Kiss Symphony: Alive IV - Shandi (Act Two) [HD]

Kiss Symphony: Alive IV - Shandi (Act Two: Kiss with The Melbourne Symphony Ensemble) in high definition. Act One: Kiss 1. "Deuce" (Simmons) 2. "Strutter" (Stanley) 3. "Let Me Go, Rock n' Roll" (Simmons) 4. "Lick It Up" (Vincent, Stanley) 5. "Calling Dr. Love" (Simmons) 6. "Psycho Circus" (Stanley) Act Two: Kiss with The Melbourne Symphony Ensemble 1. "Beth" (Criss, Ezrin, Penridge) 2. "Forever" (Stanley) 3. "Goin' Blind" (Simmons, Coronel) 4. "Sure Know Something" (Stanley) 5. "Shandi" (Stanley, Poncia) Act Three: Kiss with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra 1. "Detroit Rock City" (Stanley, Ezrin) 2. "King of the Night Time World" (Stanley, Ezrin, Fowley, Anthony) 3. "Do You Love Me" (Stanley, Ezrin, Fowley) 4. "Shout It Out Loud" (Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin) 5. "God of Thunder" (Simmons, Stanley) 6. "Love Gun" (Stanley) 7. "Black Diamond" (Stanley, Criss) 8. "Great Expectations" (Simmons, Ezrin) 9. "I Was Made For Lovin' You" (Stanley) 10. "Rock and Roll All Night" (Stanley, Simmons)

This whole concert and how it came together and so brilliantly is almost beyond comprehension. It is just simply amazing. Both the band and the MSO are outstanding. I have the triple vinyl and DVD set that have pride of place in my collection!
Donna B
i had a black and white cat I named Shandi after this song.
Que Voz Maravilhosa 💙
miguel negrete
Viva kisss y viva el rock
Felony Strutter
This should be ALIVE 5......they should have done either the Japan 88 show or Hot in The Shade tour for KISS ALIVE 3. I have hundreds of bootlegs many with Eric Carr..but Eric should have gotten an official KISS ALIVE release. In my opinion one of the few mistakes they made.
Luciano Alberti
Son hermosos los amo con mi puta alma❤❤❤❤❤q seres tan perfectos sin palabras
Patricia Maria Molina Rodriguez
Lars Bauer
this is awesome, though I would have loved Ace to be in the band for this. Ace and Bruce are my favorite Kiss guitarists ever! That said I have to say Thayer is doing a great job covering Ace's leads!
jay yanch
Thanks for that, i knew it was peter, but at some points it could have or not have been ace, but i figured it was not...
Alejandro Martinez Herrmann
@gustavalmius No cause I saw KISS with Peter 3 months after this
@MrTimjim03 yes he is, it was his last show with kiss i believe..
Jules Kanal
Mario - ich liebe Dich .....
luis rivera
great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! Shandi done live. Pretty cool.
Mika Lilleberg
At their worst they are better than 95% of other noobs! Loved Shandi since 1985 i first heard it.
Vinicius Rodrigues
um dos melhores álbuns!!!!!
José Carlos Alcaráz
No entiendo para qué bloqueas el vídeo, intenté descargarlo y no puedo. Tienes una suscripción menos.
santana jackson
Its good to see gene and paul dressed like they did back in 74 . to bad ace and peter aint still with kiss. i thought when they got together during the psycho circus days that they would remain with kiss till the end . but it sucks they didnt stay
Jorge Fernández Espectáculos
0:44 grandpa munster.
Hector Troncoso
Qué buen tema musical de nuestra época !!!!
Fidel Contreras
Awesome versión