear _
Black Santa
my god THANOS got all the stones
You left out the part where thanos snaps his fingers
U guys know this is from a movie right
Obito Uchiha
The birds is caused by itachi’s genjutsu
Tony Loy
The kid one was actually awesome
Anas Saifi
The Azaan 😍😍😍
Luna The Wolfie
What if the trumpet noise is just gods farts?
Cheyenne Durkot
Pretty sure those birds are Starlings, they fly in very very large flocks, there can be hundreds of thousands of starlings in one flock
Michael Tyrone Bibbins
Why y'all scared of the birds be optimistic and accept your free meal
Montana Bramlett
This world is ending very very very slowly💔🤦🏾‍♂️
even the birds know something is about to go down
Dustin Moore
There is nothing biblical about this!
Blue Beam..
Katie ONeil
The “trumpet” sounds where from solar flairs hitting the earths magnetic shield. And all of these are natural occurrences
Twisted Reasons
Winston Bachan
I Used To Believed In Hanzel And Grettel,
duphanas13 BOI
LOL they just want bread...
Jeremy Fraley
What do the millions of birds have to do about this?
heartless one
why all the other's country seeing strange things...
thanos is coming
MaryFrances HammondSoule
These are to scare us to think God is here.
Joop Kleinhuis
Matt t
Well that was a whole lot of nothing!
Yassmeene Lebanon Rose
I think this is the Voice of the horn trumpet of ANGEL ISRAFEEL
Lady Stardust
I love how everyone is screaming and filming the tornado instead of getting shelter or something.
Steve Phillips
The last times i heard the seven seals nentioned it was from tge compound in waco texas claiming to be in league with god himself all based on his say so he soon got sorted out the nutter
Karyx Draws
Astronomical phenomenon occurs Primitive species thinks it is God
"In Jesus Name. . ." Uuuggh gave me good kind of chills T^T
MintySnow The Wolf
They are crows, They show signs of death :( 😔😢Things getting scary while I'm young
αииιкα 549
God pls before ending the world I want my crush to say "I love you" to me please. Amen!
BrooklynSings broman
I will see you all in Heaven :D God Bless <3
Yassmeene Lebanon Rose
It was mentioned in the Islamic narrations hat each certain years THE ANGEL ISRAFEEL WILL BLOW IN A TRUMPET A SIGN OF THE END OF TIMES.
Chef Tasha Queen of Ethnic Cuisine
Im telling you..when i watvhed this video..i got a real comforting and warming feeling..And then I burst into tears...I am rejoicing and praying God Proves himself to this. Hateful world...
Earth: mr universe I don’t feel so good
ClasseyJoeOp 1234
O ok sure wat ever u say my guy
Old Gregg
What a load of bollocks.
K.C Films
Who else just hears JaidenAnimations trumpet solo XD
fan of unreal 1121
At 8: 37 it looks like a skull looking at you
Oh My
Why is the FBI at the door?
Mehdi zirar
this phenomenon is already explained in NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES.
happy face
Maybe it's a sign that Jesus is being reincarnated, even the birds came
BT21 A D R I A N
thanos is angry dude . oyemgi
I've never been a religious man but I hope God/Jesus are on the way. These animals that run world government's and big businesses need judging.
Johan Funder
Soo true
AlliGaming 12
The one with the birds are my nightmare cause I’ve got a nightmare about a crow man or something. I’ve had a fear of crows ever since then.
Paddy Stokes
Paddy Stokes
Paddy Stokes
Arlene Campbell
Thanks for the effort. But, boring.