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Super Epic News Crew
I am always on team coby I hope you win a battle someday Keep up the great work coby
Brandon Serafin
The slow progression of them digging a circular hole in the ground
McCool Cates
Anyone bingeing the battle series?
Brad Lancaster
Anybody here in January of 2019?
Tommy End
Laser Tag Battle! Comment and Like if you agree! That would be awesome!
Alicia Garcia-Lopez
Leave like if watching in 2019
Michael Hasz
Put a like on this comment if you watched this in 2019
Gannon TAE
4:16 how did Cody and Cory get 0 but Garrett got -1 yard
Diesel Reidhead
Tyler you got 36.4 but Coby got 24.3 so,Ty you should be in the Finale not Coby.
Diesel Reidhead
Tyler you got 36.4 but Coby got 24.3 so,Ty you should be in the Finale not Coby.
Diesel Reidhead
Tyler you got 36.4 but Coby got 24.3 so,Ty you should be in the Finale not Coby.
Aaron Otron
Scores: Ty:2 Cody:1 Garrett:0 Cory:0 Coby:0
Phoenix Woolley
dude perfect please come to nz auckland sliverdale
Seth Koch
yog raavi
Drone flying untill charge gets down ona tall buildings
Christopher Chao
You should do a battle where Coby actually wins again.
Nghĩa Nguyễn
2 0 1 9 ?
Jasmina Obradovic
Lazer tag battle! OK?!
Astronaut in Mars
This is the best YouTube channel I have ever seen in my whole life
Beast Bros
Love dude perfect any one watching in April 2019?!
Manjula Madari
Put next video flying fighting with water ballon
That one Chameleon
When Tyler missed the the baseball he did like a ninja flip
That’s not very fair for Coby 😕
Lol this is my first time watchings its March 25th, 2019 rn 😂
Jennifer Waldron
I’ve been watching Dude perfect for a week and I already know all the names Tyler ( the leader, rage monster and has a STUNNING beard ) Cody ( tall guy, 6,6, Mr. excuses) Garrett ( purple hoser, always wears purple ) Cory & Coby ( very handsome twins, great bros )
Anup Kumar
get your own dude perfect pets and do a battle with it guys😎😎😎😎
Madison M
Can u do a volleyball stereotypes vid pls
Pink Hart
Nicksterv Hater
It’s so unfair it should of counted even though it didn’t pop
If you remember the bubble rap battle it has the same music
Thiago Henrique
Sou brasileiro mano vcs tem que legendar esses vídeos. Parabéns
hamza ejaz
make a new battle on airsoft
NK Skits
Epic Trickshot battle 3 with Brodie Smith
Alan W
When Coby wasn’t a meme
Schnäbeli 1000
2 0 1 9
4 Years Ago Today, This Video Was Uploaded!
Kirti Nagdeve
I m team coby If u too reply me 1. If not reply 2.
THEY NEVER SAID THAT IT HAD TO POP!!! I hope Coby wins in the future❤️❤️
Alric Ricik
4:27 wtf Garrett didnt even touch it! HOW IS IT -1 Yard?!
a d singh
-1 inch 😂😂
Emma Staub
This was hilarious 😂😂
-1 inch almost killed me.
3:18 the hardest i ever laughed
Rhys Frosty
4:37 just couldn’t stop laughing
gaurav patil
Who came here by typing "Dp Coby Wins"? 😂
Lps Paint splatters
Sorry garret but I. Think I switched to team coby
I got dizzy just watching you guys spin around so much xD
Kieran McCormack
Score Ty - 2 Coby - 0 Cody - 1 Cory - 0 Garrett - 0
Nishant Kumar
I think Garret intentionally perform like this🤔🤔
Mighty warrior Rocks
Air soft battle 2
ICE King
Ski jumping pleas from the Czech republik 🇨🇿🇨🇿🎿
Charlie Johnson
Nynne TheBeta
2 hype
[HY] Rainstormzs
*The song says that they are on top of the world*
faisal usmani
Hi dude i seen many videos but u Guys Owsom....☺👍👌
rouse edward
Total Dude Perfect Battles Scores: Tyler = 2 Cody = 1 Garrett = 0 Cory = 0 Coby = 0
Garnet Sullivan
coby almost tied on cody should have counted like if agree
Hello, I am a Korean who has always seen Dude perfect. I've been watching videos for a long time. Thank you for always posting fun videos.
Diesel Reidhead
Tyler you got 36.4 but Coby got 24.3 so,Ty you should be in the Finale not Coby.
Baseball Bros
Do more stariotypes
Austin Tessier
It still hit him, no rules that the balloon had to pop on impact. Coby should have tied it.
Is any one watching this in 2019
The Fun Cousins
Like Cory
sarba dhade
one wicket on cricket
Swamp Buck
Team Coby for life also do a mini house building battle
Jack VanDeCar
They ruined that ground😂
Katie Boseman
This is absolutely AMAZING to watch!
Brian Schoenig
The first ever DiZZy SPORTS BATTLE!
Hello apple
For once the ''cc'' actually helped me 0:04 lol
Eliza Udy
you are the best
Business Duck
battle: dizzy team dodge ball
Broken// Biki
Do basketball slip n slide challange
Daboss and Daking Vlogs
Yeah, it says 0
BuzzPlayz YT
Cody Cory and Coby The Three Musketeers
shahrier shadman
Is there anybody 2019 May?
Alex Barnes
Ice Hockey trickshots?
Eggo my lego
dude perfect is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me more than half way through the video: GO COBY!!! Later: Dang it T^T
Scott Martin
Leave a like if I got you Read More
Is Garret an introvert
Carson Peterson
Bubble rap battle .2
PewDiePi e
Bro look at the spin area😂😂
akiva gelernter
Underatedly Coby punted a ball 50 YARDS
My cousin has had. Vertigo 7times and he’s 11
Rima Sarieddine
Tyler win
Ben Segal
Dude perfect paintball edition should happen
Tyler by like: im gonna hit this Ball: Yeeeeeet
Dipali Dhomble
I think you should do painting battle
Karman Cool
Any one March 2019
Swaroopa Shankar
light saber battle
Jaajo Linnonmaa
4:30 wtf?? the ball didn't move
Lone Wolf
Coby Should've Won This.
Sajadul Karim
december anyone???
waqar nasir
Firispy battle
Top 5 Exclusive
Coby should have won or tied he still hit him it doesn't matter if it popped or not. 😐
Christian Benson
Build a boat battle part two
Aliyah Jan
Hi am underrated fort nighte pleyar
Wasi Haider
He tried but no use...😯😯so sad
Saiqa Tahir
3:20 that was the funniest thing
Ruby Boyden
I play this at my school for field day, I’ve always fallen on my face ;-;