I'm A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business

"Bitcoin is used for bad things" Is such a moronic argument. Like money was never used for bad things.
If I had a $1000 when I was 12, the last thing I would be doing is investing it. I would've bought a PlayStation and candy.
*2018 UPADTE* Erik has now returned to school. And bought some pants.
Gabriel Hendon
I don’t need any bitcoins. Why? Because I got robux 👌
50,000 Subscribers without videos
why are people mad that he got lucky
Evann-Sean Gorrie
Guys got a Jeffery Dahmer vibe going on
Dan Mac
As soon as he talked about lamborghinis I closed the video.
People say he's lucky, he is. But he also made a company, that's not luck.
Funny There's a 95% chance That he gets poor, then back to rich then back to poor then back to rich again and keeps going back and forth 😂
•Professor Pump•
I love how he’s just casually holding a box of captain crunch in some parts of this video.
Remember : If it wasn't for your bitchy teacher , you woudn't have made it so far.
Nothing said about the brother
Exactly! See at least there are some people who actually use their brains!
Cat King
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Elliot Chaufour
The Virgin is strong with this one
Leonard Fabris
He is acting like he is some kind of teen genius,but the only thing he had was luck
Be Ready G
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So, basically, he got a thousand bucks from his grandmother, bought some bitcoins and people think he's a genius? alright.
I remember very good that I stood in front of my pc with my 350 dollar savings as a kid and was thinking about buying bitcoins... I didnt do it because I wanted to buy new pc parts and couldnt risk loosing my money. My parents would have killed me... I hate myself a bit for not taking the risk
teacher: "you should drop out and work at mcdonalds because that's all you'll ever amount to" erik: "ight bet" *proceeds to found a educational company and invest in an unstable currency that ends up making him 10 million dollars by the end of 2017*
guys invest now. YOU WONT REGRET IT
Shelly A
When it comes to bitcoin mining Denis Law is the best so far
Franz Liszt
I like how he's just holding a box of cereal XD #Priorities
Jerome Villamor
We have same principle in life. You will not learn everything in the school.
“Hold this box of captain crunch, it will make you look edgier”
He moved back into his parents house and his dad gave him a good ass whooping for not going to college. He enrolled in his local community college where he will begin in spring semester 2019.
Did anyone else think the first part was going to cut to the intro?
Not to be a hater, but why is this impressive? It's lucky for sure, and that could be a story on it's own. But they're portraying him as an absolute genius, when all he did was make a risky 1k investment that happened to pay off. Maybe I'm just jealous? lol
100 subs with no videos
It's such a coincidence that all these millionaires say back at school teachers said they won't make it 🤔
Emo trash ryder
He at least 30 😂
Be free
He just got lucky...nothing more
Very smart kid congratulations that you used wisdom to invest that gift of $1000 . I wish you could mentor me.....
Not hating or criticizing him, but he was patient, early, and he got lucky. Nothing more, noting less.
Bone apple teeth
3:56 There's a bench made of concrete over on the right corner, seems like a good skate spot.
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gndbssdq juyftdf
people walkin next to him thinking he broke like all of us.. he's smart.
Y'all down at buzzfeed did this kid dirty on the thumbnail
Mufasa Plays
Plz don’t hate on me but I never understood what bitcoin was
John Levine
I NEED an update on that Lambo dealership in Newport Beach
I'm a 30-something FIAT-BROKE / CRYPTO-HOPE enthusiast :)
Aaaaaand he can work at suoiboiway now
Nos Hyena
I'm a 24 year-old Bitcoin Zero-aire because I never figured out how to buy a bitcoin
Sinister Garbage
i got a *BITCOIN AD* when i watched this
I hope XRP will be the same.
vixien srisongkham
he advertise captain crunch on the low
Zant Burdine
Good For you, thanks for making this video, Im sure some will find it Inspiring, Hope you Accomplish more things in your Life. Don't let the trolls or haters bother ya, Wish you a long life.
He trusted Bitcoin when it was at $10. Kind of smart, but not what this video is making him out to be.
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So he was giving $1,000 by his Grandmother for a scholarship, but invested it in Bitcoin instead, and several years later that $1,000 became $2.3 million? I would say he has incredible investing skills, but... since he was 12 when he did this, I'd say it was pure luck. People who say Bitcoin isn't gonna work out are, in my opinion, right. Bitcoin is just a bubble of ups and downs and won't actually accomplish anything other than making a few people somewhat rich. However, Ethereum, which is dubbed Bitcoin 2.0, has potential. But because of the internet and videos like this one, everyone thinks they can get rich from Bitcoin still, meanwhile people have already jumped ship to Ethereum, then to Litecoin, and now, people are looking for that new coin.
Give your grandma 100.000 !
Daily shepard
Dude your bathroom is classic 😂😂😂😂
_ rayray253 _
im just looking back on this now and i feel so damn bad.... (if yk yk)
vip1ooo !
@ 0:02 Such an unnatural smirk...
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Bob Smith
i thought that was alex from david dobrik's vlogs
Bilbo Ballbag
He gambled in bitcoin while it was cheap and now he's suddenly a wise guy with lots of knowledge, telling people to skip school and learn stuff on the internet.
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Yarin S
Kid's doing presentation like hes some kind of genius Jesus He just bought a few bitcoins
Chris Malcon
Invested in Bitcoin with my savings of 30k with Shelby Alvani. Then a terrible turn of events happened and I lost my house and my car but Thankfully, the Bitcoin i had invested saved my life and is still doing so till this day and i now have a better car and house. Lesson: remember to always invest for the rainy days because it will come
Hahaha all the corrupt evil bankers/financial advisors saying to stay away from it hahaHAHA
Imagine the flexing power this lad has.
Nancy mor
Bitcoin has made me who I'm just can't do without it
It would replace my trusty moto droid turbo 2
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Kyle V
10k jealous haters downvoted this video...
be n
Teacher: dropout Kid:ok A few months later News: dropout kid becomes a millionaire Teacher: ....
Wesam kachouri
this is all just luck to be honest. but good for him!
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Blobby Plays
*K N A W L E D G E ?*
SCREW92 5:30
Thanks for the info, I just uploaded two vids on YouTube have never uploaded about btc before, how did you feel when you uploaded your first few vids?
The None
As long as love is not in my life I'm happy just living on my own wants
Olivia McCarthy
I'm 18 and sitting on a pile of student loans 😂😂😂
Remy Teddy
He looks like Alex from David Dobrik vlogs in the thumbnail
If I am asked to describe this video in one word then I will say this envy
Mariah Clery
mining with mr benjamin woods is the best
Hero M
Living the best life I could only dream of
I liked this video because he talks about our flawed education system edit: why do I have 400 likes
Daniel Flores
*reads title* "not anymore"
Default Army
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Hope grandma got half
Death Obeys
And you made 12,000 off this video
This comment are terrible people are just jealous of you. You are very brave.
Teen Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Proclaims Bitcoin Is ‘Dead’ in the Long Term - DEC 17, 2018
Blitzy 9979
Hmmmmmm🤔 I wonder how’s life now. Since bitcoin is like 4,000 dollars
While its impressive he held on to bitcoin for so long and allowed it to grow, i wouldn't call this kid a genius. Especially based off of one investment. if he had made his fortune off many smaller investments that would be much more impressive and a sign he has talent rather than dumb luck.
Kevin Kavitch
Fool with a lottery ticket. He happened to win.
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Yash 2223
look at this young memestar chilling with that captain crunch
hurricane Swanepoel
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once in a blue moon buzzfeed actuallly has something good
bippitybop Yeah
Looks like Alex Ernst from the thumbnail 😂
damn, imagine if he sold the coins for 20k and not 6500.
Della Dach
Magnificent 💞💞💞💞