Daddy/Daughter Dance to "Can't Stop The Feeling!" @jtimberlake #JTSXMContest

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Me and my 6 year old dancing to Justin Timberlake's newest song called "Can't Stop The Feeling!" I have a feeling this will be the song of the summer. We do not own the rights to this song, we just enjoy dancing to it! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe!! To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

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This is the absolute best, sweetest father daughter video ever. I hope you two do this as the father/daughter dance someday at her wedding!
Thanks for all the nice comments guys! We were actually invited to participate in a Daddy/Daughter Dance-Off on The Today Show this past week against 2 other viral duos. They ended up giving all of us the winning prizes and extending our stay in New York for the rest of the week. Incredible experience. Thanks again for all of the comments/shares!
Eleventy Won
To everyone that voted this down: I hope your life improves and you can find happiness somehow.
Claudia Garza
Has anyone mentioned how wonderful it would be to see them do this again at her wedding? <3
Linda Lou
Oh wait --- forgot to mention DAD'S PANTS ARE SLAMMING !!
Aeris Loves Why Dont We
you seem like a nice dad to her I bet your daughter thinks ur the best dad ever!!!!
David Thaler
1:01 and 1:40....Daddy's got some MOVES......
Shelley Ashurst
This is just SO cute. What an awesome dad :)
Brittany Rocket
Also dad, these videos and memories will be SUPER important to her one day. Even when she hits her annoying teen phase. My mom passed 6 months ago and every memory I have of us having fun is worth more than any diamonds.
Tracey Burris
This is a memory that she will cherish for life
Gabriel Lee
Your daughter is so cute
CaT Morgan
your foot work was really good yall are good dancers
The pink plaid pants make it. Thx for raising a strong confident girl by spending daddy time with her.
(Mom leaves for vacation. The whole family cries and hugs.) (10 minutes later, this video)
Scott M
Someone shared this on Facebook early this morning. I was lucky enough to see it and it made my entire day. NEVER STOP DANCING!
It's Lau
This is definitely me when I become a dad someday haha #DadGoals
Lohengrin O
the dad dances so well...
Megan A.
omg this is adorable
Mary McVicker
What is with the 59 people who did thumbs down??? Really? They need to get a life! This brought tears to my eyes it is so precious...way to go Dad! Absolutely made my day!
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Deb Perkins
I watch this at least 3 times a day LOL. I love it. Great to see Daddy, Daughter time. You both are GREAT
Tracey Burris
So cute guys, daughter and dad got some moves. I like how dad let daughter have the floor by herself sometimes. Love it.
Congrats! Saw you on TV! Great job!
Peter Diaz
that was awesome dad!!!
Poppy Samson
Mum leaves to meet friends Little girl is dancing to the song in the kitchen Dad : what are u doing Little girl : trying to make a music video Dad : great I will get the camera
Miss Sunshine ,
Super cute why hasn't this been on Ellen
Nicole Stybnarova
# cutest thing ever
due dud
Awesome the 2 of you love daddy and daughter xx
Intense Gamer
I love this I am watching this 20 times a day
Bethany R.
Awwwwww this is soooooooooo cute!!!!! :)
Viral for all the right reasons
Way too cute. Couldn't stop smiling.
moongirl shining
So cute. I wish my father danced with me.
garand bohn
That is one great dad. I love this song love the pink pants. This is what its all about for dads and their daughters
Yesenia Quintanilla
that is sooo!! cute 😛😛😛😛😛
The best part of this video are Those pants, like DAAAAAAM
MarleyMae Mable
Diana`s Dope
lol this was sooo adorable
Can't believe I haven't seen this...anyway this warmed my heart and totally made my day 🤗😁😍😄 you and your daughter are too adorable 👍👌💖
Issam Khafif
That is soo American all you need is a : Camera Cute dance moves Youtube channel et VOILAA
Timahnee Allen
So CUTE! I'm going to!
Pondo Sinatra
This really made me smile. You guys are great dancers.
Jeb Johnson
I love seeing that he spends quality time with his daughter that she will always remember it's absolutely wonderful you are a great dad
Laurette Abeli
I like the dance
kimm crumley
Rob Booker
I love this...
Duncan Reid
how could someone not like this?
Sammi Sweetheart
Very refreshing to watch dads spend time with their children! Props dad!
Sigh *unzip* Whew that was hot, cuz they were on fire!
lashawna banks
I just love this
Tommy Tillery
This daughter will always remember this. I did something like this with my daughter when she was a little older and we both remember.
izzy & gloria
My dad could never rock those pants...😁😂
best daddy ever xD....
jeffery houseworth
this is a way for dad and daughter to bond over music
Lps Fan
That is so cute love it
Rachel Wise
SO adorable! Reminds me of all the happy times with my Dad as a little girl! ♥
Melanie Griffin
Great job Dad!! Every little girl should have a daddy like you!!! That is a beautiful memory she will never forget!! Y'all ROCK!!!!
cuteness meter just overloaded this act should be put on a Superbowl commercial, or something similar
I usually can't stand these type of videos, but this is very cute!! made me smile :) dad's a great dancer! this would be a great way for single dad's to score dates btw!!!
Silk Thai
awesome vid !
-Maude YTB-
Méga Cute !
-DopeDog- Wilson
That was amazing you guys are going to be on Broadway
Matt Meddaugh
so cute i could watch you guys dance all day
soon, u guys will be on ellen. and you might meet JT. Just saying.
Emma Hedley
Aww this put a huge smile on my face!
Lucia Paduto
Well done dad! You're an inspiration and your little girl is adorable! You made my whole day with this :) P.S.  Love your pants!
Sophia Lyn
They should of been in the music vid!
Eddie N
Parenting done right. Happy kids are the key to happy world future.
Steve Gray
The worst thing about this is that she can already dance so much better than me.
Luca Panna
I feel good
Lima Bean
O.....M.....G.. there so cute!!!
Kerrie Druen
I L❤️ve all your videos!!!!! I wish all daddy's spent quality time with their baby girls like this! What app do you use to make these fab videos?
Alpha Magus
I love this.
Amie Cartwright
Love this I want to dance xx
beautiful ..
Dixy Chick
Watching you guys was amazing , Ur brilliant and it's great to see a dad and daughter so close , she's obviously Avery happy child and in years to come and she watchesthis she will have nothing but great memories of you guys ,best of luck in everything u do together absolutely brilliant ,keep dancing keep the happiness going, too x
How precious! Justin Timberlake tweeted your video. :) My 10 month old daughter went to her first music/puppet class with her dad today. Hoping they have a bond like you and your lil one. :)
Dianne Me
R.KTamil Ajith
i can see that,you really enjoy the song..
Colleen Johnson
If that sweet girl gets married someday they should totally redo this dance for their father and daughter dance!!!!!
la niña es una belleza pero el papa baila realmente muy bien
Came for the dancing, stayed for the pants.
Bill Blythe
This was one of the coolest and cutest "feel good" things I have seen in a long time. With nothing but bad or negative things posted everywhere, it was refreshing to watch this over and over again. This will now be MY daily dose of Feel-Good and thanks so much for making and posting this.....
Icarus Pyrrhos
This is the cutest video ever!
Jerome Lytle
That was to cute DAD-you were just having to much fun That’s the way life should be Be happy
idk who
Annette Murray
so buetful ......this should be their wedding dance ...go dad so innocent
Metallic Toast
Hi I love this it is so cute and ppl pls don't think im a boy im just using my brothers account. But I loved this vid #CUTEST THING EVER
-Kayla Bug-
this is so adorable! and their such great dancers! I LOVE IT great Job guys! 😉👍💟
Versiah Wynn
this is sooooo cute❤️❤️❤️
Janette Downie
Fantastic..what a lovely video, and what a wee star...x
One of the Best Vidieos on Youtube
Belle R
a real dad..may all dads be like this..true love to daughter
Steph Parry
Any bad day just disappears after watching this video - so cute!
your local trashcan full of idek what
SKILLS ARE 10/10 Love this ❤❤
This will be me and my daughter in 24 years
Tati Cintron
This how dads and daughters be when mom sleeping
Donna Gail
Dad's got some moves! Great video! So cute!