SERIOUS BLACK - High And Low (2015) // official clip // AFM Records

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SERIOUS BLACK - High And Low Taken from the album "As Daylight Breaks", to be released on January 16th (EUR) and January 20th (US)! Suscribe to AFM Records here: /> Get the album here: AFM Webshop: />AFM Downloadstore: />iTunes: Amazon: Directed, filmed and edited by Ivan Maras Produced by Serious Black and Ivan Maras Set and Light Assistance by Michael Trines Additional camera, crane, footage filmed by Roland Eichler Girl portrayed and Make -Up by Tina Kirmeier Get in touch with SERIOUS BLACK Website: />Webshop: />Facebook: />YouTube: />Twitter: /> ON TOUR WITH HAMMERFALL and ORDEN OGAN: 16.01. DE Bremen 17.01. DE Oberhausen 18.01. DE Köln 19.01. NL Tilburg 20.01. BE Antwerpen 22.01. DE Stuttgart 23.01. DE Kaufbeuren 24.01. CH Pratteln 25.01. CH Pratteln 26.01. DE München 28.01. IT Mailand 29.01. FR Lyon 30.01. ES Barcelona 31.01. ES Madrid For more dates and tickets click: /> Get access to official music videos, interviews, live performances and album trailer of D-A-D, Fear Factory, Ministry, U.D.O., Rhapsody of Fire, Orden Ogan, Evergrey, Emil Bulls, J.B.O., Kissin' Dynamite, LORDI and many more!

Susanne Wojahn
Bin am 13.2.15 in Hamburg dabei. Kann nur geil werden \m/
Am I the only one that was  immediately reminded of Harry Potter when they saw the name of the band? 'Cuz that's what made me follow the link, in all honestly. Music's pretty good, though.
Urban is the one of the top-5 best singers in all time!
GREAT SONG !!!!! I could listen to it for a while
Arco van Akkeren
Urban's voice often reminds me somewhat of Chitral 'Chity' Somapala (Firewind/Red Circuit)..great song \m/
Johannes Clementsen
its good to see Urban Breed the best vocalist in my opinion,he has such a good and strong voice
Iron Leo
Thomen is back, one of my favorite Metal drummer. I am happy.
Marian of Fire
the chorus is like ministry of saints.... but is still a nice song
Bibi Sagichnet
Klingt cool
Such a great band! Urban Breed is an absolutely superb vocalist!! \m/ \m/
Greg Young
Love it. Urban is ar the top of my list for metal singers after his last few projects.
Thiago Scaldaferro
Masterpiece! Sounds amazing!
Vom backstage in kaufbeuren konnte ichs genießen :) \m/
Sergio Del Olmo
1:20 WuaW!!!!
Personally, I love the keyboards on this. To each their own. :)
Vicky Salvo
ahora recien ,estoy viendo la banda SERIOUS BLACK y encuentro que es una gran banda del metal  ..gracias amigo antonio por compartir  besitos
Horst Pelka
Good old-school metal, and the album was amazing. Cool to hearing and seeing. Keep it up and stay Metal!
Francisco J Camargo Liévano
What a great finding! It rox!!!
Tomas Nilsson TOMPA571
Problems with sharing this video. It don´t work on Facebook....
Antti Simonen
It's like the basic formula of a power-metal song, but somehow it still starts growing on me. Can't wait to hear the other songs.
Nino Ninov
Мan I love these Grapowski style riffs at 0:38
Really liked everything I've heard from this band so far.
Maria Engelbrecht
Genious :D
Christian Sitta
Great song, especially the keyboard melody and the first "High and looooowwwww" between the verses is amazing. :)
just recently discovered Serious Black and y'all KICK ASS \m/ especially with this song was the band name inspired by the Harry Potter character Sirius Black by any chance?
is this the first singer from Bloodbound?
Listened it 3x already :P
v상준V Sang Jun is forever
I am fascinated by Serious Black !!! WOW I didn't know Serious Black !
Dimos Georgakopoulos
As a big fan of Blind Guardian I have to say that the new Serious Black album sounds far more interesting than the new BG album..well done lads you earned a fan right over here..looking forward to Friday!!
Васька Колыма
Тру-ля-ля начала нулевых.
David Prag
This sounds awesome!
Rik Nel
another Win for Roland Grapow.
Derrotada Vieira
Muito bom! *-------*
Metall Schaedel
Heavy Metal at it's best.
René Denkers
Not bad. not bad at all! Wanna hear more from these guys
Sounds awesome guys!
Jeremy Parsons
disappointed in Mirrorworld... nowhere near level of first album
ура! среди засилья гроуловского блевания- наконец то что то хорошее!
John Menyhard
Jesus Christ listen to wen you pray
Carlos F.
\m/"Thomem Stauch"\m/
La Vero
Love this song guys!!! Hope to see you all again, soon again. X from the dutch girl 😜
Mario Romano
THOMEN is back!!
Teneis mucho futuro por delante, seguid así! Me encantó poderos escuchar en directo en Barcelona y además, me pude sacar fotos sin ningún problema y fuisteis muy amables!
Mad Dark
Oh, i like it...
André Minhoto
Parece mais com o Sonata Arctica do ecliptica ou Silence que o próprio Sonata Arctica hoje em dia hahaha
This band is an absolutely gem. I'll looking so much forward to see this guys destroying the stage live!
Rafaela Barros
mto lindo!
Александр Калашников
Juan Carmina
Svante Skoog
They should tone down the syntheziser. Otherwise it´s a pretty catchy song.
Metal Pop - I call to this
Micke Eriksson
Sweden rules,,,
hm from Roland i expected something more
WOW!! Love this! ♥
PC Cuckeira
acho que alguem da banda curte harry potter...
BH Lifting Crew
Not bad. But not as good as brainstorms highs without lows . Definitely getting this though. Urban breed makes good stuff
Paco Perez
Tremendo tema 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Beth Gatlin
Awesome song! Love it!!!
Gianluca T
Urban Breed rules.
Yeah!!! Cool synth action in here... And Thomen... still my favourite drummer of all time! Just loving' those fills... Thumbs up!!!
Could someone post the lyrics under this comment, please? I will much appreciate it!
Sauber Jungs !!! Geht gut ab ! Lg 
Henry Morales
You are great !!!
I think Grapow was playing another song
Mad Dark
Really, I have had to wait for my radio show and again ...
Nightingale Laurence
Urban Breed >>>>>>>>> everyone else.
Leo Petteri Tiilikainen
Damn awe!  :)
Great!! :)
Beatriz Menéndez
Mega band, I love it!!!!
Charles Duby
I sometimes feel in this world of hell if I can just stretch my soul high enough I can see heaven and I hope I can climb aboard and play too
Sergio Gamez
son gueniales
Óscar Arias Blanco
aragorn at vocals
Luis Santos
I thought powermetal has already died
Mattias Larsson
Urban breed is just so freaking awsome
temazo !!!!! no sabia  nada de Urban Breed, buen vocalista
Ali Omari Tadlaoui
This chorus looks definitely like an Edguy or Avantasia chorus I can't remember which one exactly...
Alice Briel
A Very good Song
Sandy Koenig
Awesome Band
Mario Azazel
Es genial serios blak yo lo conocí debido al concierto que fui a hammerfall el 9 de diciembre de 2017
Damn, that Urban's voice... it's amazing. Unfortunately the song's structure itself is very weak, boring and average at best. Something already heard of millions of times before, from various similar bands.
Dyeison Matos
bah ficou muito show esse som 
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Alexander V
Песня хорошая, а вот клип.. ничего кроме симпатичной актрисы. Мужики так играют будто это им не интересно.
Maskeli Manyak
hi, i'm listening this band because of thomen. 
Peter Biermeier
Tina, Du bist großartig und das Hemd von Benny wird unsterblich!!! 
Stanislav Serbezov
Wtf is up with shitty metal videos nowadays? Good song though. 
Plamen Uzunov
A very, very cool song. :)
Rising Force
I almost get crazy trying to find what song does the chorus sounds like.... MOTHER  ANGEL by Gamma ray!. Any way excellent song.
Manolo Petya
very super and pleasent song
Gustavo Rodrigues
Awesome band! 
Dimitry Alexeychyk
Припев и в целом манера исполнения как-то уж очень смахивает на Тобиаса Самета. 
Jaded Heart Official
great guys!! see you on tour in 2016!! :)
Cute... Never listen again