Sunrise Avenue - interview on Musiikki-TV, May 2009.

The Finnish pop/rock band, Sunrise Avenue, released their 2nd album "Popgasm" in May 2009. In this interview the vocalist Samu Haber and drummer Sami Osala tell about the making of the album, and also look briefly into their career in general. For me, Sunrise Avenue's first album "On The Way To Wonderland" (released in 2006) was nearly a masterpiece, and it's no wonder that a song like Fairytale Gone Bad became an international success story, reaching nr 1 on charts in several countries. Sophomore albums are always difficult after a highly succesful debut album, but Popgasm is a worthy follow-up, offering many enjoyable moments for the old and new listeners. People who already liked On The Way To Wonderland, will very likely find their favorites also in the new album. I know I did. :) Aired on YleTV2 Finland (May 17, 2009). English subtitles added.

Alexa Valeska-Riddle
Awww Sami is so damn cute & hot!!!! TeamSami <3 <3
He's cute! :) And his voice is so incredible deep.
OOOoohh.... He's so cute! :D I'm going to by the album on Manday!
Mihaela S
Judit Szigeti
That was a great interview... Thanks!