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"In this scene from the episode Douglas County, GA: A Family's Loss, the teens meet a 17-year-old inmate and confront the reality that they could be in the same position if they don't change their ways. #BeyondScaredStraight Subscribe for more from Beyond Scared Straight and other great A&E shows: /> Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: /> See some of the program's success stories in this playlist: /> Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - />Facebook - />Twitter - /> Beyond Scared Straight Season 6 Episode 2 Douglas County, GA/ A Family's Loss A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at for more info."

What Are you
17, he looks 12
Shayla Chattams
He's out now guys. People signed a petition now he just has to do 400 hours of community service.
credit card fraud for 35 years? but child rapists getting off with 8 months and probation?? ight lmao
William Larry
I didn't know lil baby had a son 😂
ll dEEtEE x
I saw the thumbnail thinking he was in third grade
Niko Bellic
That kid sounds like he's gonna cry every word.
simplyy eva
“ima grown man” why does he look 12-
Pro Bro
That boy look like he in 7th grade
Anjelique Jackson
“ They take yo’ soup “🍜 🍲 🥣 😂
Jake Lee
“Hey lemme get a soup.” “Nah” “Gimme dat soup” “TAKE YO SOUP🤷🏾‍♂️” The way he said take yo soup had me dying😂
You can just feel the pain and sorrow in that poor kids voice...
Brazyy Casandraa
*Man just wanted his soup*
Moochdagod Tv
he free now
Roshonda Rodgers
This was so hard to watch,he's so scared,credit card fraud facing 30 plus years,murderers getting 7 to 20 years,I wish I could help him I pray for him and pray he has a real lawyer,a public defender won't help him much
soraya lozoya
This breaks my heart so bad to see children like this
Jamon Random Stuff
Supposedly, after the episode aired, there was a petition to have him released. Heard a judge released him on probation with community service. But, I cannot confirm.
Hoodie Beats
He look straight depressed
XXJermainXX.16 B
TayK is that you my G 😂😂
David Baldock
17 going on 12. I refuse to believe he’s 17.
He said he in big boy jail
He looks like 9-12
Elz White
It's been documented that Blacks get lengthier sentences for the same crimes as any other group. I know it's hard to argue for criminals, because well..... you shouldn't have done the crime in the first place. However, it is a clear indication of privilege. Ain't no second chances black man! Look at your skin, realize you gotta be twice as good. Wake up!!!! I have friends who did five years for a gram of weed and watched as white boys sniffed lines in frat houses at UCLA, with no fear of being questioned. White people consume more drugs than any other group in America but guess who has the least convictions? Ding ding ding! U guessed right.Two different worlds, know the cards you're dealt, act accordingly.
Don Fierro
his voice sounded so hopeless :(
“i just turned 17“. Boy, you look like 12
ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ
17 lookin 14💀
He looks like he 12 or 13 AND SOUNDS LJKE ONE
lil slimjim
Dam puberty left the chat
He looks 17 going on 10.
He should not get 35 years, that is wrong
My name Gerad how yall doing??? Nobody answers ...
Shakina Dixon
I worked with him awhile back as his manager.. I hope he’s doing great!! He’s a sweetheart but sweethearts can be sour too..
Omggg someone took YO SOUP😂😂😂
Taylor Gang
bruh he 17? he look younger than that like 14 or sum.
Whitney Robertson
This sad 🤦🏾‍♀️ but he fine 😭
Teria Robinson
At least he admitted what he did! Keep ya head up!
Gee Badd
Lol lil Tay k I don't think u want no action. Btw it wasnt a headache, it was a mild concussion .😎He been crying n pain while I'm crying laughing. Make betta choices, I'm talking 2self 🤣🤣
Fruity pebbles 808
Bruh he look 10
the 17 year old actually got bailed out for his inspirational speech.
Aaliyah Johnson
When he used the soup as an example I started dying broo
ScuFF KLOUTGXD fortnite montages
Is he 17 or 7🤣
Proximity Clutch
17 next month the way he said it it was hella funny😂🤣🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♂️
Stacey Brinker
I love they show so much it is a good show to watch ❤💗💛
Kid sounded like he was about to cry. True pain, yo.
Leo Martinez
0:16 lil baby when he was a lil baby?🤔
Taz andcammy
17 he looks like hes 10 years old
Sadeen Trad
woah he really looks like the dude from everything sucks
Joshua Daigrepont
Bro whats wrong with this man voice
Artorious Fortunous
35 years for credit card fraud. Seems a little over the top
More CurlsJJ
His voice sound like he been talking without taking a breath 💯
Bro was tryna get his qwuap up💯😂
P.O.P squad Supreme gang
Who thought the young man looked 13 but when he said I just turned 17 I was so dead
Why Am i addicted to this show
Marquis Thomas
He looks extremely... innocent
Nisse World
Ok so before watching this video what was your ad? 🤔⏪
king evans
I wanna updates interview from him
According to the petition, he's out of prison and was given probation. He's back in school (which he might've graduated from already)
Jake Branthe
lil dude looks like he's 12
Lazzy Jazzy
kid looks like he 14
That's BS!! He's in county gear and two fraud counts ain't  gonna get you 35 years!!
Nathan Medina
He's 17 but I was thinking 12
what 17 I thought he was like 10 or 13 or 15
Punk Chick
Awe that poor kid, he looks like he’s just a baby I can’t imagine what the other inmates do to him because he looks so young
Official KUJO
That dude was from the last episode he said he loved to iron
Ms. R U D O L P H
He looks 13!
knight figdsng
Ummm he's like *ill be facing up to 35 years on prison*and he is just 17
elisa ramirez
Somebody give me an update, 35 years for credit card fraud is unbelievable. Especially because he’s so young
King Beef
17 and facing 35 years for credit card fraud, America stop it. Rich white boy kills thee people driving drunk and gets probation.
Ayee DonOnTv
Lil poppa is that’s you?
Promise Judd
This was so hard to watch bro 🤦🏽‍♀️😫
I feel so sad for him
Mapper Cake
Hey Who Else Is On A Marathon? I Am So Yea Let’s Get IT YEET
“Ayee gimme a soup Nahh gimmie that soup”😂😂😂
and i oop-
*they take yo soup*
He grew up to become 21 savage
Irvin Applegarth
How y'all doin? *CRICKETS*
KingK21 !!!
Is it just me or do others think he has a confusingly soothing voice? And he sounds like the wisest man haha.
Gregorio Lopez
you never know what that kid seen in prison :{
TofuGamer 208
35 years for credit card fraud? I mean I understand that's really bad, but that's really excessive.
Gabe Marrero
Malik from pretty boy Fredo channel that’s him ?! 🤣
Gavin Gandara
"My message to the kids" You look like the youngest one there.
22 2099
“Ay, le me get a soup” “NAH...” SHANK “GIMMY THAT SOUP”
Andy Gonzalez Music
I think this hits harder and works better. Get people of the same age to talk to them, they will connect better with each other 👍🏼
sad boi
he stole a juice box
Em Cee
boy looks like AJ from walking dead game series
Jed Hutchins
It’s a pity Australia 🇦🇺 can’t do programmes just like this
zay parker
17 he look 12
35 yrs is so excessive for a non violent crime. Anything over 10yrs for this poor kid is ridiculous.
Jayona Dillard
Man this reminds me of my brother everyday I watch this.... The same stuff my brother went through in but🤷🏾‍♀😩😭
Oprah Winspree
For a 17 yr old , he looks like he just came from 7th grade
1:20 when u try to play sick to stay home 😂
Brianna Alexis
35 years is a little to harsh for credit card fraud I know that it wasn’t right what he did,but 35 YEARS😳🤯
"to the kids" he says that even tho he ain't even 18 yet😭
Philip Okala
My dude better not have dropped the soap my guy. He wouldn't have survived
Vanilla Wafa
Yall dont listen it says max 35 years no judge giving that boy 35
Angry Chick
he’s so cute this made me sad
Batchy Rides
Tay-k is that you?
Kea & Kay
he fine but wow 😩.
They shouldn't put him on population with all them big grown men my heart goes out to him
gaming with _ asia
Lil tay k Edit:looks like he did the case