What Movies ACTUALLY Look Like

We've all seen the final versions of movies! However have you ever wondered what these movies look like behind the scenes? Well stick around, because today we're going to be taking a look at 5 movies BEFORE and AFTER special effects! Movies featured Planet of the Apes /> />Black Panther /> />Jurassic World /> />Captain America Civil War />Deadpool /> Go subscribe to this guy: /> amazing popular movies before and after special effects

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Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7VBVoDW9bs&t=54s
mohammad emon
Who is here for see rocket?
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99.9% of comments I came for the raccoon O.1% of comments...my comment
I came here for the racoon
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The racoon was so adorable in the thumbnail I had to click
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"Number 1 Deadpool" Sound is amazing 👌 3:53
Music Lover76
It all looks so simple in real life🙄, we just need some cool graphic editors and even I can make something like that with my friends in my backyard
Prince Hans
Childhood = Destroyed. CONGRATULATION
Ghost of Daniel Robitaille
Who did we come for? ROCKET. THATS WHO!!!
jordan manggao
Here in the philipine we have a super visual effects CGI.. Commend on victor magtanggol Kingina haha
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Can you tell me. When did that racoon run from studio i will try to catch it???? 🙄
xXthegalaxyguyXx Galaxy
no loved Jurassic Park and know that I know it's fake I'm sad Can some give me likes
El mapache que hacía de personaje a rocket murio hace unas semanas :,( F to pay respect
ѕισρασ Official
I thought he will say *NUMBER 4 WAKANDA FOREVER*
I could never be an actress... I feel stupid running on a treadmill
I think deathpool movie has the best effect
Ramesh Richard
Well... you destroy the magic of avengers😭😢😭😢
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I just wanted to see a raccoon in a green harness😂😂
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RIP OREO The model for rocket raccoon.
Da Noob Sandstorm
“Black Panther is filled with amazing fighting scenes and CGI.” *proceeds to show the PS2 mine scene between Black Panther and Killmonger* 🤮🤢
Vipin Kumar
Bro do one thing . I think No need actor actress. So use vfx of actor actress
Sophia jane Moreno
They are laughing because of those poor dinos
Tanner Jordan
4:01 I can think of 1 that is almost all practical effects. The Dark Knight
Rajib Ozah
Still Avengers Infinity War is the best
Atlas Russel
*See the thumbnail* *Watches the video to look for him* Me: HE LIES!
Wait I'm confused, if Gamora's green, how does she use a green screen?
DogeGamezBOI Studio
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I really wanted to work in hollywood because they are really good in editing films. 😍😍
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Clearly that raccoon is a payed actor
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I say Deadpool was the best one
Round2Goodluck R2GL
total fake film banate hai Hollywood. wale hamara Bollywood hi achha hai kam. se. kam scene to original rahta hai aaj se Hollywood movie dekhna band only. Bollywood movie dekhenge
Simon musyoka
what you do is to collaborate with different guys with unique track of editing and animation tips.
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Clickbait the racoon is not in the vid if you came for rocket watch something else
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Raven00029 Gaming
1. The planet of the apes 2. Black panther 3. Jurassic world 4. Captain America civil war 5. Deadpool
Obviously Doctor Strange have the greatest visual effect of all time
manjit saini
Roses are red Violets are blue I got click baited And so did you
Bread Slice
For number 4 I honestly feel the cgi wasn’t that good Mainly the sky and shadowing
who else came here to see the sitting raccoon? (rocket)🤩
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1st To paint nails with toes *10 minutes later* Damn you sofie dossie!!
all I wanted to see is rocket in a green suit is that too much to ask of you?
RIP rocket, the raccoon who played him has sadly died at age 10
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he was a real raccoon? I only looked at the thumbnail
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I clicked on the video to see the rabbit (rocket)🙄
Izuki azure unknown
Best movie effects? "Reality"
I like 2/5 movies are not from marvel because marvel does all the special effects
Shanbok Marboh
captain deadpool.... no, just deadpool.🔥🔥🔥
Pa Hoy
I like most in" THE HOBBIT"
WTF where is racoon as rocket.....I came to c only thumbnail......but u didn't add that one in this video.....so wrong
Manahil Khan
Civel war and deadpool
Arvind Nat
And Critics say Marvels don’t use CGI as DC 😂😂😂😂
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Aww rocket is so cute in the thumbnail
Yohan Belen
*when u watch avengers/ etc. but everyone here is a boy*
Jefferson Vasquez
Victor magtanggol Cji is the best of best movie ever in the world only philippine can do that.
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I have been tricked. 😡 I watched because the video cover showed how guardian of galaxy is made.. I only wanted to see the Raccoon .. Wasted my time. Don't upload fake cover.
Wouldn't Gamora blend into the green screen?
gobi gibi
Please make what Detective Pikachu looks like during shooting .
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did you.
Can’t decide which one had the best VFX They’re all so pro at this; I’ve been longing to learn these skills but always have to spend at least $300 to do so.
Angad singh
I think every one done their best 😊 because I too use VFX for small videos.
Lefty Protoype L.O.L :D
I was only here fo the raccoon... THE THUMBLAIN LIED TO ME!
Mark Guro
Nathan Reads
Totally Guardians Of the Galaxy
Blame Game Master Blame Game Master
Tom Cruise has the best time making films .
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I don’t think they actually used a raccoon 💀😂
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I loved the scene when captain America says ooo
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Dude , now I believe raccoons can show illusions . ROCKET !!! Where are you ???
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For me I think caption American civil war was the Best
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Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited And so did you
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Deadpool. That scene where the Suburban is flipping and "Angel of The Morning" by Juice Newton is playing in background so freaking great 😂
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Because they used an actual raccoon in a green lifesaver on a plastic chair
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Jurassic world
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Did anyone see that six seconds into the video Black Panther does👌
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2:02 How babies come from
0:06 look at his left hand Gotteeeemm
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