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FULL COVER OF BEAT IT (go watch!!): /> LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WANT MORE VIDEOS WITH THE TRUMPET!! Headphone users warning at 7:30 ish, make sure you turn your volume down before that... sorry :D Thank you guys for watching yet another Omegle video!! I went ahead and put in a couple of extra reactions to songs I had already played in the video to add variety to the reactions, and you guys always ask for longer videos! Hope you enjoy! Huge thank you to my good friend Forrest for helping me with the video, be sure to show him some love in the comments down below!! #Piano #Trumpet #Music One-Time Donations: ► PayPal: /> Monthly Reoccurring Donations (WITH REWARDS): ► Patreon: /> Quick Disclaimer about Patreon and One-Time donations: these are ABSOLUTELY optional, and I do NOT need money. The donations will ONLY be spent on equipment for my YouTube channel. Please please please do not feel like you need to donate anything, it is only there for people who want to donate. Thank you :) Social Media: ► Instagram: />► Twitter: />► Facebook: />► Snapchat: "marcusveltri" Places Where I Stream: ► YouNow: />► Twitch: /> My Email (Business Inquiries ONLY): ► [email protected] FREE Online Piano Lesson Videos (Highly suggest checking these guys out, they’ve helped me a lot!):

The Rusty Chain
"where's my phone" *pulls out squirtle* My man!😂
Michael Lemontzis
"just cocaine"....oh fewww I thought it was sugar!
n i c o l e
3:38 was I the only one who though he was a girl at first..?
Rexlog Gaming
I don’t know why but I always feel like the trumpet guy is Marcus’s editor
* finds marcus veltri * * two-three hours later - still watching him * * subs with every device [have another acc for every device ;) ] * wait fck have to study - meh going for some more hours lol
Philip Procaccini
Bubstep is my favorite type of music
Vicmaesto925 0
*Bubstep* Well as you can see ladies and gentlemen, a certain someone has been doing too much cocaine........
Shauna Campbell
Leave a like if you play trumpet
Jazki - CS:GO c;
6:38 that boys said:That's ocean man!
Michael Jackson Is Truly The Best Music Producer Ever When i was a kid i was around 3 the neighbour started playing the music and i danced to the beat until now. Michael jackson will never be forgotten what a great artist to live on the world. Thank you michael jackson! Michael jackson is dancing on heaven right now with your music marcus and the guy with trumpet.
Call me Disappointment
You should go on Americans got talent or something THAT WAS AWESOME as always!
Min Yoongi
They should definitely play the entire Billie jean😍
I love the omegle videos <3 they are so funny! :) great piano, beatboxing and trumpet ;) Thank you for making those videos :)
4:09 Best Part xD
Sarah Gath
That kid with the mask over his mouth was so sweet!!
Felix Stepp
can you please post a full version of lemaitre-closer :) that would be so cool
John semeatu
To the first dude looks like COBY from dude perfect
Can Neuer
can u do full cover of lemaitre Closer?
IWannaBeThugged hd
Can you ease make the full version of lemaitre-closer
Fat Yeet
2:24 xD
Is it just me or was that cover of still dre amazing!? 😮
Daniil Ligai
"Just cocaine man, oh I thought it was something else" - Marcus Veltri 2017
0:48 anyone else think he looks like cory/coby from dude perfect?
Steven Gamer
I liked 2:55
I don’t know if it is just me but the trumpet guy kinda looks like tsm hamliz
Mark Chrishtian P.Mendoza
2:05 cocaine DFAQ
did anyone think the first guy looked like the guy from dude perfect
Dragonhunter 761
This youtuber should start a band
Can Neuer
Can u do a full Cover of Radioactiv?
Manuel Govea
Do more with the trumpet 🎺 person!
The first guy looks like the guy from dude perfect
Will E
Man I hope he found his phone
Convincing Name
kyryl kanalosh
Can we please here the full cover of Lemaitre - Closer? I mean, including your wonderful singing skills. I can imagine: Marcus on the piano, singing, to pre-recorded beatboxing and a trumpet. Perfection.
〖ᗴᗪ〗Clan Official
if this comment reaches like 70 likes you need to go on American idol
My Life is Confusing
_"WhErE's My PhOnE!"_ *realizes hes using it for omegle* me lol
the guy at 2:48 reminds me of L from death note for some reason
Jordyn Gonzalez
Im always being bullied but your videos make me smile and i keep practicing piano all thanks to you
Keri Fort
I just now found out about your channel, and I’m already in love with it. I’ve watched a couple videos and you’re really getting better at editing and stuff like that.I play piano but I don’t think I’ll ever be that good at beatboxing. And I could see your channel getting very big! Good luck!
Ziad Natsheh
Please make a Full Version Video of Bloody Tears Castlevania. Thumbs this up guys and lets make it Happen.
iTz Mohad
5:42 is she having a seizure?
2:15 "Can you sing another sing???" HAHAHAH THAT KILLED ME 😂
flo ho
Whats the end credit song? Thanks!
The person with the name
You should do one with trumpets and singing and frank and zack.please help get this comment to the top so Marcus can see
Francisco Granados
We need to see a full cover of lemaitre closer
I thought air was free until i bought some chips
I hate when people take videos of me
I from Brasil + 1 sub
Z and the boys
Lemaitre closer(improv) was awesome
Armin Hisenaj
i thought there was gonna be a giant battle when piano man met piano child
Naivi Pliego
Still dre is the best song ever
Vicmaesto925 0
Marcus sound like a dying goose at 3:30
Mr.AK45 Tube
Billie Jean is my favourite song
Marcus u encourage me to bbox and play piano and u inspire me. I am really good at bbox now thanks to u man. God bless u and ur fam
Kai Vs Gaming
Can we get a full cover of Billie jean?!?!?
hachiman the Lord of eight banners
Gta 5 wow .... Wasted 🤣
yeah the rumpet guy is back
Sick Trickshots
That radio active was dope plus the guys made it even funnier 😂
Curious Curry
Don't worry it's only cocaine😉
Luke Gamer2
Can you play We are number one but?
Melodica- san
Is that an ordinary omegle or a modded omegle :/
yupox JR
can you do ligh it up???
Jonathan Hernandez
why does the girl at the end of the video look like Meghan fox
Yuri Yurei
ay im tryna find the girl in the thumbnail where she at
Jihun Choi
the first guy looked like the twin from dude perfect
KieselDer 2
Hey thats pretty gooood
Alexandro Gonzalez
4:17 como se llama esta canción How is this song called
shae playz
Squrtle de turtle
Jay Walker
Can you sing another sing
James Cress
Anyone else find it weird with the kid when he says "Where's my phone? Where's my phone?" and he pulled out a squritle
That was awejied man lol
Richard Basmagyan
Lieutenant HugMe
9:09 song plzz
White Wolf 03
"Just Cocaine"
Hồ Nguyên Nguyên Hy
Is the first guy from Dude Perfect?
Adrien Le Joueur
OMG you best
vihan 1423
I love this guy he is the best !!
Kamel Shahin
Guys notice on the video 0:50 in the video looks like Cody from Dude perfect in the face if you noticed guys. :) Thanks ;)
first guy looks like flash
Luck gamer10
David Chrismansyah
2:39 DENZEL from FInal Fantasy Advent Children!!!
"Where's my phone" *Reaches For Squirtle*
Anthony Ryder
thriller, by Michael Jackson please
Does the trumpet guy have any social media or channel
1:50 Is that where pewdiepie got his Vary naice from?
Matthew Kong
Is it just me or is it Marcus look like he got a haircut
Nafaah Mohamed
Hey didnt the first one look like Cory from dp
Is it me or does the first guy look and sound like someone from "Dude Perfect"
Michael Graham
Americas got talent for sure
Nafaah Mohamed
(dude perfect)
Amanda Chapone
3:53 I’m Forrest, Forrest Gump
Daniel Coates
I swear at the start that's a member of dude perfect u know 1 of the twins
Eleazar Calderon
the first guy has the same headphones as mine
KronooZ YT
"Can you sing another sing?" Wut?
i dont think i've ever NOT liked one of your videos :D