Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes

Yo everyone! I know it's been FOREVER since I've uploaded a new Youtube video, I've just been EXTREMELY busy on tour and on the road! But I'm FINALLY back with a new video! Here's a remix/cover to Chris Brown's CRAZY hit single "Look At Me Now" featuring Lil' Wayne and Busta Rhymes! But not only am I rappping on this, I have the AMAZING Luke Holland KILLING the drums over the instrumental! This kid is SICK! And he's only 17! Show him some love and go subscribe to his channel! "Anth - Look At Me Now" Check out my homie Luke Holland at: /> Anth's Links: /> /> Luke Holland's Links: /> /> LYRICS: Yellow model chick, yellow bottle sippin' Yellow lambogini, yellow top missin' Yeah, yeah, that ish look like a toupe I get what you get in 10 years, in 2 days Ladies love me, I'm on my cool K If you get what I get, what would you say She wax it all off, Mr. Miyagi And them suicide doors, are Ekari CHORUS Look at me now, look at me now, I'm getting paper Look at me now, look at me now, fresh then a mother-wha VERSE TWO Comin' back wrong mail Bringing more change then a wishing well Anth got bars like prison cells And half you cats ain't getting bail One of the best, well couldn't you tell Running laps on the paper tril I'm all that, yeah, Kenan & Kel All I do is rap, and I do it well I'm done.... (CHORUS) VERSE TWO I just don't give a damn cus I am who I am And I'm always gonnna have the upper hand Been through a lot? Man I've been through it too But you still could never do the things I do So what it do boo, I'm the talk of the town Let's have sex till we lose a few pounds Wow, look at me Other emcees tryna bite the style But they can't damn, who are you.... Oh wait, I'm on fire like your bday cake I'm great like the 5 lakes in the mid-west states Sleepinng on me? Now it's time to awake Sleepinng on me? Now it's time to awake When it comes to getting girls, there ain't nothing you can tell me If sex really sells, well then consider me wealthy I do this by lonely, you ain't scaring me homie I'm the type to play hockey with Jason Vorhees as the goalie Spit it, rip it up, never give it up Anerexitc middle finger, gurantee i throw up Money on my mind, got honeys in line Every fine dime be loving rhymes One of a kind in my vicinity Giggity giggity, no better lyrically Even the deaf be loving my sound Even the blind will look at me now (CHORUS) VERSE THEEE See I just came to hello, the name is Anthony Melo Hotter then a kitchen kettle, such an interesting fellow I stand, never fall Run laps on tracks, while you jog I rap only cus my momma said get a job So I did, I'm about my biz Thank Hip-Hop for how I live Jesus piece around neck and wrist I'm feeling so blessed for all of this I'm all solo with no dough No, slow mo, gotta show, with a pro flow Wanna diss me? oh who, that's a no no Murder any foe, from they head to the low toes I know, you know, let's go Toe toe or blow for blow I'll be damn if I let another steal the show, so... (CHORUS)

Samantha Phaly
The drummer thoe!
I was more amazed at the drummer. haha
Jason vorhees line is pretty good. Holland tearing it up like usual!
still one of your best covers!
Kevin Schmitz Music
Dope cover guys!!!
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Es H
Teehee ♡
Austin B.
Your pretty good but drummer was beast
Becki Malik
Kelly White
Where is the love button? This is amazing.
Lauren D
ANTH! I met you... as you can see by my pictures... You are the most kindest person ever, this cover is literally amazing! Love you Anth #Anthem
Sose Hovsepyan
Good one )))
Please make another cover with Luke!
Soulless Doctor
I love how people talk crap in the comments. Either say something good or click to something different. I pisses me off man. Anyways great work on this Anth. Hope Luke Holland continues onwards
Jooeun Song
u r sick! i love ur laugh.
Eric Ver Linden
You suck.
Amazing Drummer And Amazing Rapper. PERFECT Video.
Gage Perrine
Luke Holland is my hero!!!! Keep killing it!!! Can't wait to see the word alive again.
Carni V
That was sick AF.
that's the best drummer i've ever senn Ô.O *-* ♥♥
Horst Monika
The Drummer LIKE A BOSS *_*
jenry hernadez
That Drummer :O wahahah .. amazing cover
I was like o_o the whole video.. The drummer is amazing!!!!
Aphid LP
COOP3RDRUMM3R is best!
D Timberlake
This is sick xD
Serena Zghoul
256 can't see you now:/
Josh Crandlemire
Anth, you're my hero
Hanno Munzig
look at me now :). Der hats voll drauf
Carys Lynne Edwards
Whaaaat the frick!! Insane!!
David Marques
Luke Holland RULEZ!
Peyton Mommie
tuo zio
i'm not an hater but......where the fuck is busta.....who are you dumbass?
Maryam S
Rianna Yee
deffs subscribed to luke holland cause hes freaking hot and soooo good at the drums. WORD.
toni hulme
omg that drummer is HOT xxxx
roman epp
drummer was beast ! *______*
dayna kearney
Got to be my absolute favorite of yours by farrrr!!!!
Kim M
i dont get why the drummer has his beats on his head listening to nothing o.O altho that aside he is amazing :O
E Oleary
Da drummer str8 killa
Aşkın Marjati
Drummer boy.. damn.. mad skills.
Jeavon Campbell
and they say guys are the sex crazy pigs...
tiara hannah
They killed dhis shit hard core<3
Maryam S
The drummer. OH DAMN<3
holy shit
Mia Connelly
Drummer is hot
Aisha Sulemani
That drummer is fit as fuck x and anth :)xx
Madi Rice
Damn boys. Neither of you would happen to be single.? ;)
Drummer killed
Jackie T
your laughhh >>>> -xoxo Jackie .
Sarah S
Omg... tht was sum sick cover! Omg seriusly, Anth I'm in luv wiv u!!! :D
Angie Elizabeth
god, there both so fukken sexxi.<3
Vanneeda Keowmang
Perfect. Just...perfect.
Jennifer Rodriguez
Damn thiss niggaa got down :D
OMGGGGGGGG ! <3 Perfect!
Gulan H
Love them *-* ♥
S W A G G !!!! BOTH
the rapper is awesome fuck the drummer (not really hes good,but not as good as my boi anthmelo)
Looks like the rapper knows he ain't getting any attention :P Look at ME now :( look at ME now :(
Alix Wilmot
omg that drummer, i cant take my eyes of him, beautiful boy
One word : SWAG
haha i wasnt even paying attention to the rapper... that drummer is so sick
YaJeet Aoi
This drummer is MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D woah!
Katie Cunningham
The drummer is cutttteeeeeee!!
Jennifer Atkinson
Amazing :D
Shelbby Williams
@meggster995 That's cause he is gorgeous and AMAZING!
Anastasia Shecy
Brittney Purdy
WOW I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!
megan cambre
as much as i lik anth's raps i couldnt keep my eyes off the drummerr!
Baba Gibaba
Nice drums :D
Equi Shields
Colin Bazzano
@Kikitozx1 check him out, he goes crazier on other videos!
BOTH fucking amazing, no question there!!
that drummer is luke holand:3
GIGITY GIGITY. haha @2:00
gigigty gigity. ahah @2:02
@DanuBoian who are you calling lame? ANTH?!?!?! maybe i just read this wrong, because Anth is the last thing from lame.
Ryan Roberts
Fucking amazing mate!, (Y) from Carterton OxfordShire!!!!
Lady Sachellein
236 people aint got no views
k mj
i dont even see how you can hate on youtube.... you aint got any view = me "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
andrew lipe
autotune? FAIL
Levi Richardson
@tonyalanhammons fuck up.
courtney buchanan
Dakota Browning
swag bro swag
andrea bravo
shit.....this is actually good!!!!:-) the both of them!!! IMPRESS<3
Anthony Pototzky
teach me to drum like that
I love it how the drummer plays with his sticks *__*
Tony Hammons
@TyRayRae Luke doesn't have a brother.
Where can I buy your Ralph Lauren Beanie? :O
@Inflame090 i don't even see how you can hate on youtube... you ain't even got any views
Man...he's fresher than a mother f***er.
Drummer = SWAGG!
The Drummer is INSANE!!!
Kasem Margi
Damn this drummer is awesome :) And i dont like drummers lol but this guy... Well it look like he now what he is doing. Amd the rapper is great too :)