Porn Stars Play "Never Have I Ever"

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So your telling me i can see these people naked right now if i wanted to 😂
lol why are the girls dressed like that and the men just wearing tshirts
Time to delete my search history
Half of these people insulting porn stars and saying its a bad proffesion still go home to watch it and expect it to be catered to them..
Tortilla Taylor
“I see your lil movie” 👀 😆
The family member one had me like 🤢🤮
Erin Nicole
Kendra got kicked out of my college for doing a porn video in our library😂😂
Scarlett Faye
When the guy started talking about his momma he sounded so damn depressed lmao
Kitty Kat
When they said “Never have I ever slept with a fan” I thought they meant like a house fan that blows air around the room 😂😂😂
It's no nut November and this is on my recommended, is YouTube trying to make me lose?
Teddy the paradox
My momma told me "I made that, thats why you do it good like that"
how a dude fakes a orgasm? hu hu and then mayo on the chick? dafuq
Cole Pratt
*When you've actually seen half of these porn stars*
Victoria Le Wizard.
Um, personally I’m not a porn person, but I don’t believe in shaming others who watch it. It’s an activity and some people enjoy it, and whatever makes them happy... as long as you’re not one of those creepy catcallers, now that is shameful.
Toby Knight
Debbie Crawford
Creepy that their family watched their porn, quite gross actually....esp their mum and brothers...urgh
Lillian Bates
I was weirdly watching this video with my boyfriend of 6 years and I totally forgot that he was next to me and I said (a little louder than I should've) "Oh I know Kendra Sundlerland from Vixen!" and he was so shocked because he didn't know I watched porn and he just gave me this confused look and I quickly took my phone out and took a picture, we will forever and always joke about that moment. It is definetly an inside joke, that NOBODY but us knows.
Catie Koelmeyer
Why are the girls in bras but the boys are fully covered ?
that black guy is tottally into that dude beside him
lilaiden official
Nip slip at 4:14
Jose Rivera
Theodoros PETRIDIS
That Jason guy seems like a nice dude tbh
Remy LeBeau
Black moms give will give themselves credit for everything 😂😂😂
John Gable Smith
Tori Black is SO pretty.
3:28 *I made that, that's why you good* OH MY GOD 😁
Who else went to pornhub and searched these people up
Golden Butterfly
Oh i see now why There's alot of Hate at BuzzFeed
Garlic Bread
*begone t h o t*
I dont know them i swear .
Ishan Ali
Y’all ever wonder what happened after they cut the cameras 🤔🤨
Faze_ Sauce
Where’s Mia khalifa?
I guess the Jedi life wasn’t working out for Rey
Ani Listherchill
It's no nut november
Why are the women in bra but the men in shirts >:(
Wtf happened to 21 savage?
Joe Barksdale
1:55 if you heard anything weird that was just my dreams being crushed
Zooper Dooper
Who else just searched all these people up?
Xavier Tan
The Donnie Rock guy is really funny
These faces seem familiar 🤔
Yo all the girls in this vid had a 5some with another girl not playing just go to Tori Blacks pH profile and scroll
I guess the cameraman is struggling not to look at those clevages🤣
Mustafa Sadik
Tori Black 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Gabby Iero
Oh buzzfeed
potato rheanmeve
Welp time to delete my history
Chieko Katsune
Why are the girls wearing bras? We know your porn stars you don't have to dress like one all the time. I would get it if just one or two were wearing them because that would be their personality, but some of them must dress modestly outside of work. And those boys weren't shirtless so wtf?!
Nicole Sharr
yikes im friends w kendra’s brother
Trevor Roper
3:01 how many times can you lose that ??💀😂
M U G G I F Y 杯
The black guy was funny af 😂😂
blackflag 321
Tori black god dam 1 of the best porn actors ever . I would love to perform with her 😅
So many familiar faces
Rize Before Dawn
I guess it mama knows and she doesn't care and she still proud of her son nobody opinion matters but mama dad doesn't care he's like that's my boy cheek busting all those bad broads
Jjj Jjj
The girl sitting next to the blonde girl looks like Megan from Grey’s anatomy. (Owen’s sister)
Domenico Lamberti
Tori is here, Done.
Princess In Black
When it said sleep with fans I was like "I mean I sleep with a fan on cause it gets hot, idk what that has to do with porn."
Finally, a GOOD BuzzFeedVideo !
Raven White
Is it just me or...those girls are more naked than the guys even though they all are working in the porn industry? Isn't that kind of weird???
Why is this channel still a thing?
Oscar Flores
Damn 21 Savage got buff af 😂 and got into porn
*_I can tell, that they needed to be topless. Their skin probs couldnt breathe._*
Kaiya Massey
Legend says that Jose Riviera never came back.
Allison Marie
The girl with bangs is so pretty
why are the women wearing bras/very showy shirts and the guys are just wearing normal clothing??
Hannah Mcdaid
Why are the girls wearing that and the boys are wearing t shirts???
Zac White
Tori black looks like female Davey wavey
Sami Tripi
This might be a lie but my grandpa said he was neighbors with the guy who made pornography
Alexander Leimone
Leaves links to all the porn stars vids
Roddy Rod
Damn I JUST got done wacking off to Angela White
Where johny bravo
Past Present future
Damn, I never taught I'd have to delete my YouTube history.
Why is Alexis Texas not here
Ehhha awn
*looks them up afterwards*
GirlGamer 9000
I just realized the porn stars are like the nicest people ever
I could eat Ana Foxxx and Tori Black up.
Sargent Savage
I have seen these people nude
Aria Blanco
This is actually very enlightening. (not in a creepy way, I swear)
Im 8
Have you seen my frend comment
Thats creepy when you know your own brother watch your movies
Soufiane Artwood
3:17 thats fuckin weird
Beka Nicole
I love tori black and Angela white 💖
Punbelievably Cringey
“I seen ya little movie. That’s right I made that”
Tatane Coréenne
I have seen all these girls naked and they are great !
Hbfjkx Jnfnf
that's weird
Oo UniPlays
1:45 look at the girls hand on the right what was she doing? 😆😂😂😂🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Frederikke Jelle
The Black Girl Has No Boob
bloo jkl45
Why are the girls in sports bras and the guys are fully clothed ?
pokemonix 69
Una Björk
Why are the guys normally dressed but the girls look like theyre about to go to work right after this
Seri Daniels
EPIK Gamer
Angela white 👌👌👌
Some people were born to make history... But others were made to delete them....
Julia Brooks
I would feel creepy by watching porn, I want to so I can understand sex better (even though I'm taking sex Ed next year) I don't even know how or where to watch porn though without it messing up my device as clickbait or it being censored
i didnt know that prn stars were nice people
Another Teenage YouTuber
Angela White helps me through the lonely nights! :-) rhyme look her up(type, angela white gagging)
Claire Taylor
Jason luv omfg❤️❤️❤️
My mama said, "I seen your little movie."
Lil Ounce
So many familiar faces
EZ Darren Robson
Clicked for Tori, stayed for Donnie