Holy Smoke (Jane Campion)- Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel

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Holy Smoke! (USA/1999)- REAL Best Actress of 1999. Written & directed by Jane Campion Clip: Ruth (Kate Winslet) and PJ (Harvey Keitel) begin a battle of will in the Australian outback.

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Andrea Zamora
Her Australian accent here is on point.
Khurshid Khan
she is so hot i love it.
Abbey Stapley
woah her australian accent is perfect! just fell in love with kate a little but more :o
Himadri Nandi
she's a handfull
Crystal Miller
Weird but I love this. I love Harvey and his strange ass movies.
As for the psychological warfare.... From the moment that I saw him bending down on the floor to clean the pieces of glasses that (she broke) I knew he was going to lose!!!
Babs McConologue
@yabba234, She directs beautiful films. Watch The Piano. Its one of my favorite films of all time. You will love it.
Babs McConologue
I have stated many kind things about this woman, and now I will continue to. KATE WINSLET IS IMHO THE BEST ACTRESS TODAY!!! Thumbs up if you agree.
Is there a british accent similar to australian accent?
damn kate you can suck my dick anytime
Nick Leslie
Most American/British actresses who do Australian accents sound absolutely awful and stereotypical. Not Kate - she nails it perfectly!
Michell Wallace
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good movie
sherona neville
You seem like you have too much FAT in your head.
Winslet Fan
I fckn LOVE this movie.. I own it; Kate winslet IS thee Shit!
Daniel Williamson
Kate Winslet should be in the next Mad Max film.
this movie is amazing...i love her in everything but as far as acting goes, this and Jude was some of her best work.
Son of Euclid
sexy time!
2:55 lol
Her accent is so flawless for a foreign actress! God. I love her!
wow her accent is impeccable.
Pro-cult movie. I bet the Scientologists love it.
Matter of fact, I am brainy and big and yes Kate; you can suck it. lol
jane campion seems to be such an amazing film maker! im just starting to discover her films ! this is so awesome ! this scene also Kate Winslet of course RESPECT !:)
feroj Mahmood
i love kate so much .My dream girl ..
Alex O'Brien
I'm an aussie and her accent is great. I absolutely love Kate Winslet. I think she is my favourite actress of all time! The Reader blew my mind <3
Johnny Wesley
i love her so much and my dream girl
Babs McConologue
@patrioticheart, She didn't get fat.
Rajeev Nair
Kate is really beautiful and charming.
Misty Pool
When she screamed f**c you, I must have jumped ten feet! o.o
Marcela Geiger
Oh, really, people? Is that all you can say??? If women have advanced since Alice Paul it definitely isn't because of men's support. Retrograde males...what else can I say...?
Erin Steele
She says 'women' like a Kiwi.
Gunnhild Edwards
thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard. She has probably seen tons of Australian films. I mean her first film was made in New Zealand. I am from Iceland and we had quite a few australian tv series and still have some and aren´t Neighbours popular in the UK
The part when Kate explodes in the dirt is so freaking erotic!!! What a wet mess, I would have lost it also.
This movie is so bizarre....but Kate is so beautiful, and she's awesome in this woman, as weird as it is.
sherona neville
I thought it was really disgusting how the family treated this girl. It was her choice to follow that religion/ guru ect and she wasnt hurting anyone by it. They treated her like control freaks.
@tomnavel - and you're a fucking pervert