New Mercedes V-Class & Marco Polo REVIEW Exterior Interior Facelift V-Klasse 2020 - Autogefühl

Subscribe here: />Subscribe to our 2nd channel with shorter reviews: /> In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the New Mercedes V-Class & Marco Polo Facelift. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines. #Mercedes #MercedesVClass #MercedesMarcoPolo 01:10 V-Class AMG-Line 04:30 V-Class Avantgarde/Exclusive 07:41 Interior 17:23 New luxury fold-flat seats 21:37 Marco Polo in-depth look Related videos ►Compare VW T6: />►FULL REVIEWS 2019 Q1 />►FULL REVIEWS 2018 Q4 /> How to support Autogefühl? ►Subscribe, activate notifications (bell symbol) and bookmark our direct channel: />►Support us on Patreon: />►Exclusive supporter: Ajlan Saeed ►Want to contribute translations and subtitles for your language? /> What is Thomas wearing? ► Noah shoes />Autogefühl viewers get a 17 % shoe discount with the following code: Autogefuehl-17 Social Media & Blog ►Facebook: />►Twitter: />►Instagram: />►German Blog: /> Autogefühl is your no. 1 resource for in-depth car reviews and your no. 1 community to discuss cars.” Each year we present you 150 cars from every segment and from a wide range of brands. If you have any suggestion, just write a comment or contact us on our other socials. Even if you have further remarks, just let us know.

Jamie Pickles
Great Video Preview. In the UK I would choose the AMG Line In standard form
Sir ZGM 987654321
Nice one, thanks🚦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇿🇦🇿🇼🇹🇴🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇻🇳
Justin Allen
How does this video already have 14 thumbs down? IT IS NOT A RATING SYSTEM FOR THE CAR GUYS, DON'T GIVE THOMAS A THUMBS DOWN!
Mattias Pawlowicz
A good and informative review, thank you.
Boby radulescu
Thomas the bestttt
Das ist das beste Video zur MOPF 2019! Sehr ausführlich und schöne Bilder, Kompliment!
Wie was ??? immer noch kein Car Play. Wo soll den das Handy hin? keine Qi-Ladefläche. Keine touch display? Willkommen im Jahr 2019
Ahmad Fajrian
Wow.. this car is luxury and awesome
Justin Allen
Big fail by not including the updated interior with the MBUX system. So sad Mercedes.... so sad.
Will this be in the U.S. or Metris only? Great video as always. #1Bondvillan!😀
Und was bitte haben die geändert? Sieht genau gleich aus wie das VFL...
Kurylenko Olga
When I saw you in Marco Polo I thought you were cooking something1:) When you go with this V-CLASS you feel all the pits
Fresh Lemonade
Buying a car in 2019 without Carplay/Android Auto; it will look VERY old in 5 years. T6.1 here I come, even if the MB looks much better.
Recent V-class are quite nice. Would definitely choose a V-class as the practical car after I get a Bentley Continental GT for work and Lamborghini Urus for the weekends.
KripticBRZ *
Also the Mercedes Metris
A V300 or even V350 gasoline model would've been nice... Currently sone of the Asian market is stuck with the powerless V260
any news on price for regular SUV 4 door gle 350-400 model ?
Cars Mond
This is real nice review...
Kershaw Silverado
The US has the Metris which is literal garbage
Mohamed Kour
Such expensive VAN.... But you will just enjoy the experience in it especially with family...... For me i would pick the first one shown in this review but the interior i would pick it in black and dark Brown seats / wood panel
David Chiu
Thomas you so fine, send nudes
Thomas has very long legs and very short upper body. (In ref. to his hight 185 = 6.1")
caleb morrison
An AMG van should not be allowed 😂
Roger Jeck
wish these would come to america. My vw t-4 is nice but the Marco polo is elegant camping or glamping!! love it...
Elvis Brouwer
best car i ever owned... but diesel in 2020? .....i will wait 4 the plugin hybrid
where can I buy this car in Romania or Germany
sule maan
Long Live Germany
What did they change !! nothing
I have the current V250cdi AMG line (2018). I’m struggling to see any major changes. Will they be sending the 4matic in the uk?
Chris Till
I like that Daimler / Mercedes aren’t afraid to be in pretty much every market segment and possibly risk diluting their premium status. BMW do make motorcycles of course, but imagine if they made vans, trucks, buses, a car like the Smart etc. Would be very odd to see at first. But I suppose a Mercedes motorcycle would be equally weird.
The only reviewer who said about the V class...discrimination against tall people! LOL!
r g
How are Mercedes still getting away with that UGLY dash and FUNNY tablet screen?? HOW Ahahahahhaa
still not coming to the US I'm guessing
Tamas Raduly
interior and windows and light are same
Raf Olga
Please the price of this white one, thanks
el plumilla
Joder ... el único español que le gusta?
Yaf Y.
Thank you Thomas you did again a great job! For my company I need a new v-class. This has been a great review to make my final decision
omar rashid
Awesome Video Thomas/Autogefühl team, you guys are number one☝️ I like the new Mercedes V-Class & Marco Polo, it's nice. The new Mercedes V-Class makes sense for airline companies using it to transfer First Class Passengers from Terminal to Air plane or from your home to the Airport🛫💺. The new Marco Polo is a nice motorhome🚐. Keep up the awesome work, Love Autogefühl👍
to expensive and no toilet...better a campervan.
Christer Stattin
is the steeringweel included, or optional.. What a joke
yun chang
Ok how much ?
Mehmet Bakır
perfect for a familty Thank you Thomas.
😂Sporty AMG Van 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Younes Ten
I love this car i want v class
Van Nguyen
Going to check if it available in Australia yet. My kids would love this van and would definitely get it in the AMG line
Great Video, hope it available in US soon, but the taillight seems very similar to Hyundai Palisade, Genesis G90, Kia Telluride.. but still looks great!!
Furious George
Thomas is the sexiest guy on YouTube
that blue is beautiful ...
Holo Yoitsu
Can we buy this in north America?
James Thomas
Nothing has changed,nothing new, old news
john collymore
Hydraulic bonnet struts, Thomas! But expense. A nice e-V-Class 'electric' (when it arrives) will be VERY expensive - more than an e-NV200 Combi, for sure. Kind regards to Holger. Many thanks for your excellent video.
John Sourvinos
Welcome to Autogefühl! Today, we are going to have a look at the Mercedes MP: We'll show you the interior, exterior and the full camping experience in a remote sandy beach! Let's go!
Is it coming to the us?
Realist 1801
I guess v stands for van
Valentin S
Dear Thomas, you should consider to include meat in your diet again. Just once in a while, your body will be thankful.
Danny Britto
Very detailed review of the V Class. :)
Harry Fokker
2019 and he's still holding a microphone.
Artem Semenov
Very nice rewiev!
Bondi Steve
Amazing! Thanks Thomas.
Kino San
Very nice vehicle. I could live out of this.
Tomasz Frelich
Very good review as usual Thomas. Interior is a joke for this price. Nothing has changed as such, no digital cluster, no better entertainment. It has nothing to do with face-lift, at best little makeup.
Sule Bello
Lovely you are okay
John Bingham
I like the way Thomas has improvised to place the microphone on his suit pocket when showing the upper roof and settings. Well done. On the other hand why not use one of those little button microphones so it would be easy for you. i do also like your classic holding mic presentation.
I wish that audi made these
Roses are red My name is Dave This poem makes no sense Microwave
wish these modern vans are available in the US, we have work vans and passenger vans that are suited for business more than family like the v class here
Mehmet Ali Öz
Daniel Orozco
Some things look a bit cheaply made in that model, I don't know if it's worth the money compared to say a Honda Odyssey
Q re interior for the white AMG one - was this the new 'tartufo' nappa leather interior, or the previous version's maroon one? The grey Avantgarde - was it the new 'graphite' grey, or 'selenite'... might be useful to put this details in the video description in the future... thanks!
When we had the van out for a test drive I've noticed that although materials looked OK, when pressed lightly the dash produced cheap sounds - can you advise if that has changed? Eg that when you lightly press the dash (eg with two fingers, just below 'CD player') the dash does not produce any cheap screaking sounds? Funny enough the dash did not produce any sounds during test drive, only when pressed - and you do press it as you click on 'radio', 'media', 'tel' central buttons... I've had an AMG V250 with carbon trim dash... Thanks!
Paul Andriotis
idk im looking to by a V class with 6 passenger seats and plenty of luggage space.....seems this wont help,,
Martin Nguyen
Still don’t have auto start engine button , sad
andrey gorban
Fumani Mkhosanna
When is the all new v class launching not this facelift
justa crlon
Do they sell this in the US?
Timur Danin
check out toyota alphard, its another level of luxury.
Pavel D1
Why is this isn't available in the USA?
Braulio R.
Only Thomas could make vans interesting.
Benjamin Loo
Nice review Thomas, greetings from south east Asia
David Adam
The ottoman 2nd seat is quite rubbish as it does not support the entire length
FTM Graphics
I really can't understand how Mercedes is so stupid in term of camper vans!!! why the hell they don't want to take off their heads from their Asses and listen to real camper costumers VS insisting to use their car mentality in the camping world.. that's why Marco polo never sells!!
Wotan Lars Gabelmann
Animal Skin? Wirklich? Also kein Rindsleder sondern Häute von nicht definierten Kadavern ohne Herkunftsnachweis... Horse warscheinlich ? Ich muss gestehen das mich dass etwas verwirrt und von Mercedes so nicht erwartet habe. Aber wenn die nur eine ominoese "animal skin" anbieten ist der Traum vom Polo ausgeträumt 😉
Would rather drive the good old Transporter T4 with the 2.5-litre 5 cylinder. That thing never gets old.
Dagobert Duck
When I would be rich that would be my driver's car. 😁 But would build in 42" flat tv inside...
peter koblovsky
I will buy marco pollo...when i am 50...14 years to's £60k 14 years i will pay 10%😊👍 Wish me luck...😂
BB hevajra
V class? Same the cheap van
Erich Guenther
The second row and back seats are still crap and do not fold down into the floor. No they don't need to sell this in the United States the AIRSTREAM INTERSTATE which is built on the Mercedes Sprinter Chasis is a LOT nicer and built with better materials. Yes you pay more for quality with the AIRSTREAM but you also get a nice toilet and shower. Additionally there are custom van places that will take a stripped down Metris and apply quality interior construction (better than what Mercedes factory would do, including upgrading the seats). So you can buy in the United States an upgraded Metris or upgraded Sprinter and get a better experience.