System Of A Down - Toxicity live PinkPop 2017 [HD | 60 fps]

System Of A Down performing Toxicity live at Pinkpop festival 2017, Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands, (6/5/17) Taken from System Of A Down's European tour 2017 60 fps High Definition HD / High quality HQ Audio / Video

*System Of A Down* in *2017* !! *Full Pinkpop 2017* —➤ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *F A C E B O O K* ► and *T W I T T E R* ►
febri ryan13
They're getting so old. But still great.
3:13 SUGAR, WTF?
I feel terrible for Serj his voice can't keep up with the intensity of the music but he's a true hero for continuing to step up and preform anyways. People seem to forget these guys are getting old and aren't as fresh and fit as they were 15 years ago.
They call Me RAIN
I'm dreaming about a new album
simon mendoza
3:17 My grandmother
Πρώτο σχόλιο στα ελληνικά :P
IceS _111
rip serj's voice :'(
Rick Grimes S5
Serj dude..
adagwd :x
the best unoffical soad channel
Christian Gozo
Daron got way better
Dominic Onate
Why does Daron have a southern accent.
Testosterone is not as strong in this one as the 2002 live version
0:18 slipknot t shirt wtf
Amazing. I always loved Toxicity. Love this performance.
Painted Bagels
0:20 ........sigh that one guy that wears a slipknot shirt to a soad comcert
Jonas Haustein
Wtf is serj doing with his hands the whole time?
Vikram Panesar
Amazing guitar performance by daron🤘🏽
Super Meteor
Is am the only one who feels something bad these guys are day by day getting old!! I want to see them in their 20's
DDevil Sako
Poor Serj.
creeper de minecraft
primer comentario en español :"v
_ᴅᴀʀᴋ 漢
Primeiro comentário em português *-*
Simon Cappe
Serj sims to have a bad voice but irl it's way better
Vic Landa
Why does Serj sound like squidward
If gods are real, then the gods are system of a down.
bernard woodson
He just doesn’t have it anymore 😢
the night falls on your eyes
re borracho el que escribio los carteles...sugar le puso XD
Italy Santa
Christ he doesn't put any energy into the singing
Angus Young 100% Real No Fake
Segundo comentario en español :v
Erster Kommentar in Deutsch 🙃🙌
A squirrel
The beginning actually sounds good
Kwazy Child
Some people say serj has lost his lost his voice, but I say it's just an adaptation
Joaquín Dastugue
Tercer comentario en español, y primer comentario de argentino. (?)
Serj's voice is not the same of 2001 but they still been the bests
The Gitarro
So great I Love the voice of serj
Ronny sln
Nossa o cantor parece robot já está velho q pena poxa
This is a sad video. The drums sound absolutely shit to eternity and back and it is really sad and unfortunate to hear Serj's Voice like that...Probably one thing that I'm never gonna see live in my life... All the best, youre the best!
Emmett o
I have a dream that the people who make these videos for festivals put the right name they never do
CriZtiaN *_*
Ya ni fuerzas tiene para caminar :'v Pero lo sigo amando haja xd
Koufantonis 7
2ο σχολιο στα Ελληνικα 😢
Abu Yazid
Old but gold. Getting old make serj look more charismatic.
Alakh The Bassist
serj is getting bad day by day .. n rest of em just keep getting better i still like serj
Luis Saavedra
Con suerte se escucha la voz :( quizás en vivo fue distinto lo más grande System
Тчв Олащ
Уже старенький но всё такой же горячий трек
Gonzalo Ramos
No entiendo su vos al cantar suena mucho más suave. Serán de tantos años de exforsar la vos . Que ya no lo puede hacer ?
TauroThePro Taurito
0:01 beautiful girl <3 <3
Planctonn Jacob
0:19 A traitor!!
Royer Ecos
0:01 Omg <3 _ <3
Billy Adam
Ma bro wear slipknot t-shirt 😅 \m/ ...
gustavo müller
Estar en la primera fila y ponerse protectores para los oídos para SOAD me parece una total basofia.
😂😂 0:19 slipknot
Xavier Daly
Serj just doesnt have the same voice anymore :/
XTreme BBX
When you see a guy whit Slipknot T-SHIRT in System of a Down :v
Lucas Johnson
the traitor (0:19) actually seems to be having a good time, like he's unaware he's wearing a slipknot shirt.
Karlisson Alves
ele é muito paradão kkkkk
Lexo Kimara
Oh no... what happend to his voice?(((
Isaac Moraes
Maior pena o que aconteceu com a voz dele.
Its Arielzz
Serj doesnt have the energy as before well this is dissapointing
0:33 Scars on Broadway (S.O.B.)
YnD Games
it's like you are listening on winamp with karaoke equalizer setting...and the 60 fps on concert is just....weird...
Miguel Martinez
Sweet mother of god that pit was just epic
Danny Mendoza
this song is a fucking classic!! love system!!!
Hendryk Zunkel
Also der Live Sound hier auf Youtube ist so schrecklich für so eine große Band. Serj singt auch wirklich schlecht. Ich mag ihre Alben aber was jüngst von System live präsentiert wird ist nicht der Knaller.
Crowd is getting worse every year.
0:01 ¿Harley Queen?
pidot che ismail
Seeing people bashing serj kinda hurts. He's just gotten old that's all
soldiers are murderers
Serj's voice was too low.
I know there older, but where's the energy? They need to hit the gym so the concert can be Mkre exciting
Joana D'arc D'arc
Serj, tua voz não é mais a mesma mas a amo e me emociona toda vez que a escuto!
Apla to kalitero soad kanali kai ine kai apo ellada! makari na erthun kai edw na trelathume
Alloy Misaki
why i can't heard the bass sound? including drum kick HD video but low quality of sound?
Squidward of a down
Guilherme Merib
margot robbie is you? 00:02 sec
miguel conde
just like the old times performance!!!
That was using slipnok t-shirt xdxdxd
Thiago Moraes
This band gained my respect over the years,very unique sound and message..Hope they continue doing music for many years to come!!
Lucio Acuña
el tono de voz empleado por serj es muy distante a la vigorosa y vociferante voz furiosa empleada en toxicity, talvez ya no se puede permitir elevar la voz hasta ese punto, cosa que sin duda era algo que destacar sobre la banda. Solo esperemos que esa voz siga. saludos
Adriano Souza
minha banda predileta!!!
TheChrisJa 19
Hay españoles aquí? :v
ชนะศักดิ์ นิหะ
L Ra
Армяне в годах как хорошее вино. Музыканты высочайшего качества, вдохновленный вокал. СОАД, спасибо за то что ты есть!
LifeIsHope 1
i remember the first time i heard toxicity in my living room with my brothers back in the good old days.. i was so high i shed tears
Legend bro
K4rthik 5789
For a man of his age, those vocals are absolutely stunning
Orion Assassin
he sounds better in this song than in chop suey same year
Th3 Mlg Us3r No Hacks
3:24 This moments make the life worth.
Amazing Video with Amazing sound !! Love me some Toxicity!
0liver _
Respect to Serj!
tropic nicke
WTF happend to serj's voice!!?? i know that he is old but c'mon???!!!!
0:02 so cute
Griffin Cox
I like serj better now. Not into the screaming
sang pendosa
Daron malakian Is good 👍👍
Robin Miguel
Impossible to stay still in minute 3:00 lml
Михайло Ведмідь
clean voc and one gtr sucks? Why not scream? Why 1 gtr?
Youtube Professer
RIP the yelling (╯︵╰,)
Mariko San
Serj Tankian is God
Daron is too good for serj anyway
TheGuy OnTheRadio
Sound guy needs to be fired...Levels are junk