Car Dealer Tries To Scam Me So I Pull Out My Laser Gun! (GTA RP)

Today we have a GTA video. Car dealer tries to scam me so I pull out my laser gun.. Merch: /> Subscribe to EliteStudio: /> Here's every GTA RP video I've ever made /> Follow: />Follow: />Add: /> Watch More EliteStudio: Latest Videos: />Popular Videos:

Someone make and send me a real life laser gun thanks
Godly Songs
This is how many times EliteStudio will make videos a day 👇
Jaylin M
You must mean super over powered laser gun that I hate getting killed by😅
Saeda Abualhaj
I swear to god I will like this comment Well like it now
Mamadou Cherif Barry
You are a good singer🦸🏾‍♂️
Its freddy
So next time I need a refund I will point a laser rifle at someone
I subscribed to this not knowing what awaited me but now I know that this channel was destined for me
Btw thanks for the lazer gun
took a year to build the building but took yearS to build the vehicle HOW
fortnite. gameplays
I subscribed cause i like the gta rp vids
Scoot. Inc
“Oh crap I just cracked a window” 😂 😂 😂 😂
Juan Diego Ortiz
make another video but with more of that gun because like you're only in a car dealership
0:00-0:03 DaMn gOoD sInGiNg bRo Im up an electricity pole-EliteStudio 2019
Bushpire Empire
Thanks for the tip,time for my refund
Can you do a good thing and sub to me
Elite Can You Do A Video Where You Rp Legit Please. If You Need Me To Show You Msg Me
Yepez Arturo
@ELITE STUDIO ¿Where is your pet bird?
Tj cardarelle
Some ropes are ment to strech for rock climing
Alexander Mitch
how do you make and bring custom weapons to different servers????
Mason Harvey
3:42 what a thing to say after you broke a window 😂🤣😅
I was watching your other videos because this hadn't been uploaded then I checked and i'm like, oh no I missed it by 11 minutes
Zack Pitts
Love your vids keep up the good work keep going and make more vids plz than a for making vids I love them I Ben each in for. 4 years and do a face cam on your vids.
Nolan Dischert
Oh crap I just cracked the window
Everyone get at elites new album im up a electricity pole
David Gann
I love your vids I think you should do some trolling in gta rp
Brayden Barton
Plz pin I think you should do a fireman rp
Jayden Khan
Hi I love your videos thank you for making them
EliteStudio is one Elite S T U D might i add
Shyanne Lester
Been here since about 200,000 and it's been a long way to 1M and can't wait for you to get to that mile stone but im so happy for and love your vids
Invalid_Userr 12
How do you join gta 5 rp servers
sup man I have been subbed for 1and a hearth years
Bust down shoes
Sup Elite still watching lmao
Carl Wheezer
CPU 1 and 2’s is so calm, bro i love him
One hour in 4k views noice
Afutug Williams
Love your video and keep up the great work
11 minutes 1.6 K views
Blakeman Broadaway123 plays TG BMX2
Bro I lov your you vids and keep up the good work.
Whose here before 1k views
True Stroman
I'm no scientist but I think I can thx for all the cool videos
Heath Dennis
Love you’re vids you’re the nicest person on YouTube keep up the good work
Oto Cxvaradze
cool glowing sneakers tbh🤩 👟
Jade And Corey
912th btw love you elite
what server do you play on?
Big Chungus Clips
AK-47s mag 11s glocks and nines
koolkid 5600
that ending tho is.. HILARIOUS
Ìts Jēñnîê
I send you 2
I think instead of cool ranch chips he put in a nacho cheese one so the car wasn't chill
Peace YT
Cruzy Cruzy
This video looks good elite keep making videos
The Holy Bacon
I bought the exact gun with the exact colors
Phantom Gamer_YT
You should also name the bird kim jon un or flapper
Insanity Prevails
Wait.. I've been subbed for a while but I just noticed this... Are you RandomGaminginHD?
BL Dan
Love the vids
lucas lass
Love you bro
Sean Ostan
How did you get up on the power cords
Fay Herbert
I kinda felt sad for the guy
Christina stuff
Stop being on my way home from work and the chance
Saxe Prixon
Easy refund
Daniel McClellan
That car is the Christine 2
Hay we did not try to scam you lul
Siddharth Tata
Dude just love your videos verryyyy much. And love the way you talk
Sean Clark
7:04 I'm in bits 😂
Forevermoney latham
Colorado Stone & Granite
U love your vids soooo moch
Jorge Molina
plz elite studio sponsor me or mention me in your next video plz plz plz plz be a cat
Mystical Games
5,000 subs with no video challenge
To Much Love
15 thousand laser rifle for a flying motorcycle that's 6 mil. *Seems legit*
gamer boys
crazy buildz
How do you get gta rp
Ellis the killer Zombie
I think moto moto likes you 1:29
2:20 who else thinks that guy has the voice to be a narrator for mr.nightmare????🤔🤔
get gaming_yt
11 11make a wish
Jack Eaves
2:21 his reference was awesome
Fluffy Waffles
thought that laser gun was gonna make the screen shake but it just turned out to be a lamer gun...nerf
Brody Bailey
ELITE noob studio six
Poke Hi
My mum is mean
trevor garrett
Love the singing in the beginning
TheOyadGamer !!!
What sever thing are you on
Why didn’t he call the cops.?
Angela Mourer
Can you please be my friend and I play ps4
Badvibes_ soul
Cross play?
Rydog Elite
Noto Squad
jolita fedorovic
the lazer rifle had 6 alian heads
Zipz Nexes
Noni squad
Christie Kennedy
I like love your vids
Daniel fire 907
Where is my pizza I still have not seen the bird
try hard kid
Dad if you love him
Nate Neely
There definitely scamers
YaBoi Colin1039
What sever do u play on
Collin Cook
What are you doing up there
Demon Scout
Your so quiet I have to wear headphones and pit at max volume to hear you clearly
Maverick Soracco
What did you name your bird
Noah Himes
Hi everybody I got one question why is there not more views on this video it's been out for 2 minutes if you like a million views on here by now
in Search of NANI
Dude, you soaped the bike in the water so it broke down. Dummy
When a cop pulls up on you, you should call them props pig
WierChalice46 WierChalice46
First I think
yeet skeet
Elite love your content, keep up with the great work!
an t
Are you a man cat?
Masterov Laser
I am first