Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers 90-93: final minutes | game 5 | eastern finals 2014

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Pacers stayed alive, winning a thrilling game 5, with 3 points flying towards the end of the game. Paul George had an extremely dominant 4th quarter, scoring 21 of his 37 points there. Chris Bosh led the Heat with 20, but missed the potential gamewinner in the end. Miami Heat - Indiana PAcers 90-93.

Vilis Kuskevics
Good ol days when playoff games were this exciting
Chris 12
The time when the pacers were actually good
3:22 looks familiar isn't it? GSW fans?
Nick Meyer
I remember this game. I miss how the pacers were this good. They real for real..
watching this make me miss pg
Aaron Devlin
The pacers were decent , the heat and Pacers series is like Colts and Patriots
William Church
the series between the Miami heat and the pacers in 2013 and 2014 were classic. just great games.
Lost Gaming
I hate it when they put the final score in the name.
pogi lang
"blocked by james"
Ali escheik
3:20 hibbert tried to help Stephenson up and he didn't want his help 😂😂😂
Vinny Paz
I'll never understand why LeBron kicked it out to Bosh for a three when they were only down two and he was already in the paint.
Ildelbram Mateo
Back when the east was competitive
Mackenzie Kerridge
2:23 this was the Pacers season in a nutshell.... Roy Hibbert being a sack of sh!t and Paul George being phenomenal. He calls for the ball, gets it poked away and just gives up on dribbling mid-post up, resulting in nothing. Lol
It's amazing the Pacers even made it a 6 game series; their offense was god-awful for the entire 2nd half of the season
always consider PG as a better version of T-mac
Ji Li
just as usual, you can not find Lebron in final 2 mins
Freindle Jade
Paul George is super star in the making here
also featured in this video is the rarely-seen Rashard Lewis vs. Paul George 3-point shootout
Oh god what happened to the Pacers
Back when 3-1 leads weren't blown
Thakka Flocka
And they say George ain't clutch
Goshindo Tanaka
last play lebron could it tie the game why pass bad move
Symbiote 76
The Pacers is one of the Contender Team but because of vogel the players separate ways...
Coming up with names is hard
Back when I hated the PG and the pacers
Ph Stories 666 Channel
I love this..This is the real fight of the old😭😭😭
NBA Fastbreak
Where’s the clear path foul on West!?! Wtf refs?
Christian Bruce
It's good!!! So and so from downtown
2:37 damn it feels good to be a gangsta
Back when paul george was good
to think that Paul George, George Hill, Lance Stephenson, and Roy Hibbert beat that Heat team more than any other team did.
Akira Sendoh
Why bosh? let lewis to three pointer he is best
Dark Side
Back when nba was exiting but the snake destroyed everything
Stewart Bowers
@8:07 did they take into account that they might be Heat fans? Mark Jackson and Van Gundy are one of the worst announcing duos ever.
Samuel Murdock
R.I.P Rushal Butler you can see him putting his hands over his head at 1:43
Larry Gad0n
Back when Eastern and Western Conference Playoffs are exciting to watch
Nathaniel Anol
James has a chance to tie the game but he pass to boss..
that wasn't a foul on Chris Bosh lol
Consistent Inconsistency
Damn, they did Battier dirty. Not a Heat fan, but those 2 Free Throws in the end were clearly a bad call.
This game was fixed for Indiana to win
the review kills so much flow
Still Breathing
back when LeBron was with Heat ( "wades team")
Creatorszz !
Chris bosh at 7:24 im dead 💀
Qwerty Phones
PG prime
Joed Basilio
so youre telling me that all the shots that george made are not clutch shots?
Jose David Chavez
Battier lewis excelemtes jugadores
King Beaner 23
All they needed was another great scorer to take some weight off Pg.
My old buddy “George Paul”🤡
Niko Arlo Valenzuela
Lebron didn't take the last shot
Shadow Ambush
Does nobody know how to pump fake or something?
Moises John Barien
I liked Paul George better before he got the leg injury
Rk Crosio
I’m a LeBron fan and absolutley was a Miami fan at that moment. But that Pacer was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 i think this Pacer team could kill this GSW present team.
Muh. Yudha Arysansyah Putra
Muh. Yudha Arysansyah Putra
they made this game look like a crazy ass game its not like the heats where up 3-1😭 but i miss thse old finals these were the days when nba was fun to watch🤦🏽‍♂️
Demetris Kalambokis
1:18 1:25 Back to back refs
Ryan Hilgenfeldt
Back when Paul George has next 😤😤
Sherman Ng
The Pacers always make LeBron work for it, damn... 😶 LeBron vs PG has been so fun to watch
Jorge Suarez
el hoyo del diablo
Carlos Rocha
Pacers one of the greatest underdogs
Kiddiejosh Kiddieparty
Paul george is very good player. Injury ruin his career
07:25 raptor mode
Sam Un
lebron choking the whole game LOL
Julz Valenzuela
mud fucK
i miss this Pacers line up👌
Brady Campbell
man, i miss the paul george pacer days
It looks like they don’t know how to execute a play at the beginning with 5guys beyond the arc
George Hill is so overrated
Simon Medenilla
Bron was so tentative in crunch time
Aezz Gaming
I miss pg...
Steve Pineda
Lmaooooo Lebron James once again getting carried by his all star teammates in the clutch
Instrumentalists Jade
And game 6, the referees favored the heat we knew it..
26 flow
And the heat faces the San Antonio spurs, but.. I'm thinking if, the pacers won and face against the spurs at that time. 🤔
forgot Rashad Lewis was in the NBA lmao
Dont Judge This Name
3:20 lol stephenson
Jonathan Elliott
West was the leader on the Pacers in that era. Once he left, there wasn’t really one. PG was supposed to be but too immature in my opinion. They might be trending upward now after these 2018 Playoffs.
ya mom said I could
Good damn game
JL Penn
I miss PG24!
Steffan Wilson
That block from James was clutcher than you think.
C Gehlbach9
Let’s go pacers
Craftzy Gaming
When the pacers won, lebron was the first one out 😂
Lakerfansince July 1,2018
So George hill is a natural born choker huh
Cielito Niel Ramos
Back when King James is always afraid to take winning shots. And after he learned it, he's so damn good in it..
AJ Hollins
Richard Lewis was such a valid shooter
YhejRhaan Gaming
pass to bosh XD
Tommi GT
Lmao at the end why would u give it to Bosh for a contested 3 if ur Lebron. Just finish the layup u were alrdy under the basket.
Peter Santiago
I miss Chris Bosh! I hope he can still play again in the NBA
Hifhrubjo Fkkbio
Paul george vs miami heat
Henry Corey
one of the most underrated rivalries of all time
ABC Graal
lmao lebron cant score he needs some bum to score
Joshua Cezere
Miss these days so much
Jean Carlos Rodriguez
Paul George sucks
King Alex
These are the moments, up 3-1 not much to lose LeBron should’ve just stepped back and shot a 3 at the end of the game. He makes it he gets a lot, he misses not much to lose.
Jon Tokad
I was at this game: the last game at home where the pacers were good
Ivan Varga
Notice how when the ref calls PG "an excellent FT shooter" he instantly misses his FT.
Gosia Galus
Pacers is very good team this year
Jrod Sicat
I didnt feel Lebron in this clutch moments. This should be the time where a great player rises.
C Howard
A BIG smile by Bosh on the other end 'cause that shot was pure BS.