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Complete fighting scene from the movie Anchorman Cena completa de luta do filme O Ancora

Well, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hands fast...
Anchorman: The Battle of Five Armies!
Ben Stiller can make the ugliest wigs look amazing.
J. Jun
Civil War looks great!
"No commercials, no mercy"
Logan Gonzales
this is how news reporters settled their differences in the 70s
Luis Martinez
"Como estan bitches" 😂 gets me everytime
Spanish news gets me every time
Waldo A.K.A. Wally
It's like The Expendables of comedy
Brody Reese
XD I laughed so hard at 3:53 when Brick is just screaming with the grenade
Azadbir Rai
"Brick i thought you said this was a short cut" "FANTASTIC" "So is it a shortcut?" "HAHAHA OOOOKAY"
Trophy Raider
anyone else see Paul Rudd (top left corner) fall over right after Ron shouts begin at 3:48 haha
Ben Stiller did an awesome job as the Spanish news team anchor.
Dan K
I died laughing the way he said "of course", they took that rule so seriously, hahaha
Nicolas Matteo
"You dirtbags have been in third place for five years!" "Yeah? Well you're about to be in.... DEAD place!" XD gets me everytime!
Gerardo Cortés Studio
I love the way he says ¿Cómo están bitches?
Jamie Batson
brick kills a man with a trident and has joy in his smile
Lost and Confused
Pokemon Go gyms in a nutshell.
Olivia McDonagh
This is by far one of the best scenes in cinema history XD
Mathew Cox
Best Ben Stiller cameo ever!!
the guy who gets wooshed ironically
Brick is just walking around the with grenade going AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
Joe Freeman
*"No commercials, NO MERCY!"*
Anchorman: Total War Make it happen CA
Megan Delamar
Only rule: "No touching of the face." Everyone: *proceeds to punch everyone in the face*
LOL the hand grenade!
John Roberts
i like the part where they all agree - no touching of the hair or face. then they immediately proceed to punch each other in the face.
jet fire
Brian was packing heat but he never shot anybody with that .38 lol
3:54 LOL! Brick with the grenade screaming.
This was pretty much the 3rd Hobbits movie war!
Anybody else notice that Paul Rudd tripped at the beginning of the fight? Check 3:47
Man this fight is much better than the 2nd one. The 2nd was bad but it was overshadowed by the great cameos. This one had originality, i mean just look at it. Brian slipped up when they start the fight was hilarious lol
David Blum
He's not mad that his arm got chopped off, he's mad that he didn't see it coming.
Cory Campbell
4:46 Police here Ben Stiller with his Spanish voice too funny
Azadbir Rai
If im fighting a war i want brick on my side....(ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Angry Fat Dad
The guy on fire was the best!  LOL!
Jason Nolasco
I preferred this one over the sequel fight. That started off rather well but it dragged on and felt rather self-indulgent by just throwing a bunch of ridiculousness one after another. This one was rather short and sweet and rather well grounded.
Jason McCabe
You have to love an epic fight scene in a comedy.
the guy who gets wooshed ironically
Brick is just walking around the with grenade going AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
I am gonna straight up murder your Ass! XD
george sampson
3:54 its obvious that the best fighter is brick
Son of Plinkett
No commercials No mercy!
why do i always lmao when I see Brian getting dragged off by the horses xD
Hockeytown/ Broad Street Bullies Fan
Ron: Brick, where did you get a hand grenade? Brick: I don't know.
Ali Ahmad
that's much better than anchorman 2
Ryder Draconis
Let's play live brought me here.
Did anyone see that dude trip at 3:47 ?
Fuck civil war , fuck batman v superman , fuck xmen apocalypse this is the best fight ever
Joseph Schultz
"Brick, where'd you get a hand grenade?"
Juan Jurado
Only Jack Black and Owen Wilson are missing in this scene...
ahmed hakeem
boy that escalated quickly 😂😂😂
E N Fitz
My professor had us study this scene to understand why rational actors go to war. After watching this, I asked him to define "rational" and make a good case for it.
Sanctus Lion
Como estan bicthes!!!! aguante ben stiller!
Al Wong
This clip... 100% of the time, it works everytime at putting a smile on my face! 
Draco Safarius
I like how Brick straight up kills a man with a pitchfork
haha Brick reminds me of Caboose from Red vs. Blue anyone heard of it
Tech Meets Dan
David Harrison
4:12 was that a reference to original Planet of The Apes?
Jeremy Adams
I love how the music evokes an old gladiator movie, like Spartacus
the regular battle of the five armies
nzixl / Payback #forArthurRap
Boy, that escalated quickly...
Matthew Kapellen
oh God! oh i did not see that coming at 4:29
Can you imagine if this really happened in the NEWS department
Is that burning man Woodie Harrelson? 4:07
Lordgir25 1
That fucking rattle 😂
Envious Green
Won't the police detect fingerprints since all the anchormen left their weapons on the street?
Emm Ess
Something I never noticed before, when the Spanish news team shows up there are 6 guys behind Stiller, but when they get to the circle of death he only has 5 "capadres"
brick with the hand grenade "AHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHGHGH"
“Brick where’d you get a hand grenade” *me and brick* “I don’t know”
Ben Stiller: POLICIA!
Adam M
The story behind the meme~
Ryder Draconis
Where did you get a grenade from the future?
This scene and singing Afternoon Delight.  Thought I was never going to get off the floor and have my ribs repaired from the laughter.
Andrey Tsvetkov
Buster Hymen
I wanna poke-a (polka)
Eddy Vega
run red with burgundy blood is such a great line!
1911 VsGlocks
Diego Zarate Pereira
rattle jaw
That satisfied smile Brick that makes when he spears that man in the heart, makes me think he was a warlord in his past life.
Zachery Robinson
How does this not have more Likes?????!!!!!
Oh my god! News Team Civil War!
No touching of the hair or face!
news company during the purge
Pasquale Dorsi
CNN and Fox News Rn
LED matic
"no commercials, no mercy" hahaha
Kim Lier
Como estas bitches
Chappy Cow
3:46 Did anyone notice that on the far left he tripped as he was about to run? I seen this movie so many times, and I just noticed it. Oh and #TeamCreatures
Aeyen The Lobster
4:31 you can see his real arm in his shirt
Nathan Laymon
Team Funhaus! In /\ we trust!
Will Ferrell Teams News Vice Vaughn Teams News Luke Wilson Teams News Tim Robbins Teams News Ben Stiller Teams News
Joy Lobo
The best line is.. "no commercial, NO MERCY!!!"
Hugh G. Rekshun
The Fight of the Century right here.
Sean Dunning
policia lmao
SebastianEly's Dumb channel
In A Time Before Cable Existed
Happy John
This thumbnail remind me of Lester's office in GTA V. 9:20 PM 5/27/2018
moviedude XD
This + Battle is the Strong = masterpiece
Dylan Burgess
There were many people punched in the face
GameBros Ⓡ
Still the greatest fight scene in cinema history.
Jasmine Dubois
I love how nonchalant Brick is when Ron asks about the hand grenade. It's like it's normal for him to have one. But seriously though, where'd he get it from?
CiaraBre TheVegan
Let's dance dick weed
Isn't it 'Como Estáis' not 'Como Están'.