Atletico Madrid vs Leganes 4-0 All Goals & Highlights - La Liga 28/02/2018

Jøәl StrΔngәr
Griezmann on fire 😳🔥🔥🔥
who said griezmann was doing bad this season? sssssshhhhhhhh i hope he stays... it would be a miracle but...
7 goals on 2 games🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marissa Bretton
Inform fifa 18
Dante Roa
That freekick 👌. Wonder if he'll stay
marcel bailey
Griezmann on 🔥🔥🔥
João Vitor Tibucheski
They were talking shit about him Respect the man
*Griezmann vs Leganes !*
Sad New
Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Griezmann! Bad start this season but now not much behind top scorers
Samuel Koy
Coup franc, plat du pied, coud de tête, reprise de volé, griezman en feu
Rizky Putra Lumban Tungkup
Wiiz El Dimaria Premier
Respect considération Grizman
milo miriam
griezmann to barca!!🔥🙏 we waiting😎
HS RuDee
Griezmann <3
Marvel Dc
Aguero Kane Suarez Griezmann Ronaldo Cavani Immobile and Lewandowski are the best striker! Incredible theyve all been on fire this season!
Josema Lopez Real
Griezman modo dios
Guess he really wants to come to barca
Hamid Skello
Team Grizou !!!!
Bilgim keledi
So can Griezmann not go to Barca next season, thanks.
Ricardo Soto
This makes me even more excited for Sundays match. Barcelona v. Atletico Madrid 🔥
dondre morris
i hate when a video is showing how to subscribe. I am not stupid i know how to subscribe,i just choose not to
Michael Zapata
Yes Griezmann your ready for Barca
Dah Poe
Drack BlasTer
Griezman on fires again 2 match 7 gol 💪💪
Eso sí son goles no como del Cristiano penaldo 😁😁
aqw 741
Griezmann : SE QUEDA jajajaja Please stay one last year in Atleti. This club deserves another run in UCL next year, last chance with Simeone, Costa & Antoine. The final will be In Wanda Metropolitano. YOU HAVE TO STAY ONE LAST YEAR. ULTIMO ANO POR FAVOR.
Le footeux du 7
Vamos!! from japan
Griezmann a marqué plus de buts sur ce match que Benzema depuis le début de la saison!! Griezmann scored more goals in this game than Benzema since the beginning of the season!! lol
Ricardo Alberdi
Grandísimo Atlético de Madrid. Todo el equipo. Griezmann, sobresaliente. Que pasa con la tarjeta? Nuestro 7, jugará por el bién del espectáculo. Que se apañe el Barça con lo que tiene. Que no es poco porque Monsieur Antoine está agusto y felíz y se quedará por mucho que le tienten vilmente. A él... O a su entorno .
The Best10
He's going to disappear against Barcelona tho
Antoine Griezmann
I am in form
Scientific Logic
I am a RM fans but I enjoy watching Griezmann. He is an outstanding soccer player. He could bring Atletico Madrid outrun Barcelona.
Tosin Odubanjo
barca is waiting for you griezmann
ኣቢ ወዲ ተማጅላ ርእሲ ከተማ ናይ ጽልማ
Le gameur ragrux
7 buts pour Griezmann en 2 matchs
Coming inform fifa 18 Griezmann 🤙🤙
Juki Anjuki
Griezman is the best 😎😎😎
Geoblivion Z
Keeper was so terrible tho
Romy Ouassolou
Grizou is true G.O.A.T
Le gameur ragrux
Griezmann > Ronaldo
Ashish subedi
2 games 7 goal #griezman on fire
He looks pretty happy to me.
Afiq Azizi
This tittle should be “griezamann vs leganes”
Fauzan Ramsyah
7 goals in 2 match 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Griezmann 💪🏼💪🏼
Ricardo Alberdi
Y añado... Que, una de las 4 tarjetas amarillas anteriores fué apelada y removida o quitada...así que tiene ahora 4. No 5. Culés, sentid el temor... Porque allá vamos con todo.
cuong le
griezmann goal goal goal goal
Breistro F
Mon Grizou 💪❤️🇫🇷
Ender mann
Best fotbooll griezmann
Le gameur ragrux
Griezmann plus fort que Neymar en ce moment
Le gameur ragrux
Griezmann en feu
Petxos Empanizados
Quand on voit comment on lui chie dessus en France alors qu'il est de loin le meilleur joueur français de ses 10 dernières années et comment le commentateur parle de lui , je comprend qu'il fasse sa carrière en Espagne.
Fauzan Ramsyah
2 IF at FIFA 18 2 times in a row. What a Fantastic player 👊
Antoine Griezmann
Griezmann welcome to barca.
Jaya Mahato
Everubody is talking about griezman but also notice that team has improved a lot in front we can outran barca if we continue
What's the problem with spanish shoutcaster ? I mean, we know that's a goal... No need to yell "GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL" for god's sake.
Cristi ‡
Gabriel Cañamero
Bien Griezzman bien... preparándote para venir a Barcelona
Grizi 7
Griezmann don’t leave😥
selestin9 S-P9
alllez grizmannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Es dios
Bekbolsun Toloev
🤙🤙 on fire!
Shekhar Thapa
Griezman is better than Ronaldo because he scored different types of goals righy foot, left foot, heading, free-kick. Whose logic is this?😂😂
DeadMan Walking
im actually worried about barca vs atleti now xD
Teru Abiko
I m Barca fan but I respect Griezmann 🤙🤙 he on fire🔥
France soccer team got killers for russia 2018
My tuber
Alien griezmann🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Ricardo Alberdi
Alvin Gein
Un phénomène grizou
Denny Zar
Amazing Griezmann
7 goles en 2 partidos seguidos lleva ya
dadax416 /GAMING
Griezmann fire ;)
gri gri !!
griezmann es muy bueno pero el cambio que ha pegado con la llegada de diego costa
That header for Griezmann's third goal. It's a work of art. 6:24, Griezmann has the awareness to dummies it to Felipe Luis. At this point, he's already on the wing and could just stay out there, but he runs into the box, showing his workrate. Then watch at 6:29, he feints to go to the near post to make the first centre back commit to running that line, but then Griezmann peels off towards the penalty spot so that he can get the dominant line in front of the next centre back. He then leaps like a rocket in the air showing his athleticism (especially as he isn't a big guy). When he heads the ball, he is at the apex of his jump, he's not still rising or falling, he is at the maximum height to reach that. He gets lots of power on the header by getting his whole body and neck behind it. And he heads it back in the direction of where the ball came so that the goal keeper's momentum commits him to going in the opposite direction. Griezmann's heading is so so underrated. Awareness, team work, workrate, athleticism, finishing, heading. Incredible.
PoWeR Rafale
JC top10s
no phaha
mercyz MT
7 goals in tow games!!!!
florin salam
griezmann scored 7 from all 15 goals in last 2 games
Bayu Septian
griezmann ready for barcelona 🔥🔥🔥
Sija rakotoarivony
Stephen curry
goxy Goxy king onatis onatis
Griezman il est en forme
Alberto Sacre
Grizi Costa AG/DC
Le Halouf
1 goal with his speed, 1 goal on a free kick, 1 head goal, 1 volley goal... Griezmann does everything, that's why he's one of the best players today ! France 2018 !
Just Cool
Griezmann is great
Sehriyar Suleymanov
Neymarcilar +
Amin Habibi
The best grizman
y o
Best goal
Amin Habibi
The grizman
Family Tock
ir07 RuCo
Taha Khan
i <3 griezmann