Three Ways To Eat Dandelion Flowers

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Sir Caco
In Slovenia we eat young dandelion leaves. We just put garlic,oil,vinegar,salt and warm patato (making leaves soft) on. I just ate for lunch and it was amazing :) 
Vicina Lucinda - Cleaning
really nice video!
This video was as fun to watch as it was informative! Thank you!!!!! The Honey idea I have not yet tried. Looks delicious however. :)
Nathan Sone
I eat tham and my dad said that is possible
kaza Bailey
Sounds like he had no idea and said to stay away just to be safe. Doctors don't always know everything. I'd ask another doctor to get another opinion.
Cool people are you guys barefooters?
i ts actually the doctors job to keep you healthy and keep you alive its the hospitals job to drain you of what you have, medical staff develop bonds between there patients most of the time and they will actually try to help you out at the constant risk of the hospital finding out about it, rule #481 dont diss the people who you run to in times of emergency.
Leslie Dudley
They are picking them incorrectly. You are to uproot the plant, with most of the nutrients being the leaves and root. When picking them as they did in the video, the plant draws it's nutrients into the roots. They are alive to say the least. Talk to the plant and ask permission to use it's resources.
You can also turn them into really delicious pancakes! 1 cup whole wheat pastry flower (or half and half whole wheat and regular flower) 2 tsp baking powder 1 egg 1 tsp salt maple syrup (optional) add (2/3 cream to 1/3 water mix) until the batter consistency is achieved. Then add dandelion crowns! You can probable add in 100 or so. You're looking for it to be completely saturated. Then fry up the pancakes in butter! They taste great with hot sauce, maple syrup or peanut butter!
patrick giles
You guys are homeschooled, right? If you are or if you aren't, I mean the question as a compliment.
Truly Pure Birth
Thanks for sharing :) I've been enjoying dandelion flowers with my boys!
frank mycek
wow... not only can u turn the dandelion roots can be used as a coffee  both the leaves AND the flower can be eaten. unlike the roots, the leaves and flower can be eaten raw. even better you can use the flower for a medicinal tea. WHY DA HECK DID EVERYONE TAUGHT ME TO THINK DANDELIONS WERE NOTHING BUT WEEDS?!?!?!?!?
charles carpenter
Great video! Thank you!!! :)
Mike C
While princess spearmint was at her doctors getting lied to, i ate some dandelions and smoked some buds. tasted great.
cryptic and indifferent
do u got to wash them first, i wanna try some ;)
Pompano Beach Babe
I ate some at a training session and they were dipped in a batter and fried and they wer tasty and looked better than raw even though might not have been as healthy as raw.
Mavis Wang
WOuld i as a homeless pothead be able to sustain myself on a diet of dandelions and water?
kregg Kittelson
Dandilion also kills cancer !!!!
wyatt wanders
wow! this is in missoula right by the madison street bridge! lol i was just looking for videos on dandelion greens and i find this video shot in my neighborhood! awesome job guys :)
Princess Spearmint
I'm continuing on another reply, ran out of room. Anyway, what I was going to say. I would never eat off the lawn, the flowers and greens could have bugs, or stuff from the ground on or around them. I'd wash the flowers should I eat them, which I will not by the way. Edible or not. I can't stand the idea of flowers being edible. I can see the wine, which the water is extracted from flowers. But just the same. I have to admit. I would have maybe tried the dandelion tea if I able to. Oh well!
Princess Spearmint
Listen. I've already mentioned, natural herbs can be dangerous. Doctors know more than we do. I think that the dandelions work for us becasue we believe they do. I had a kidney transplant, in my case. I have to be very careful what I ingest. Dandelions, a weed, a bigtime pain in the neck, claims to be very healthy. I'll give people one thing, dandelions are very pretty and smell nice. I can even get by dandelion wine. But to harvest them? I think eating the blossoms right off grass is brave.
Giovanna Chavez
Awsome just keep in mind that they are crucial for bees too, so don't cut them all!!
Ryylah Body oils
your doctors job is to get rich and make the pharmaceutical company rich. Why would he advise you to eat a natural plant that's free when he can prescribe you meds?
"Dents de lion" are 1 of my favorite things. They have a strong revitalizing energy when put as fresh flowers in the bath. Didn't know to eat the flowers - will certainly do that this spring! Thank-you for this fun video!!! :))
James Carmichael
lol you guys are great. Thanks for the info. I love Dandelions.
Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer!
Awesome video brilliant movie making! thanks to everyone who put this together and helped be in and make it. love n light. joy to u and anyone reading this today and now! :)
That was great, thank you for sharing. I'd of never thunk to do all that !! Just make sure no dogs frequent the area you harvest !!!!
Journal Jose
Thank you so much, we'll publish it on our family blog to inform people that dandelion flowers are edible ... and delicious !
wow, really nice clip! perfect!
thanks, sergei, for that information. i never would have guessed i could just EAT dandelion flowers. :) yippee!
I don't have an iPhone for the wild edibles app. How can I get the nutritional info for dandelions?
Christine Scullion
MikeC, wake up honey, you know nothing, in fact. Who's to say that people on youtube and the internet Proper are honest, maybe they are not worth eating, maybe it's all an act. Get real. I burst your bubble!
CnZ Love
Brilliant!  Thank you!
introcu buba
eat weeds (really weeds) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :D
1oz Slug
where was this filmed?
Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer!
hehe gr8 video ! :)
Mike Edmondson
Batter fried deep fat faux morel mushrooms...
I roll them in egg and flour and fry them. They taste like okra. MMM
Ari Z
Good appetite !
Harley Davidson
You forgot ketchup!
Joanna Rehbein
I'm going to try that.
When I juice some tomatoes and carrots next time i'm gonna juice a few of these in there as well.  Hopefully this will be a good mix.
Joe Smith
Can the white fluffy dandelions (the ones with the blowable seeds) be eaten?
nadia majed
How do u just eat those
Yes this is an amazing plant! All of it is rich in health benefits, from the root to the flower. You can uproot the plant sure, or use whichever parts are preferable to you. (snipping flowers at the base of the stem ensures more leafy growth) Careful where you forage in the city however, avoid places near roadways where the plant has accumulated pollution, or abandoned lots where chemicals or pesticides could have been sprayed at one time.
JoAnn S.
When picking dandelions out in the wild how can you properly clean them? For example what if an animal urinated/pooed on them?
the dandilion look alike not poison but I wouldn't eat it the leafs r rough