Hellcats - Marti and Alice's Cheer-off

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Hellcats Aly Michalka Ashley Tisdale Heather Hemmens Robbie Jones

Caitlin Love
why Alice did a toss up scorpion when she know she couldn't pull it of is beyond me
CT Dawg
Aly Michalka is such a hot babe in this show.
Trinn B
I HATE that they canceled this show
Sief X
why this show got canceled, is beyond me..
i love this sooooo much but y do they not have their hair up???
Aly has a great body
Markezah Phillips
MartI know how to cheer. Alice is such a loser.
Aly Michalka is sooooooooooooooo damn cute. She has a baby face. <3
Ho Yuen Mak
Marti was better than Alice
Bene Rayy
Aly Michalka's flips are sooo perfect! Compare Alice's landing at 0:44 to Marti's at 0:51 or the short but almost invisible grace at 1:28 goodness!
Jay Kitad
I miss this show😢
Madison mae
but this was for flyer not best cheerleader.
My Brain Is Jumbled
Love the background song. Pitbull ft. Jump Smokers - Now you see it.
Harry Dickus
Lusting for Aly Michalka....
Kawthar Bakhach
I don't know anything about cheerleading, but why is being carried by a couple of guys and just lifting your leg considered harder/more impressive than doing all those flips and jumps?
time to get hornyyyy
Victoria Gonccalble
It is very exciting to be a leader, especially when you are the captain and open the presentations
shauntell begay
Why is Marty always the only one who wears a skirt in practice instead of shorts?
camille gourvil
is song ?
Angie Sepulveda
You are very cool girls
why did they even cancel this again?!
lucas fuentes
este video es fabuloso
Awh I just love this scene 😍
Em Perkins
what song is being played?
Zairia Lanier
Alice did way better
Juli Anglet
What is the name of the song? Cual es el nombre de la cancion??
chelsie sheppard
Thats ashley tisdale and i didnt even notice
Ciara Kennedy
Alice is better
What is this song ?!
Michaela Downs
I thought that Alice did way better than Marti personally
Noemi Alvarado
i loveeee hellcats😍💘💕❤
Jasmine Miranda
I still whach this show☺
Aaliyah Williams
the right person win
Bryahna Christy
Mery Liaño
whats the name of teh song ??
Melissa Francine
Wait what ?! Why did they cancel this show :O ??? *haven't been aware apparently lol
Maria Alice!
Onde passa isso ai? Ja preocurei na Netflix mas nn encontro
what's up w all the angles ugh it makes the routine so confusing and frustrating to watch
Edy Lorraine
I’m a cheerleader and then not having their hair up bothered me so much😂😂
Jeffrey Everett
Shouldve kept this show on longer😥😥😥
galen stone
bad editing. you can see its totally faked.
Alexis Rice
Mina Riley
Love love love
Mabel Pines
Cheerleaders are so dramatic smh glad we don‘t have them in my country
Dâíí Péréz
Vamos Hellcats Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Juanita Chambers
she is one of the most horrible people ... she's a threat she hacked my video that is not her # 26 in the purple stop liking famous people
Samantha Estep
what song is this to
Ilaria Sprecacenere
Song? lol
Elo Morelo
Hani Gomez
Jajajja pobre Castaña por creida
Chanel Coco
I want Aly’s abs so bad :’( her whole body is so amazing
Aly Michalka is smoking
Ksenya Buchnevich
что за музыка?
Kat G
I think they stopped looking young enough to play the school age parts, but there is just many instances you can involve cheerleading in or around the cheers, kinda got played out
Would have been more interesting if the other girl had achieved the toss up scorpion.
Sanayah Grant
Who do u think won
Israel Gm
alguien me podria decir como se llama la musica   ,,,,,chevere el video
Ally Wakeham
I miss this show so much you should all check out hit the floor though sooo good 
Stephanie DLA
You're very welcome
Stephanie DLA
Honorebel ft Pitbull & Jump smokers - Now you see it
Haszilifah Hasmizan
Which one I'd
Haszilifah Hasmizan
Wow...that was a good cheer-off:)
Walter Schivo
Marti was the 'Ice Princess' at times.
ribble simpkin
i love the B.iT. girl. Go watch Easy A to find out what i mean...so hot!!
shinelle alexander
i love it
This show was good, but Devil Girls is way better.
Tav bl
this isn't a movie it is a serie named hellcats
elenh vranikoy
the name of the song please
nick harem
shake on me by pitbull
Tom Lu
Honorebel - now you see it
elenh vranikoy
the name of this song plz
analinda orlickas
the hot dance
Валери Эйбромсон
what is song?????
No its pretty easy...
this song>>>
carli Langford
i miss the show
Salma A.
I think aly is doing her own stunts
Shelsy B
Why did the show canceled
Mary Walker
Alice should have got that
April Nicole
Dancing was Alice and Marti was Stunts.
I love Marti's hair!
libby Robinson
its not tht easy im still tryin to get my arm in the back boo i suck im a loser
ally got the landings perfect and EVERYTHING
Morgan Copeland
Pls check out my video at Morgan Copeland!
samoya campbell
one legged scorpion so easy how could she screw it up
My Tra
love ashley
Ally's stunt double won it, you mean.
Alicia Menefee
ashley tisdale is in the show hellcats
Jose Rodriguez
This is Gay!
lydell vines
marti won this yess shee the best of the best boo LMS
Yes thatcis her
Did anybody notice Ashley Tisdale or is it just me?
huey buey
Christina C
Tumbling and flying goes to marti and dance goes to Alice
Christina C
Marti wins :D
Marti is way hotter than Alice.
Stefan Perovic
Pearl Styled
If it was on abc family it would have stayed longer, cw sucks