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Megan Rogers
Can we just take a moment of silence for the soldiers who didn't get this happy ending?
Kayleigh Picarro
My mom came home last month, my dad didn’t get that blessing. RIP sergeant smith.
cindy Lou Who?¿
The way the one girl just sat down and started crying gets me every freaking time...
Donald Dump
this was hard for me especially because I was never able to see my dad come home from the military R.I.P Johnny b Williams
La Davil Le Rusher
Rest in peace dad. (2012)
Lisbeth Rodriguez
RIP for all the soliders who didnt get a happy ending and families
Sarah Lopez
I like how they Added dogs in this video because some people dogs are there kids
Grace and Serenity
I was waiting and waiting . . . and got the call from my dad . . . my mom has passed away on, March 18, 2019
7:22 got me so hard.. The way the kid just said " Daddy!! " I can’t..😭💫❤️
Makadis Ahmed
awesome...but let's just have a minute for the people who didn't come back.
The Gaming Doge
Akanie Dagouledork
Why do I like making my self cry??
Mason Staker
R I P mom dad never forgotten wish this happens
Jazmin Cooper
I am crying who else is crying
OK, be honest who cried? Cuz I did... ;-;
Palette Roller
My nose is blocked and I was struggling to breathe during this, that’s how much this video touched my heart
Spencer Goff
Please, please, don't let your opinions or politics about the military, whatever they may be, distract you from the pure LOVE that these moments capture so beautifully...
Jaques Kalangala
I cried through the whole video and RIP to my brother Francis
Ivan Pelindo
Please stop war ... we need our family
RIP Michael Nguyen. You never came home, but you'll be forever remembered in our hearts and never forgotten my brother...
Got It
What about the ones that never come back home bcs of stupid wars. Jesus we need you to heal this world come back :..(
Audrey Votaw
My dad is a marine I am lucky he made it out alive😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I love vet my dad like if u love your family
Robben Ireland
It just makes me think how lucky I am as my dad came back from the military
time to hang
They atacc They protecc But most importantly They came bacc
Addison O'Dell
I'm great grandma died ... I love!you grandma you well always be in my heart 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😿😍😍😍😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏
This killed my heart r.i.p sergeant Carroll 💜😭
Zara Hassan
Once I was coming out of school with my friend, we were talking and then I saw my dad, I froze for a second before running to him... My dad isn't in the army but he lives aways from us because his job is somewhere else... The longest I've been apart from him is 8 months... But 8 months feels like FOREVER...😐
I am next to join the military💕
Kathy Lievano
Not everyone makes it home and that’s sad we should be grateful for everyone that risked there life for us we love all of you‼️💗
Wow amazing video but lers have a moment for those who did not come back
K Go
My dad was in the army but he didn’t come back :( I loved him soo much
Mel Lavine
Idk why I watch these videos, they are beautiful but it makes me cry everytime. Thank all of the soldiers who made it back and those who weren't so fortunate. Love u guys. 💓
navii .k
thumbs up if this made you cry 😭
Jermaine Nowell
I just noticed that I never hugged my dad I'm now 13 he pass when I was 11
Thinker Feed's
These are the brave people who stay apart from their family for many day's in order to serve their country. Rely tears rolled down my eye's. God bless all those brave soldiers and their family... Love from india.
dose 2482
They fight for earth They fight for history Soldiers keep fighting for all the people you care
Lay Nolsey
Th young kids ones get me 😭😭
333 333
We too have solders but they haven't come again home 💔
Star warriors 2
Wow tears tears tears in my eyes........ God bless...
Like is you care for people who lost their loved one 😢😢
sans the skeleton
Respect the dead and rest In peace. And that's beautiful
I Immortal
rip to those who never came back 🙏😞😭
Samantha Bonnett
Sister: Why are you crying? Me: You know, just allergies... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
pxnthxr tv
I've noticed a lot of people here with comments of losing loved ones, I'm sorry for your loss, not everyone gets to hear that, life goes on, we have greater hardships that occur, but never forget, the person lost was lost to make sure you are safe, so never let those hardships get ahead of you, stay calm, positive and keep your head up, you were blessed with a gift that our countries will never forget, god bless the soldiers who have fallen for our safety. To those families who got lucky and got their family back, give them the best of satisfaction, nobody should have to risk their life for the safety of others, but these men and women do it anyways, I wish everyone could be as appreciative as most of us here, but don't let stupid things get to you. I enjoyed the video, didn't cry because I watched about 10 other videos similar and don't have anymore tears lol, but thank you for the services, ladies and gents, everyone here have a great day! :)
The videos are great but that horrible, monotonous singing ruins it.
Mckayla Honeycutt
The first 2 seconds of this video i sarted crying i dont have any family in the military but i still respect what all they do for us THANK YALL
GaelGamer SRT8
Thank you to all our soldiers for they service ❤😔🇺🇸👨‍✈️🤚
sid roy
A soldier is the pride of any nation. They are the reason for our safety. I respect their dedication and love for the nation❤
Cristian Dublon
I salute you soldiers ;) GOD BLESS .
These melts my heart.. Why isn’t these videos on try not to cry challenges??
Ara Besas
I cry a lot cause my brothers is a army's
Charles Wright
That little boy at 1:37 gets me every time. He's old beyond his years, but so incredibly sweet☺
chritos Galang
I cry went video start lol
Zara Hassan
Those ppl that dislike have no heart!
keep it _db
this reminds me of my dad he died from a war ;( when I watched this it reminds me he is always in my heart and I will always love him
Nicole Miller
I'm not an american & i don't have anyone in the army but it's nice to see all these family reunited with their loved ones
Mizanul Islam
I am Indian but I like all of you mwa
Thanks solider you almost font go home for a year
A Favored Daughter
Thank you for I know my freedom was not free 🇺🇸❤️✝️
Evangeline B
I would like to just say thank you for all The soldiers who had died, or is serving for our country. Rest In Peace great grandpa ❤️
Well at least some of them have a father💔
weenzee ws
You still can hug your anf also cry with hapynes... But do you see children . and all famili...without somebody to love becouse of war.. ..why!!! Why you caming to anather country and kill them....why...??
sadly my dad was not one of the lucky ones, he never came home <\3
Sergio Bastidas corrales
Let's all take a moment to honor all those brave souls who fought for our country and died for us 😪
VIP Army Love
i pray that my dad will return soon....
Simone Campbel
I wish my dad was here with me i can't stop crying
I have family in the military. I respect all that they did for us💕💕 I love you guys!! Hope you come home safely!!!💕💕💕💞💞💞
JamilaBloom MSP
Guys please remember that my dad did not come back.........take only just a minute to salute those who did not survive
Jaques Kalangala
That was so so beautiful and emotional
Jazmin Cooper
I would be crying if my dad came home from the army
Júlio Lemos
Bloody legends. I pay my respect. Thanks for all.
The Gaming Doge
tinyboi08 xx
Ουρανια Β.
1:36 Hey dad.....I miss you...😢 I miss you too.....😢
Asmr Queens
The saddest part about this is that most homeless people were soldiers they fought for us when we didnt and this is how we treat them. We should be thankful without them we wouldnt be safe❤ rest in piece for the soldiers who risked there life for us.
Leilani Zietsman
Brave men and woman.. warriors...with loving families... May God bring you all home to spend the rest of your life’s with them.
The Golden chainsaw
God bless all the men and women in the armed forces
Minseo Yu
The most beautiful horse in the world. We... And family.
The cutest is always when the young kids shout "daddy" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I cry ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Paddington Puppy
Dad restin pease I love you and will never forget you as helping and serving is the army
John Rayez
My wife was in the Air Force before I met her I couldnt imagine being without her! God bless you all!!
Maddie’s Gym
I cried when the little boy said “I missed you daddy
american dream
God bless you all and Jesus Christ bless USA
Kelly Chido Johnson
Sometimes I wonder what to dislike on a beautiful video like this
Kyle Tacata
Felicia Mcnugget
I wish my dad came back from the military but now he's in a beautiful place
Doris nyarko
It's not easy watching this without crying
Olivia OLeary
My mom and dad were both in the army and actually that is were they met 🥰 and there still in married to day 14 years later
Gummy Animates
My brother just became a marine and just finished boot camp and I am going to see him really soon... so is my other brother who nust graduated from high school and is going to the marines as well. I am also so emotional so I dont dont know how this is going to go... I cried for every single video! I need to stop watching these be because I keep on crying! But I cant stop because they are so cute! ~♡♡♡♡♡~ Edit: I already went and when I saw him I cried so hard and my mom took a picture thinking it was so cute of me hugging him and crying...he got to stay home for 10 days and my other brother is leaving June 24 for bootcamp
Ibrahim Islam
this is heart action video,I miss my father, because i am work in other country
Potato Girl
RESPECT YOUR VETERANS! They put there life on the line for us. RESPECT THEM!
ajay singh
my dad is in indian army .i dont know that he will come alive or in tricolour of india .....but i will also join indian army ..i lost my elder brother in army ....i dont know my dad will come back or not ....i love my father
Chin Zhi Cheng
I pretty much enjoyed this video. Feel so emotional after watching this video . It motivates me to keep moving on . Hope I can get a free htc vive
Tyler baldwin
I salute to you all soldiers for your sacrifice and tribute to keep all of us safe
Phanisnotonfire _03
1:20 made me cry so much😭
Radical Rises
I got to stop watching these videos. My eyes sting
2savage4you Graeciel2007
The song is making me sad more then the vid
Ceaserthe Ape
It is the old men that declare war but it’s the youth that have to fight and die...
Tamika Rodriguez
I cried through the whole video