All Time Greatest AC Milan XI

Witness my selection of the very best AC Milan squad from the very beginning. Thank you to Heilrj03's video of "The Best XI in World Cup History" for inspiring me to make this one. Enjoy. Music: Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y. (Madis Remix) Interstellar Theme "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Roger Gonzalez
No Gullit??? he won with Milan 4 italian cups, 6 scudettos, 2 champions league, 2 Europa super cup, 2 intercontinental cups, he was 2 times fifa world player and one Ballon d'Or... Seedorf was an excellent player, but Gullit was best on field.
Ted Bundy™
not a milan fan but that milan late 80s early 90s is easly the greatest club team ever assembled
zLyon 88
I'm Real Madrid fan but I miss a lot old Milan 😭
Mattia Santangelo
i'm not a milan supporter, but in order to understand how great is milan in football history we should mention few names didnt make to the list but still are considered milan's legends: marcos cafu, jaap stam, zvonimir boban, dejan savicevic, manuel rui costa, andrea pirlo, gennaro gattuso, ruud gullit, filippo inzaghi, hernan crespo, fabio capello, carlo ancelotti, cesare maldini (paolo's father, he was good trust me), karl-heinz schnellinger, nils liedholm, gunnar nordahl, roberto donadoni, giovanni trapattoni, george weah, oliver bierhoff.
Gabri Barba
Ac milan fans miss those moment, but we'll be back
How could you leave out Rudd Gullit? That's just wrong
Franco Campos
Paolo Maldini was, in my opinion, the greatest Italian player of all time
Van basten the greatest...
Rossi Tassotti Baresi C. Maldini P. Maldini Rivera Gullit Rijkaard Donadoni van Basten Nordahl
Mustafa Shakir
best ac milan team was the late 80s. Rossi, albertini, Maldini, costacurta, savicevic, gullit, raijkard.
Harrison Poku
How you not add George Weah, that's crazy. He was A.C. Milan
I wonder if Donnarumma will join this list in time. He has future captain written all over him.
Gabriel González Fernández
I just can't watch this, im crying, i want to get back FORZAMILAN
Júlio césar
Saudades do todo poderoso Milan. Gullit, Rui Costa, Gattuso, Donadoni, Inzaghi, Kaladze, Pirlo, Savicevic, Serginho.
Akmal RK
Mohammed Ahmed
what abaut cafu!!!!!!!!!
Mr. mano D2BD3004
Sebastiano rossi Nesta Baresi Costacurta Maldini Gullit Rijkaard Rivera kaka V.basten G.nordhal
Marino Casini
Where are Ruud Gullit, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Donadoni, Serginho, Cafù, Dejan Savicevic, Zvonimir Boban, Daniele Massaro???!!!???!!!
all counties
I use to watch channel 4 football Italy when younger with my grandad Sunday dinner it was good times ..any way for me being a 40 something football player and fan from England and man.utd. we've seen some great players and teams in world football but for me Milan team best ever ..and for me best player van Basten two good feet good with head big strong boy .what we in England use to call a typical English striker. and the combination of ruud.gullit. and frank Ricard.and those 3.all playing for Holland and Milan. so not a lot of people would agree I suppose but as a boy van Basten was 1 for me .then one bad day for England he destroys us with a hatrick .I hoped van Basten wasn't going to play but he did .good night ..
Adwait Joshi
i would choose Tassotti ahead of costacurta....Gullit ahead of Rijkaard...Rui Costa over Kaka..everything else..great :)
Adhurim sahiti
I watch this video and I think just how good was Ac milan I swear I'm crying❤
David Martin
¿Y Ruud Gullit?
And still Maradona beat these players with Napoli. Imagine if he played against the empty defenses Messi and Ronaldo play against? What would he and Baggio have 200 goal seasons in todays game lol?
F. H. M Al-Aidi
I would have put Pirlo in Riveras spot. And maybe Cafu on right back.
Yuda Zona
Wish you found a place for Gullit! Very good XI nevertheless.
Brian Gomez
Damn this is a scary ass team. I can't even think of an attacking force that would be able to penetrate this monster of a defense. This is coming from a die hard Barca fan. Respect and love to Milan.
questo era MILAN imparate rosiconi di altre squadre NOI SIAMO CLUB PIU TITOLATO DEL MONDO
Now Suso,cutrone,calhanoglu is medioker player Higuain instans player
Sergio Savic
For me George Weah, Cafu, Savicevic had to be in there. I know it's all individual, but seeing them out when they are responsible for so many titles is weird. But that's when you see how big of a team Milan really is.
Capi rex
Costacurta is a central back ! Zagatti , A.G.Fontana , David , Anquilletti , Tassotti , Panucci and Cafù are right back !
Fernando Ivan Ramirez Alvarado
Ac Milan is bigger than Barcelona
Mr. Unboxing
Back when even barca used to get scared to face this team..
Marcelinho Montebras
Franco Baresi, o zagueiro mais foda que já existiu!
Longis Cadenotas
The best Italian players of all time Roberto Baggio and Paolo Maldini magic 2:05 !!! so beautiful without hurting the opponent!!!
chokri mzoughi
You forgot donadoni
Allen García
Some day our Milan will rise again. Love you Milan.
Giuseppe Calonico
come on gullit, van basten and rijkaard shld be in one team together!!!Three European cup finals in a row....and winning 2.
Jorge Mena
S.Rossi; Cafú, Nesta, Baresi, Maldini; Rijkaard, Pirlo; Gullit, Kaká; Inzaghi, Van Basten!
RealManu 777
For me Dida- Maldini- Baresi- Nesta- Costacurta- Rijkaard- Pirlo- Gullit- Kaká- Van Basten- Shevchenko in 4-3-1-2
Ferry Hafiz
dida cafu albertini gatusso boban rui costa gullit inzaghi
What about Gullit? He was a great partner for Van Basten.
Alaf Dutra
Imfelizmente hj é so um time mediano a nivel Europa!😞
Leo Nascimento
Pirlo over Seedorf and Cafu over Costacurta. But great list, really miss those legends
Gullit is probably the best player in Milan history and he is not in this video lol
Pino Tube
Things to do once a day: 1) watch the video 2) take at 9:00 3) think about life 4) stop the video 5) cry
Daniel Hackett
Maldini and Costacurta to cb drop nesta. Pirlo in for seedorf. Gullit for shevchenko
Melwyn Sunny
Interstellar music for days gone by?
Hmoobthoj Frenchnraug
AC Milan... the Best team forever with Van Basten, Gullit, Maldini, Baresi... Forza Milano...😍😍😍
Enrique Gil
Kaka instead of Gullit?.. No way!!! Technically, Ruud Gullit is the most perfect player in the history of Milan... and maybe of the world!..
Nicolò Paviglianiti
Dilmer Garzon
Este Milan ❤️🖤😭 forza Milan per sempre ❤️ 🖤
AC Milan are on their way back up🙌🖤❤️🖤❤️
Sam Rothstein
Albertosi, Cafu, Nesta, Baresi, Maldini, Pirlo, Rijkaard, Rivera, Kaka, Weah, Van Basten
Samuel Silva Prezença
Seleção do Milan sem Rudy Gullit ?!? Esse não conheceu o Milan !
Aiman Ali
watching AC MiLaN.... just To Make My Day💗 whatever happened... watching videos like these... well make Me HapPy 💞⚽🙋😇😇😇
Alexander Matamoros
What a team! God. Gullit, Van Basten, Rikjard. I hope Milan take the way again with those guys Pjatek and Paketa
Kaito Melt
GUILLIT instead of Seedorf.
Luis Ondarza
Falta Ruud GULLIT También Gatusso
Tunisino Sfaxiano
my XI : Rossi, Cafu Nesta Baresi Maldini, Rijkaard Pirlo Gullit Kaka, Shevchenko Van Basten
Munt 46
La più grande società di tutti i tempi. FORZA MILAN 🔴⚫️
JX Tan
Great team. But I would swap Costacurta for Cafu and Seedorf for Gullit. That said, I still love Billy and Clarence.
Shaun Morgan
Greatest club side of all time 88-92 with the Dutch trio running the show. Van Basten, the greatest 9 the world ever saw.
Giancarlo Bertetti
All time greatest AC Milan without Ruud Gullit ??? Without the best??
C3- PO
You forgot Silvio Berlusconi
ame isolee
Sebastiano Rossi my favorite GK who never had a chance in 'Squadra Azzurri'.
Mihai Mitrea
lapphuong nguyen
G.Donnadruma Maldini Nesta Stam Cafu Rijkaard Gullit Rivaldo KaKa Ronaldinho Basten My own FO3 account !
Henk Vrijhoeven
I'm Dutch and a Ajax fan and I'm loving every second of this. awesomeness
SUPER PIPPO ?????. High Football IQ. Beast inside the box. Some idiot will claim him as lucky player....
Anceloti brought the best out of kaka
Dottor SadRay
I liked your top 11, but it's really harsh to agree with it whe u preferred Rijkaard to Gullit and Seedorf to Pirlo. I guess it's super tough to make a top eleven, u left behind very good players like Weah, Savicevic, Albertini, Gattuso, Thiago Silva, Cafù or Nordhal.. I believe probably a top 22 would have done the job! ;) Thank you for making me remember the great names my Milan used to have :)
Emilio Francione
what a team! and to think that aren't here players as Gullit,Nordhal,Inzaghi,Schiaffino,Albertosi,Ancelotti,Savicevic and Gattuso....😂 Forza Milan, we will return on the top
Pippo Pippis
Roberto Baggio, Whea, Gullit, Ronaldo (only 20 caps at end career but still a legend)
Boky Boky
Rossi - Maldini, Stam, Nesta, Cafu - Gulit, Savicevic, Pirlo, Donadoni - Sheva, Van Basten
Dale Rudder
OMG...this is amazing. Where is King George Weah and the mercurial Ruud Gullit??
Song Wang
Gullit!!! It all started with Gullit joining in 1987. He was the epitome of Total Football. The way Milan played went downhill after he left.
Mauro Lúcio Ribeiro
Esse time do Milan fez muita história e era bom demais
irwan wong
the sub dida cafu-stam-t.silva-jankulovski gattuso-donadoni-pirlo-rui costa inzaghi-nordhal
Valerio R
Galli; Tassotti-Baresi-Nesta-Maldini; Rivera-Pirlo-Rijkaard; Shevchenko-Nordahl-Van Basten
iftekhar hossain
where is Pirlo and Gattuso..??🤔🤔
Ali Husein
PrinceDevil The Sweet Boy
I suggest: Dida; Maldini, Stam, Nesta, Cafu; Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf ; Kaka, Shevchenko, Inzaghi
Put a Super Pippo in the bench and its perfect!
AC Milan ♡♡
Pollux Dioscure
Kaka.... Savicevic Is really better... So difficult to pick the other striker next to Mr Marco Van Basten.. Gullit, Mr George Weah or Sheva...
Its impossible to imagine that how much a team can fall in standards.
chilling to watch those penetrating runs from the back down the middel from Baresi.. stunning FORZA MILAN
Rossi - Maldini,Baresi,Nesta,Cafu - Rijkaard,Pirlo,Albertini,Gullit - Shevchenko,Van Basten
Hj Kanto
Costacurta -> Tassotti Seedorf -> Gullit
Jo Black
Costacurta has been a center back. Ad a right back I would defenetly choose Tassotti. But I agreed for the 90% of the team. Special mention to George Weah who’s been in my opinion always underrated 👍
Jean Ditou
10 Shiafino ;Gullit>Kaka 2 Cafu > Costacurta
K-town C
Nesta, Pirlo, Maldini? That's my childhood man. Forza Milan!
Mo Ab
People start to forget ac milan, sad to look at them today!! Forza Milan
Steven Chow
Ramón Olalla
No Savicevic, Weah, Baggio, Cafu, Gullit, Pirlo??? Not forget Tassotti, Panucci, JPP, Inzgahi, Simone?
Adrián Cabello
Where is Ruud Gullit???? Is the best of the history of AC Milan
Liquid Sound
No Rud Gullit !!!! Billy as the best RB and not Cafu!
dhedhot Ramdhan
where is ruud gullit, gunnar nordahl, niels liedlhom, gren, roberto donadoni, dejan savicevic, cesare maldini, carlo anceloti, mauro tassoti, zvonimir boban, pietro virchowood etc