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The Rusty Chain
"where's my phone" *pulls out squirtle* My man!😂
n i c o l e
3:38 was I the only one who though he was a girl at first..?
Rexlog Gaming
I don’t know why but I always feel like the trumpet guy is Marcus’s editor
* finds marcus veltri * * two-three hours later - still watching him * * subs with every device [have another acc for every device ;) ] * wait fck have to study - meh going for some more hours lol
Sarah Gath
That kid with the mask over his mouth was so sweet!!
Mike 888
"just cocaine"....oh fewww I thought it was sugar!
6:38 that boys said:That's ocean man!
Katherin Osorio
They should definitely play the entire Billie jean😍
Egg Lasagna
0:48 anyone else think he looks like cory/coby from dude perfect?
Philip Procaccini
Bubstep is my favorite type of music
Shauna Campbell
Leave a like if you play trumpet
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can you please post a full version of lemaitre-closer :) that would be so cool
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Can you ease make the full version of lemaitre-closer
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can u do full cover of lemaitre Closer?
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Do more with the trumpet 🎺 person!
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To the first dude looks like COBY from dude perfect
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2:24 xD
bruh i was dying so hard!! 2:25
Mark Chrishtian P.Mendoza
2:05 cocaine DFAQ
Daniil Ligai
"Just cocaine man, oh I thought it was something else" - Marcus Veltri 2017
Z and the boys
Lemaitre closer(improv) was awesome
Luck gamer10
Call me Disappointment
You should go on Americans got talent or something THAT WAS AWESOME as always!
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Guy: "Just cocaine" Marcus: "Oh ok it's just cocaine I thought it was something else" I died there😂😂
Can Neuer
Can u do a full Cover of Radioactiv?
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thriller, by Michael Jackson please
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Marcus strangely remind me of Shaun Murphy from the T.V show called the Good Doctor ( =__=)hmm....
did anyone think the first guy looked like the guy from dude perfect
Captain Abiron
Who here loves micheal jackson???(i miss his songs)
2:15 "Can you sing another sing???" HAHAHAH THAT KILLED ME 😂
Mello_Fan 101
Dragonhunter 761
This youtuber should start a band
H2NB Productions
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Can you play We are number one but?
Hồ Nguyên Nguyên Hy
Is the first guy from Dude Perfect?
Dude 00:56 Hispanic joe from the flash
〖ᗴᗪ〗Clan Official
if this comment reaches like 70 likes you need to go on American idol
Sandra Estrada
teacher: "What's that in your backpack?" student: "Dont worry its just cocaine."
Marcus please do a full cover on Lemaitre Closer!!! That was so good!
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4:39 Where’s my phone? *Grabs Squirtle*
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*Bubstep* Well as you can see ladies and gentlemen, a certain someone has been doing too much cocaine........
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First guy looked like Cory from dude perfect.
DAMN I am from Germany and this is DOPE AF i will sub you because this is great man :O I Love it <3 Keep it up :)
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Whats the end credit song? Thanks!
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Can we please here the full cover of Lemaitre - Closer? I mean, including your wonderful singing skills. I can imagine: Marcus on the piano, singing, to pre-recorded beatboxing and a trumpet. Perfection.
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Please make a Full Version Video of Bloody Tears Castlevania. Thumbs this up guys and lets make it Happen.
T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶
*how you call it*: Trumpet *how I called it*: Donald Trump #Savage
Jihun Choi
the first guy looked like the twin from dude perfect
evil eye
you are incredible.... I wish I could play like you
Sick Trickshots
That radio active was dope plus the guys made it even funnier 😂
I love the omegle videos <3 they are so funny! :) great piano, beatboxing and trumpet ;) Thank you for making those videos :)
Tracy/Nicholas Woodstock
vYou look like a younger scarce." Me: * on floor dying of laughter *
The first guy looks like that guy from Dude Perfect
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u r the best at this keep it up man!!!! (love ur video's there so good!)
Rbian Rusputra
Hell yah, it's Lemaitre. Their so underrated
The first guy I seen him at kroger
Meme Intelligence
Hopefully I'll meet you in person before you become a Star👍🏽😂
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I just had some things happened that made me feel down, but went straight to your vids and now you brought me out of my funk thank your Marcus!
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normally i don't care about giving thumbs up or down but i love this.. it's so sick! defenetily 👍 from me
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chucky luvs kalae
4:53 AYYY! thank you man!.... *Disconnects* (that was a girl) lmao!
I love Michael Jackson😘 I like Marcus Veltri😊 I hope I could play a piano the same as yours😯
You guys should upload a full cover of Lemaitre - Closer. It sounds amazing!!!
The Radioactive one ;D the most beautiful / Awesome thing i've seen on every beatbox videos
Kledmil Gaming
I'm Starting to Love this Guy. He is so Good! Oh my god I wish I have that talent. Thanks Marcus You made my day Perfect. -From Philippines 😁
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I liked 2:55
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We need to see a full cover of lemaitre closer
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0:01 it looks like one of the twins from DP
Anthony Lampon
when that guy said 'just cocaine' and his reaction to it was priceless 😂😂
The Minecrafting Maniac
I like it when marcus BEATBOPS
the Lemaitre - Closer parts!? It was IS totally lit!! Like it was "speechless"ly amaaaaaaazing!
JT Callison
Omg I love radioactive thank you so much for doing that holy crap
Miguel Perez
marcus you desirve millions of subs bro u r amazing
Rarely happens but I couldn't stop smiling!
Hi Hi
Amazing video dude keep up the amazing work
hey man I'm trying to do a similar thing on omega how did you record their reactions?
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That first person looked like cory and Cody from Dude Perfect
The first guy looks like the guy from dude perfect
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(dude perfect)
"Where's my phone" *Reaches For Squirtle*
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Closer is the best😍
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Man ur really "AWESOME" ...keep it up dude.
1966link Does YouTube
You, MisFire, Frank, Zach, Forrest, Kassie, and Rudi in a band now pls!
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Lemaitre - Closer full cover PLEASEE
Braeden Stumm
trumpet would've sounded 10x more epic if it was up an octave on radioactive, but other than that, GREAT!
ColtonSAVAGE -
hey marcus, I just want to let you know that your music really inspired me to keep exelling in music, I want to thank you for that! love the vids tho, and I'm a trumpet player as well👌
Nothing To See Here
3:32 marcus veltri.exe has been stopped
i dont think i've ever NOT liked one of your videos :D
УоцАгеТгаsh {Кеiх}
love ur vids bro im a huge fan and ur not an faker your not doing this for money you do this for fun and thats what i like bro❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
\\ArasaVoGaming \\
I love to play a Piano, but I don't have​ one :'(
I'm jealous how they all know how to do that....but still happy and inspired by them
Clinton p
marcus come up with a video of symphony 5 Beethoven
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Maan, you're beyond what we call talented.
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