Another Me Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Sophie Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Mystery HD

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Girls in horror movies, "Hello? Is somebody there?" Me: "girl, watchu think the killer's gonna say? Hello sweetie I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner! HELL NO!
Buzzkill 78
I really hate it when a movie seems good but ends up being scary. I'm trailer jumping right now and I didn't expect this to be scary.
Jack Ass
At first part of the trailer I was like, "Oh it's a teen drama about a young photographer who would definitely find out the meaning of life through photos she takes" but then things didn't go the way I assumed it to be -__-
Tea Burn
"Another Me"... I get that feeling every time I pass through Chinatown. I'm Asian.
daddy satan
and that is the last time i take a mirror selfie lmao
ryban oyd
is that the tunnel from harry potter when harry is fighting off the dementors from his cousin?
Sansa can't seem to get any luck EVER !!!
why do girls always cut their hair in movies when they feel like they're going crazy
Debbie Smith
Maybe they should call this movie; *_"Game Of Clones"_*
Totally Temple
The dark eyed sophie turner scared the shit out of me omg
Fernando Dobbin
I'm just here for the Game of Thrones jokes...
Sansa Stark hunts Sophie Turner ♥
this is actually kinda creepy
Aaliyah Scott
Maybe they should ca this; "Game of Clones"
Why can't they be just friends, I'd totally hang out with my lost twin.
Dark Corner
Arya, stop scaring your sister.
Hennet Ahgera Nailo
the north remembers
Fundly Support
"I cant protect you much longer". yep. its petyr baelish.
Ashley Snell
Yes, she was in Game of Thrones. Congratulations- excellent observation. Anything original to contribute to the conversation?
Zapper Zapped
At first, i thought the movie would be some sequel to Another Earth...
Ever since I first watched her during the pilot episode of Game of Thrones, I just can't get enough of Sophie :) Never heard of the book before but this movie definitely looks like a great solid psychological thriller for sure & am definitely gonna buy this on Amazon Instant Video!!! I am currently watching another great film starring the ever-talented Miss Turner: The Thirteenth Tale, a BBC-produced Gothic Mystery Drama based on the book of the same name :)
Beauty Effulgent
This trailer is proof that I will watch *anything* with Sophie Turner in it.
This movie was filmed in my school! Barry comprehensive school.
Jason Lee
Bran stop scaring your sister god damn it!
Relax Jean, it's just the Phoenix Force trying to get to know you
Laura Hall
go watch yourself in the mirror after's deep
Arwen Barrett
sumit dalal
She survived Jofferey and Ramsey. Do you think that she will be scared of her doppelganger?
Nicolas Boulo
as soon as i realized it was going to be scary i went to a different trailer lol
man sophie cant catch a break she's always in trouble
just came here to see how Sansa looks like in modern times
It's so weird seeing GOT actors, not in GOT
Bertrand Bernard
Every actor from Game of Thrones is showing in cinemas. Literally.
Zoe Coven
she gonna cry or scream in every movie she's in?
Esther Marie
she could have played Ginny Weasley
Anna Hernandez
Hey look it's Mason xD
the movie isn't really scary. and i wish the ending were a bit longer although we do understand how it ends
Tara Tedjarati
I will watch anything that Sophie Turner is in.
Aashinee x
I watched. It wasn't too scary but it was really good. You should watch! (sorry for bad english)
Spoiler alert: Its the ghost of Joffrey in a wig
Daenerys Targaryen
Little dove :D
Gabrielle Basañez
Sansa's gone mad
Jonathan Pinzonジョナサン・ピンソン
I saw it because of my crush, Sophie Turner! I think the movie was wired to be honest. That's its!
Sarah Ngoma
This movie was actually good but the ending got me so mad. Like Why?!! I'm not going to spoil it but it got me so pissed😠
James The Wizard
dont tell me she had an eye transplant or something of that nature or she had a twin that died? or she's just plain crazy
Patriot Sons of Liberty
Don't we all have a doppelganger somewhere?
Sarah Joe Godfrey
is that a valentine Morgenstern I see?
Becca smithson
She just wants lemon cakes
M Stark
1:18 and house Baelish is coming to help her jajaja
actually a pretty good movie. it wasn't as scary as like the conjuring but still interesting. i was on the edge of my seat/hiding under a blanket throughout the whole thing
Chloë Sibley
Sansa and Henry VIII! lol
Song - Lisa Hannigan - You Haunt Me just beautiful....
"always been in the shadows." "as long as you don't look at her, she can't hurt you." Slender Man...? Slender Sophie?
Raven Grey
I like to see Jonathan Rhys Mayer on this one
The song is "You haunt me" by Lisa Hannigan
Remington's Nutella
0:10 isn't that the guy from Wizards of Waverley place?
Khue Lor
Pretty sure Littlefinger wouldnt be able to control himself if he knew there were 2 Sansas
Kate Honey Paige Allonar
It's nearing 12 midnight, all the lights are off and the neighbour's dogs are howling like lovesick werewolves and I'm all alone. All alone. In my room. In the dark. And watching this trailer. Great. Just great. And I thought this will turn out to be a normal teenage-girl-with-a-camera story. Turns out I'm wrong. Oh well, gotta turn on the lights.
LOL 1:17 Petyr Baelish :D
Sansa u ok?
Anna Kl
You can tell nothing in the horror genre scares you anymore when your phone gets an unexpected flash flood warning while you're home alone watching a horror movie trailer.
Abigail Bodenham
I'm reading this book right now, didn't even know it had a film
Jacob Hansen
If Sansa wanted to show boob she could have done it on Game of Thrones!
Alejandro S
WHAT song is this?
It's like all the trailers nowadays show the plot already to be easily predictable because the trailers are so long.
It's her shadow that is taking over her own life. Hello. Is somebody there? Is anyone here today? I can see you are not there?
Melanie Vasquez
I bet I'm not the only one who wasn't expecting this to be scary
Soulkey sbr
Let me guess: it's one of those movies where it turns out the protagonist and her doppelganger are actually the same person and she was hallucinating the whole time?
I'll let the other me watch this.
2 Sophie Turners? Can i get one please?
plot twist, its the parent trap pt2
Taekook Trash
pause at thing everrrr..his smile😍😍😍
Instagram people are dead.
psy dark
sansa go back to game of thrones !
Freyja Njordsdottir
Run Sansa, run!
franco mayer
Well it seems like a mental/spiritual double personality or something, actually looks interesting.
Aizea Arroyo
Ok I was going to watch this cause I thought that this was a romantic movie. BUT NO, IT ISN'T
Raj Kothari
love love love love
Crimson Glass
this reminds me so much of life is strange game
Ian Marie
Amelia?.... Amelia Pond?.....
Can't wait for Sansa to go into porn
This looks like a story about a girl's doppleganger.
Golden Sone
I thought this is chickflick
Tick-Tack girl
l saw a japaneese movie once. where people will have their other selfes, l think they were called shadow people. (it was a while ago when l saw it) They would be the oppisets. and if they killed them than they can take over their lives, unless they are unable then they slowly dissaopaire. well the movie is based around this girl who is mean, depressed and sucidale. where her other half is the sweetest kindest girl. in order to live she must kill the other girl but cant. l want to find it and watch it again. This kinda reminds me of it.
Human Effigy
Came for Sansa Stark.
Hanzo akuma ninja
like this movie
Shin Tuxedo
what's Ramsey Bolton doing here min 1:31
the trailer was too predictable, is the movie like that too?
Su Sister
She would make very handsome guy (i cant stop seeing it T_T)
Charie Potter
This is literally creepy and scary
Well this looks like its been done before a million times....
King Gooch The Troll King
SPOILER ALERT: This movie is the prelude to X-MEN: THE DARK PHOENIX. Sophie Turner is turning into the Dark Pheonix. Hence, she is witnessing her future. *if only...* or is it?
Ichigo Yume
This is based off of the book by Catherine McPhail, I met her at a book signing and bought her book Grass. A great read, would highly recommend her!
The plot is ripped off from A Twilight Zone episode ("Mirror Image"), which is probably ripped off from William Wilson (an Edgar Allen Poe story), which is probably ripped off from an even older story. Yay Hollywood originality...
Winter is here!
Olivia and Sadbh siviathegreatest
The girl: runs away and is kinda haunted and crazy after seeing her "clone" . Me: "can we be friends so you don't scare me" (me talking to evil clone girl thing.😁😬😬😅😅😐😑😐😥😥😰😂😬