2-Hour Best Dubstep Mix 2009-2010 | Insane

2009 and 2010 is the best dubstep years ... in my opinion
Jan Berrios
The Golden Age of dubstep :)
Johnny Modz
Dubstep 2009-2010 > Dubstep 2014-2015
Queen Figgy
Doing work? Play this mix. Doing homework? Play this mix. Cleaning house? Play this mix. Bored? Play this mix. Thanks for the compilation!
searched 2015 Dubstep, almost cried.......... then remembered 2010 and all the memories came back xD
Robert Lance
aaaaah, those were the days dubstep used to be the best and my only genre. todays new dubstep is so strange. so now i am only listening to trap, future house, a.s.o....
Rah Beats
Datsik - Jenova Project..   such intellegent tune . BEST ! very nice mix ! the times where tunes were uniqe and fresh:) memorys
Connie Zhou
can you imagine in 50 years there will be an oldies radio station playing this @ the nursing homes giving ppl heart attacks?
bryant gouveia
So glad I first started listening to dubstep in 2009 <3<3<3
Thomas Trutna
I get how producers need to change their sound to be new different and attract a broader audience, but why can't anyone make dubstep like this these days??
Tobi Whineot
Listening to this in 2016 !!!!
derp mann
oh ya dubstep, i almost forgot what it sounded like. they stopped making true dubstep.
Nathan Kline
This is good to use while doing your homework on the computer. It helped me concentrate! ;-)
i wish i could give this video more likes
The Angaroo
I could listen to this any day of the year, great collection!
Kaloian Penchev
Now 13/3/2018... Posted 14/9/2014... - STILL THE BEST TRACKS
phoboxas XD
The old times :,(
Old school dubstep :)
*2009 and 2010 is the best dubstep years on my opinion*
oh god.... its been too long... i needed this
pika spika
Himanshu Sharma
Congratulations, you've a new fan.
destro lock999
fuckin epic man , love old dubstep !!!
Uncle Gilbert
This is pure gym music
First dubstep i ever listened to was Mt Eden, and since then i was in love with this genre, but in 2011 more and more crap came out. But this music opened my eyes to many other genres like DnB, Drumstep and Tek :p
Brian Beal
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AWESOME, and actually thanks much *TheSupremeKronus* without ur channel I would have a harder time finding dubstep for my videos
Fuckin A Jared
bad boy, ty for upload
Roberto Salvatierra
great mix,good tracks
Liam Underwood
Not really a mix but nice tunes anyways <3
MTRX 2010
ahhhhhhhhhh what a badass set. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5. gives me bad nostalgia when i was back home in Austin Texas tearing up the floor at club barcelona.
Danielle Lynch
brother, blessed mix
Chris the whovian
The music is epic
Ahhh what have we done...
Danny Ko
19:33 <3
Muffins X
Back when Datsik was handing out the tulsa passes. fireeeeeee.
so this is what i missed... well i probably wont forgive it to myself...
Oh the nostalgia
Miltonandres :v
Анатолий Strong
Как быстро летит время.... начинал слушать dubstep в 2009 и по сей день)
Bro yes this is what im looking for, that lousy fortnight music thats out now is garbage
cant go wrong with bassnector
Mirjana Babic
Droptimus 4K Gaming
dat throwbacckkkkk
Everything withers and dies in the end .. It seems post 2010 dubstep started to die unfortunately
Victor Caitano
2009-2010 melhor época dos DUBSTEP
Thitisun Tanyasiri
Nice song.
Lord Potsmoke
Way too many adverts man, wtf
Nana Nanana
ughh there was a dubstep song I used to listen to a lot, it had a picture of a planet and it was quite old, and had a rly complicated name. I even remember the melody!