History Of Sheeva Mortal Kombat X

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Time to talk about the devastating female shokan Sheeva. Yes this has been a late one but better late then never :D Follow me! />Watch me stream at

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I've always loved Sheeva. Never understood the hate she gets.
Marcos Antônio
Sheeva Is Beautiful <3
I hate that throughout the games Sheeva's history is just a cycle of "and she guarded this person...and was defeated. Then she guarded this person...and was defeated. Then she did this...and was defeated. Then she looked at this person the wrong way...and was defeated." I'm ready for Sheeva to start raging and rip everyone apart. She has a good (and actually noble!) character about her. I want to root for her but she has a worse win-streak than Sub-Zero, and that's saying a lot.
I fap to Sheeva :)
Shaquan Ingham
Easily my favorite female MK kharacter
Rowan Jadon
Sheeva is so underrated 😯. She needs more love.
Derek Akridge
how many L's did Sheeva take?😂 Holy shot everyone defeated her😂
Gary Manuel
Dang she's always getting her ass beat
Odin Akechi
Sheeva had a very interesting voice in the game. Anyway please do Michelle or Julia Chang from Tekken!
Logan Blight
History of Motaro plz
i always thought Sheeva was Goro's daughter
Quan Cheese the Peanuthead
Can you do History of the Realms in mortal kombat if you don't have anymore characters to cover on?
J Double C
I know many will dog me for saying this but I think Sheeva is actually kinda sexy
Rhodie Slayer
I hope you do soulcalibur in the future
I would love to hear more on the history of the Centaurs fued with Goro's people.
The great Kung Lao
Yesss! Nitara next?
Faith Denise
Whoa he spoke waaaaay too fast for me to understand. I had to rewind it several times. No hate, but could you slow it down a tad bit please?
James Lamp III
I vote Motaro after frost
tereka winnegan
I have be a big fan her and frost thank you for doing their backstory I'm doing a fan fiction on sheeva and planning to do one for Frost in one too.
Frost, good she was my main in MK:A
John Staton
When I played these games as a kid I always played as Sheeva. Idk why but she is my favorite character.
Ronda Jin
I always thought that Sheeva was one of Goro's nine wives. That was the background for her back in the day. I guess it's either changed or not mentioned that much anymore.
Probably the most beautiful beast female character of mk👌
Tevin Abraham
i know ntn about frost so go ahead
Reiko Please I want to know more about him.
Vincent Nguyen
It's funny because the only thing I hear is she is defeated she is defeated and she is defeated
Please say warrior five times
black puta
i don't really care about her but i still feel like she's underrated
Rowan Jadon
Poor girl is always getting defeated
Immortal Zamasu
Sheeva always found a way to get that ass beat.
can you do history of blaze
Man Dude
Regis Carlton
Johnny Cage, Cyrax and Sheeva are my favourite characters :D, odd choices I know.
Shadow Nova
At 0:17 Imagine fighting that giant shokan jesus It's going to be a jumpy match
Ahbu Lee
Nitara and Drahmin and Movado
Would we see Sareena in the future?
billy levis
History of Tremor
make a history of Koatal Khan
Sheeva's my fave.
Mortal Kombat
Shes my favorite
Vincent Maliga
Shujinko and Reiko please
sergio puente
there isint enough of her
Out Rider55206
Make on of history of cyrax
gummy bear
i love sheeva
Roca .Kanaree
thumbs up for havik
Ran Snyder
Su hao?
River Tuccaro
I'll bang...
Ney Gabriel
history of yoshimitsu
Corie Depp
I requested this vid 1 year ago
Nicholas Fischer
did u do taven or daigon? if not, either one of them please? also I LOVE YOUR MKX VIDS
Best of Maxx gaming #pokefam
heck yeah do Frost
Tristan Keech
Kotal KAHN
Cerase 468
Taven plz after
Pheonix XTekken
History of Ashrah or Sareena please.😃
Stryker Ramirez
This video basically shows me Sheeva gets her ass best by everybody
Ahmad Musa
Sheeva is very underrated ... my all time favorite.
Deon Farmer
The last time I saw sheeva in mortal kombat 9 was she with mileena,shang tsung,reptile,ermac,and kano before disappearing before the event of mortal kombat x. So sheeva became a good guy after kintaro got killed by havik and his possess minions. I hope sheeva return for mortal kombat 11 to exact revenge on her people and challenge emperor kotal khan in mortal kombat.
Quamain Gibbs
I was wondering why I didn't see her in the series. I didn't know she was killed.
Sonya Blade
*Sheeva* was meant to play a larger role in the film, even to the point of early scripts having a *two-on-one fight of her versus Liu Kang and Raiden.* However, budget limitations meant it would be prohibitively expensive to have a long fight-scene involving her, due to the amount of prosthetics and CGI needed to portray the character's extra limbs; thusly her role was cut down to a few brief scenes and lines, and her fight-scene was hastily changed to her death-scene instead.
Emerald The Wolf
If sheeva didn't die In mk9 than why she didn't ruturn in mkx
Cloud Strife
Here in Brazil we are close to first of June. Almost 2 years since you released this video. :D I decided to make a "birthday" comment. I'm one of the few fans who wan Sheeva back in MK 11. She's an awesome character, very unique even in Mortal Kombat. Non human characters are always welcome in this series. She have much potential to be explored in the lore, I do hope she'll make an appearance again.
Richard z
What happened to her she never died
kestrel archer
Sheeva look hotter in a comic despite having 4 arm
bradley booth
Sheeva is so fine...man she’s beautiful!0_0
Travaris Harris
I want Sheeva in mkx I want her back she's my favorite plz bring her back
Benjamin Dominguez
She can mosdef get it!
She should have beem in MKX
You're probably the only youtuber with who I always watch videos to the very end just because of that amazing music at the end, wish I knew what it was...
Vizi oso
Wow, Sheeva got defeated a lot.
khalif 215
Definitely underrated she was one of the strongest characters in mk9 her and nightwolf
Pieguy 37
I don't know if you already did Sector, but that would be a good one. Also I know that you haven't done Motaru and i think that would be a good person. I mean he's better than Stryker. Right.
Drequynn Rod
Sheeva just give it up.she been defeated so many times lol
Candice Porter
Thank you for covering Sheeva. How about D'Vorah next, or Motaro? Also what about covering the Realms or the feud between the Centaurs and the Shokan?
Alandfire Yt
Dang she's defeated like so many time she's a weak character
Jeremyn Skelton
Sheeva & Sindel are indeed my favorite woman in Mortal Kombat Games
bradley booth
You didn’t talk about Kai at all yet:/
Kristian Kennedy
please please please do motaro
Daniel Vasconcelos
Amazing! I love Sheeva. History of Anna Williams (Tekken), please
I've been saying Motaro for AGES, now people are saying it. That's good cos he's a very good character. Maybe I said it too soon and now like a sequence, it makes sense to put up the history about him. I also recommend Balrog for street fighter and Gill. But yeh, great vids man
History behind Shujinko
Zack Owens
can you also start doing history behind killer instinct characters
Ash tray
It's easy to forget that she was one of those characters that died immediately and only returned in the reboot
History of the hottest fighting girl: Mai Shiranui
kane Huston
Please do Mavado, Hsu Hao, or Meat. I know they are most likely the most hated characters but they have a good backstory
Jalen 0897
I would like to see d'vorah Kotal khan jacqui Cassie and Takeda even though there new u could tell there comic book history and game history
Mikhail Mckay
history of motaro
Dr Pupper
sheeva has so much more potential now as the queen of the shokan
Lord Inquisitor
I know it's not likely to happen... But think you could cover the Predator or Xenomorph? :P
ender assassin
can someone tell me what his intro song is plz
Diontay Paplia
History about Motaro?
ashrah next please!!!!!!
Jennifer Stewart
final fight Cody!! please😂