Iron Maiden - Live In Dortmund 1983 (FULL CONCERT)

01. Sanctuary - 00:15 02. The Trooper - 04:48 03. Revelations - 09:00 04. Flight Of Icarus - 15:28 05. 22 Acacia Avenue - 19:03 06. The Number Of The Beast - 25:30 07. Run To The Hills - 31:30 Filmed at Rock and Pop Festival, Dortmund, Destfallenhalle, Germany, 1983. Vocals: Bruce Dickinson Guitars: Dave Murray Guitars: Adrian Smith Bass: Steve Harris Drums: Nicko Mcbrain

Akseli Janhunen
Priest and Maiden at the same show in 1983? This is why we need time machines!
juan Carlos Gonzales Sepulveda
Bruce look like Sarah connors from Terminator
Yon Law
Steve Harris is a beast playing bass, so fuckin great bass played  :o
Konig Corvus
I bought "Piece of Mind" in '84 'cause I liked the cover. It blew my mind, changed my life, still does. Maiden Forever!
Yon Law
Bruce is the best front man i ever see
if the music could cure illnesses, then 80's metal would cure cancer......
look at that crowd going crazy.. these days people would just stand there with their smarthpone in the air >.>
Chris J
Steve Harris has hardly aged a day since '83.
i've been seing a few 80's Maiden shows. Can't believe the number of people saying bruce's voice was bad back then. they must be damn crazy. this is bruce at his very best.
Micah Curtis
Obi Wan
Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, MSG, Leppard... and if my memories didn't fail Ozzy - this 2 days in Dortmund changed the life of many people in Europe forever. Let the Metal flow!
Ann-Marie Costa
I watched this concert as teenager a million times Bruce is the Best!!!!!!
Chris Thumann
Steve Harris' fingers are faster and more precise than any pick bass player I've ever seen.
Anne Marie Berntsen
I was there, it was great
Jordan Kowalski
A lot of people are complaining about Bruce's voice sounding bad and out of breath. Well, I will say this. Dickinson's material is among the hardest to sing out of any genre of music ever. The man had no training whatsoever, and he is able to habitually sing just as high or even higher than most sopranos. With the amount of touring he did at this time, his voice was under a lot of stress and he wasn't given enough time to rest, leading to these out of breath performances.
Mickey Sigrist
Maiden at the top of their game. Such energy and passion on the performance. Golden years!
This still takes me back to 13 years old. The more my parents hated Maiden the more  I loved them!
Gore Elohim
Most of you dont deserve this.
trey man
Always loved that sound that Steve had playing bass. That slappy sound.
Is that a mosh pit in 1983 Deutschland, at a Maiden show? Those dang Germans were ahead of their time
Tiago Coelho
bruce dickinson has such a great performance on stage!!
Bruce is by far one of the greatest metal singers of all time... I love his voice... dio, ozzy, coverdale... I'll take Bruce to start my band every time...
I was just watching Motley Crue live and after the first song I had to come here to listen to someone who can actually sing live lol
Can't believe you people have spent the last 30 years arguing over Paul vs Bruce
LaDy GaGa: “They’re one of the greatest rock bands in history, in my opinion.” She went on, “Some people really don’t know the importance of metal and the scope of it. Those guys were filling stadiums, and they still are. And it’s because of the culture of the music, the poetry that’s so powerful, that whenever the fans come together, they unite in the essence of what Iron Maiden is all about. I always used to say to people, when they would say, ‘Oh, she’s the next Madonna.’ No, I’m the next Iron Maiden.”
Los tiempos en que el público se dedicaba a disfrutar el show y no de grabar todo...
Irlan Tirando Som .
Clássic Heavy Metal, it's amazing show in dourtmond, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Krokus, Michael Schenker Group.
Jesus Guerra
best rendition of 22 acaccia avenue ever! bruce sounded amazing on this one.
saw them back in 84 & 3 times more during the 80´s, the atmosphere & vibe, man...i´m almost cryin...greetings from portugal
Enzo Manco
Iron Maiden and Judas Priest: BEST ROCK OF EVER!!!
The Wyvern Ruiner
I remember back in the day, "Who rocks more, Maiden or Slayer?" We know now, with scientific certainty, It's Maiden.
Neil Mcintosh
Shame how Bruce never gets Dave on his shoulders anymore
Thirty years later still going strong. Love Iron Maiden \_/
Tommy Gforce
Saw Maiden open for Scorpions on Blackout Tour in Chicago to promote # of the Beast...Blew Us All AWAY!!! The Sheer Power, Energy, & Imagery they brought to the stage was LIFE CHANGING!! Up The Irons!
Borussia Dortmund<3
Claudia Engelhardt
Been Eye Witness to Maiden Concerts since 1981. Damn what a fantastic Live Act the were! And still are!! Thank God for Iron Maiden!!!
John Williams
To see Bruce with a guitar just don't look right. He is such an active front man, having the guitar in his hands limited him to his potential and active self.
Lord Inquisitor
The very first metal band I was listening too. I love you guys! 
Rusty Kuntz
What a fn show! And this was the last gig of the World Piece tour, they were dead tired but you would never know by the performance.
Nate Fontana
Best Maiden lineup
Crusty Farts
This version of sanctuary is the best they ever did imo.. even better than the studio version with Paul
Eric Biddle
Saw them around that same year in Hollywood, Florida. The Hollywood Sportatorium. Quiet Riot/Iron Maiden. Great show!
Fabian Gamaiev
ouço desde 1980 ! ....bons tempos
Anders Lindberg
I saw this concert on swedish tv in 1983. I played it loud as hell, I was alone in the house. I really miss the 80s metal.
Holy shit, what a great crowd!
Bruce Dickinson turned Maiden into a world class outfit. They wouldn't have been as big with Di'Anno. My favourite band of all time since hearing Phantom of the Opera on the Lucozade advert on TV. Both singers had their strengths but we shouldn't compare as both are completely different.
Sergio Veloso
Amazing singing from Bruce  ! Such a good bass sound on this video also. Heavy and clear, lots of definition. Nicko was on fire !
Astra Sunshine
Bis heute nix an Elan, Dynamik und Kraft eingebüßt! Echt phänomenal!
Norma Jones
MAIDEN RULES..............PERIOD!!
Is incredible that bucre still having all this energy.
Tim Donavan
omg was nicko mcbrain ever that young?
Antonello Schiano
fantastic Iron Maiden, beautiful concert. Thank you so much, ciao Antonello
Weird seeing Steve without tattoos.
william pieters-denoo
being a guitarplayer who suffered a tbi almost 30 years ago,I have trouble playing the guitar and headbanging at the same moment,that's why I like footage from the early 80's where they didn't bang their heads...
Adrienne Tanner
Thanks for uploading! Scream for me DORTMUND!!! \m/
83' was a hell of a year. Won't ever forget all the shows we went to!
Camila Rubio
Thanks! this concert made my day. 
Biff Bifford
I saw them on this tour! This was a magical era for rock and the second wave of the British Invasion!
Johnnie C
Steve Harris with those wicked Bass hits,, sounds like the Calvary marching in on 100 trojan horses,, MAN THAT DUDE has the fastest fingers ive ever seen, and still can do it to this day :)
Seriously, who downvoted this?©
Bryan Moon
The Live version of Revelations on here is amazing!
Darkice Metal Film
Best Metal Vocal Performance ever________!!!
Fernando Masbra
Iron Maiden.....the best heavy metal band of world!!!! Or sure...the best band of world!!!!
Osick Rumble
UP the Iron! From Russia!
i'm so jealous of those who've been there..
Athoxos(Hammerstrike).Βόρειος Άνεμος.
My favourite band.Iron maiden for ever.Gods of metal.Steve is  genius
Bu Grapthar's Hammer
There was actually a 22 Acacia Ave. in Staten Island NY where I grew up. Every time we passed by it we would yell out the lyrics to the song.
Lars Palmqvist
One of the best Iron Maiden Concert ever!!!
Dawn Zook
A great concert. Went in 83 Baltimore Arena. Damn Im old lol. His voice is incredible, band is excellent, awesome metal! They still sound great all these years later, kickin ass!
80s Rock And Metal
True legends!!!!!!!
Romain Mailly
35 years later and this is still the same line-up on stage ... adding janick gers. Incredible band ...
HSM King Louis Mountbatten-Windsor UK
Ready to Rock?!
Kaze Ryuu
Hearing this concert we can notice how much Bruce's voice has changed over the years.
Chris Sherner
Iron Maiden ROCKS!
Dan Gerouus
I had no idea Bruce ever played guitar for them :O
Tiago Santiago
Se n fosse esses caras n existiria o Master Of Puppets
Frank Bienenstein
Mr.Sound schreibt Gott ist ein DJ !!!
Seriously awesome versions of Revelations and Flight of Icarus. Crazy at 18:07 "touch the sun"!
jonathas pinheiro
Waters in Floyd\../J.P.Jones in Led Zeppelin\.../Roger Glover in Purple\.../J. Entwistle in The Who and the monster,the giant and great bass and anrranged & composed S. Harris in Iron...UP THE IRONS!!! (>.<)....
Darren Buchanan
wish the guitars were louder in the mix.
Pablo GD
Que época gloriosa para la Doncella. Un placer que a más de 30 años de ello, aún sigan dando cátedra. UP THE IRONS.
tom araya
one of their finest and awesome played in front of the roaring crowd....
Best legs in the rock world. Must have been all those fencing lunges.
Shy guru mogwat
Heavy metal of the late seventies and early eighties was the all time peak of rock & roll music, period.
Юрий Потапов
ВЕЩЬ мля!!!
Robin Schalken
Flight Of Icarus, simply greatness!
Alex BF
respect dortmund , even with a 33 years delay :)
Erik Helkimo
This is awesome!! Great performance. I'm proud to say that I have Steve Harris' signature! :D
Ben Cheshire
Whoa Bruce was ON this night. That Revelations was amazing. 
Mike Murphy
My favorite Band of All Time
Jon Huy
I was never a HUGE fan of Maiden, but they did kick ass live!
09:20 Bruce "I look extra bad-ass holding this guitar don't I?" Dickinson.
Jesus Mendez
Un saludo la esposicion a sido sublime, a mi personalmente me ah encantado, gracias caballero abrazos
Brian Kerr
When God made bass guitars, he needed Steve Harris's approval
35 plus years later and they sound the same as they do here in 83. Pretty Amazing.
hell yeah
Mary Ragghianti
adrians lead at the end of acacia and kirk in "sanitarium" are masterpieces ....{splinta 73}
I miss my teen youth of days like these. They were the best and unmatched!
Adam Jaye
So raw and dark. Its lightning in a bottle. Today's metal bands can only wish they can pull something like this off