Muse - Knights Of Cydonia: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

Watch Muse perform "Knights Of Cydonia" at Wembley Stadium. Get Muse's album HAARP here: /> /> /> © 2010 WMG

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Note to concert crowds, this Is how you should act at a concert.
thumbs up if you are still watching this in 2018
Baris Topal
No 240p video has never been so quality like this.
You know a band is good when their live performance sounds exactly as good as the studio version.
Ryan Wetmore
Without a doubt, this is the best 240p video that YouTube has to offer.
you know you're a guitar god when the crowds sing to your riff
Kieran Schafer
Matt has to be one of the best singers I've heard. He can hit the highest notes imaginable. And he can do it LIVE without auto tune!!!
these band is amazingly talented. no wonder they are not very popular in the US.
Suraj Opinion is Never Better
His badass red suit makes things even better
Those vocals just amaze me, it takes tremendous skill, practice and training for a man to be able to reliably reach such high notes. A beautiful voice.
Dan Reynolds |-/
Now this is the kind of concert I want to experience
Noble Taco
This live show is best because they had the trumpet
Luke Walker
Matt Bellamy is the 21st century Freddie Mercury
Dave Meese
And this, children, is a real crowd
Shawn Tracy
my seven year old precious gem of a daughter told me muse is her favorite band…EVER!  that girls got taste!
john kim
when the guitar riff comes up your heart and head are explode and your soul is getting lunatic and you'll dance like crazy nut
züleyha ceylan
honestly,this could be the best live rock performance ever
Dear Europe, YOU FREAKING ROCK Love, Canada
Chloe Boulter
I think this version is slightly better than the studio version, maybe because of the atmosphere or something. Going to see them live next year, super excited ^-^
Old-Man Parker
MUSE is the "Quentin Tarantino" of rock bands...
Greg Pyszczek
They don't have to perform half naked or dressed in weird bubble wrap outfits to sell out a full concert.
A sexual salmon
Let's talk a bit more about this riff.
Valdy Putra
God Mode activated at 4:32
Jason Vo
Man, I wish I was born before the 2000s to experience this awesome shit. That looks like an awesome concert to attend. But nooooooooo, I was born later and have to listen to the shit we have today
Sluuurrr XVII
The thing about "Muse" is the fact that their voice and tunes are completely natural. They can play live perfectly as if you are hearing the original tune itself. Most of the musical community are bad at playing live because in their actual songs.. It's mostly edited with a computer. Muse is a very natural band. This is why they are my favorite. They are overall Perfect(:
This is how to start a concert. Wow
now you see exactly why muse have won best live act for about,...i think its 6 years in a row now,...just pure talent,..f'king amazing band,...!!!!
Only Matt could pull off a red suit like that...
I remember SHREDDING this on guitar hero and feeling like a freakin boss more than any other life accomplishment
Andrew Grove
Over 1,000 people allowed themselves to be taken alive.
God I first heard this nearly 7 years ago and it's still the best live performance I've ever seen.
Matisse Covers
240p ? It's not a problem because it's Muse :)
my whole life, thought i was straight till i saw this gig...
Harmonically such an interesting song. This song goes through 3 key changes in the guitar/verse part before the bridge and sounds so natural!
I love a band that performs well LIVE. MUSE is one of them. To be honest, I prefer to listen to listen to their LIVE audio/video, than their studio version... anyone else?
Pierce Peel
1.083 people didn't fight for their rights
Le dernier des Mohicans
Knights Of Cydonia (Les chevaliers de Cydonia) Come ride with me through the veins of history Viens faire un tour avec moi à travers les veines de l'histoire I'll show you a god who falls asleep on th job Je te montrerai un dieu qui s'est endormi en plein travail How can we win... Comment pouvons nous gagner... When fools can be kings Quand des imbéciles peuvent devenir rois Don't waste your time Ne perd pas ton temps Or time will waste you Ou c'est le temps qui te perdra No one's gonna take me alive Personne ne me prendra vivant The time has come to make things right Le temps est là pour faire que les choses aillent bien You and I must fight for our rights Toi et moi devons nous battre pour nos droits You and I must fight to survive Toi et moi devons nous battre pour survivre No one's gonna take me alive Personne ne me prendra vivant The time has come to make things right Le temps est là pour faire que les choses aillent bien You and I must fight for our rights Toi et moi devons nous battre pour nos droits You and I must fight to survive Toi et moi devons nous battre pour survivre No one's gonna take me alive Personne ne me prendra vivant The time has come to make things right Le temps est là pour faire que les choses aillent bien You and I must fight for our rights Toi et moi devons nous battre pour nos droits You and I must fight to survive Toi et moi devons nous battre pour survivre
Crazy Horse
Damn. I wish I was there.
Rage Runner
6:04 Guitar: What are you looking at? I am just passing by
Inaccessible Cardinal
The video quality sucks, but man are they devastating live! Amazing.
Loudness Junior
I've always think that muse is the fast and high tempo of radiohead with not so heavy lyrics
awesome troll
This is such a great message in this song. To see tens of thousands of people singing this in unison is amazing. Kind of a theme song for liberty as we roar through 2015 & beyond.
Justin Tackett
Should be the anthem of the US right now. These guys know whats up.
I'm neglecting my domestic responsibilities just to listen to Muse.
Dave Bourke
jesus matt loves one harmonic in particular in this song, the one at 1:14, 4:46, 5:00, 5:27, 5:41, 5:55 you will here that particular harmonic an awful lot in this vid haha
this is the best 240p vid on youtube. ever.
Lust for Awesomeness
Why people seeing similarities between Muse and Radiohead I can't understand
Kieran Schafer
I like this drum version better than the newer ones. The hi-hat sounds better.
still the best 240p video ever !
Wan Rizki F H
dont watch 4:30 if you don't want to be crazy
Aron Willington
This should have been the song at the London Olympics instead of Dizzy Rascal
El Technic0
1:16 to 1:23 is simply the greatest thing ever
Old-Man Parker
Play this & the last 6 minutes of the chase scene in "MAD MAX Fury Road" and it'll blow yer mind!
Sébastien Kriegel
Christynn Tan
back then when you don't see people watching concert through phones
favorite muse song :D
Run Bum
Better than the studio version 
WarrenPeace 217
This is not a song. This is a masterpiece.
Sean Erts
This may be the most impressive live performance ever for me! So powerful!!! I get chills or tingles almost every time I watch it. Great to watch when I need a boost!
Benjamin Wong
A guitar just flew pass the crowd at 6:04 .
Wade Von Haussen
4:34 When The Beat Drop.....BOOM!!!
Thomas Reynolds
4:31 is when Matt enters god mode
Cas Winchester
Matt's voice is amazing! The best in the world!
Mrs Thom Yorke
Holy shit what just happened where am I THIS IS AMAZING
Shahmi Haniff
That guitar rifts is so amazing that it makes me goosebumb
So much God Damn talent in this band. Wow. Just Wow. This is a dying breed right here.
1:25 Realizing how kick ass he is
best 240p video ever
Me encanta el mejor grupo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Suzan Jean
This is the Two Band Aid Concerts in one Performance!
Chris Ramirez
Some one help me. I am looking for a short badass Muse video to put on my school project for the class, can someone recommend a 3 minute video with an amazing solo from them. Thanks in advance. :)
This is beyond holiness
Maica Sherman
This performance is ELECTRIC!!!!! So envious of the crowd!
I'll never get tired of watching this video ;)
Dorothea Pietrek
The lyrics are up to date like nothing else. Tbis is the hymn of everybody who likes selfresponsibility and therefore FREEDOM
Paul Harding
Is Bellamy a modern day Mozart?
Jose Munoz
Muse is the beast of all music, they are the best band ever! I'm about to cry there so good 😢😢😢❤️
amari :p
I love this song so much
Arel DY
adoro esta cancion es de las mas que me gusta del Rock
look that 4k video
Jean Durocher
There is too much going on for the mind to control life even if it could. Page 84 of the Present Do you realize that you are not in control ? Google truth contest to understand this deeply.
patrick montalbo
I am crying when I hear those riffs
Elijah C
This is probably the best performance in 240p I've ever heard.
Nice nobody is using their shitty smart phones they are purely taking in the music
Baron Mamurny
its mid 2015, and yea man, im still watching it and getting!
Bruno Halfen
The best 240p video on Youtube!
Ferry Fernandus
when 240p offers better quality than 99% of this year's music (and last year's music).. and rarely, one of the bands that produce better live performance than even the studio version..
Jack Napier
no band has opened a concert with such energy......ever
Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey
Just had the honor of seeing these rock legends live at staples center, they were amazing! They honestly put on one of the best shows ever!
Nicholas Blackfire
MUSE Best Performance!
I have this song on a playlist that I was lisioning to wale playing Destiny and it this song came up right as the action hit in the game, EPIC
Its a song of REVOLUTION!!!!
Aazam Chattha
having been a muser since childhood, looking back at HAARP gives me chills, everything about muse, all the concerts I've gone to see, they connect with us who's lives have been broken and battered and torn apart, the rejects, the 'weird', the different. and he comes in and brings us together. he makes us an unstoppable force. NO CROWD ON EARTH has the true passion towards their artist like musers do. Ive been to other concerts and there is nothing like a true muse concert. its just something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Matt Bellamy has done something amazing. He gave me a voice when I was pushed down to the dirt and treated like shit. Your heart is with his vocals and his lyrics. Come ride with me through the veins of history. ill show you how god falls asleep on the job. fucking masterpiece.
Matt is God
Edison Mustaine Thrash 666
This nearly has as many views as the Music Video itself haha