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One In The Chamber (2012) Movie Info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Subscribe to Ex Hitman Channel for more ► /> Film Description: An experienced assassin works for both sides of a Russian gang war and becomes the target of a hidden enemy. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All the rights in this content belong to their respective owner/s.

Mr. Washe washe
so a group of russian mobsters decides to speak broken english to each other instead of their native tongue... Yea I'd shoot them too.
I've seen better acting in porn.
Gabriel Zarrabal
The russian always is named Nikolai or Yuri.
unrealistic utter crap
killing the guy with the hostage shouldn't have been a problem for a hired assassin.
The mafia's not that stupid: I'm sure their bodyguards are ex-military (possibly ex-special-forces, even); everyone would have hit the floor after the first shot, taken cover, and evacuated the building in the opposite direction of the shots, not try to machine-gun-spray in the general direction of where they think the sniper is. Likewise, after two to three shots, the sniper would have packed up in a hurry to avoid being pinpointed and cornered by the mafia's rapid response team.
looks like a youtube video shot with a dslr.
Why do we Americans love killing Eastern Europeans in these low budget action movies?
Michael Phan
when you tell your team not to peak the awper but they still do...
Kenneth Meredith
Haha this looks awful. Not surprised I've never heard of it.
Bobby Fischer
Here's a thought, leave the room instead of shooting blinding at someone you can't see,
a .50 cal round would definitely make more damage than was shown there.
Tama Del Rey
did movie director even make a research or anything about the weapon they used in this scene? NO ...
mystic arora
ok so are all other people in this city apart from the gangstas deaf or something
BS , at that range the projectile would have blown that man in half. Also that's not a .50, that is a Ingolf Rueter DSR and the gun only comes in 3 calibers... .308 Winchester .300 Winchester Magnum .338 Lapua Magnum Cool scene but still.
Wow wow wow I just suddenly this scene & then see it again & again several times . .what a dialogues with stunning action ...
David Hoggan
"Our virst language iz bos Russian yet ve bos speak the English."
Buck Forte Cervant
Wow no headshot with that range, what a noob.
Adrian Schwizgebel
The magazine in this rifle is way too short for housing .50 bmg.
DSR 50. maximum capacity 3 rounds. he fires 6.
shadow star
DRS-1 .50 BMG bo2 favorite sniper rifle
Ayaat Fatima
AWM with 8x scope Pubg fan hit like
This video gave me aids
not even exchanging their V's and W's...piss poor prep on the actors parts....
Василий Пименов
А у меня вопрос: А какого ляда русские между собой разговаривают на Английском, да еще с таким колхозным акцентом? Они что, в одном классе у одной учительницы, в одной школе "красный пиздец" учились?
Gabryal Sansclair
Sad to see Cuba Gooding Jr doing this crap
It's not the a DSR-50. It's a DSR-1. Look at the magazine. If you think you can fit a .50 BMG in that magazine, then you have no idea. Either way, the Russian called it a .50 probably because of the damage a .338 was doing from across the street, it's still a huge bullet with tons of kinetic energy.
Even .50BMG doesn´t make people fly around. That´s simplest physics for high school - you cannot deliver more energy to the target than you produce in the first place.
Age Quod Agis
A .50 BMG bullet can burst a man open. This scene is so incredibly inaccurate.
lousy scene, cuz if you work for such "clients", you dont care about a hostage, you kill the target behind it, through it, especially with the implied 50 cal
Ravishastri Raastogii
Use a slingshot for better performance next time.
Bad movie. With bad cliché russians. *pukes in the corner*
John Smith
As far as I could see, they've tried to show you a typical Russian cityscape, but if it is happening in Russia, they definitely took the wrong guy for a killer. Every black man, even if he is dressed like a usual tourist will attract too much attention. It's like trying to walk with a monkey down the street - not the most weird thing to see, but still unusual. Therefore, every single person would stare at him. Not the best killer's quality))
Bivash Roy
Do we really need a .50 cal to kill or 7.62 is enough
I feel like Nick Cage and Cuba should do a movie together. It seems like since the early 00's, all they have done is B-budget bullshit.
no realname
he's firing a .300 winchester magnum. not a .50 BMG.
jovethjhon crisostomo
It's not 50 caliber, it's DSR-1 Sniper.
wow, this movie looks horrible
Justin Macklin
that delay from shot to impact wouldn't be that long for a 50 bmg 4:57
Director nothing know about .50cal
It's long action DSR, not 50BMG
if this was a .50 there would be nothing left but ragged meat.
Weird ... i thought assassin snipers only shoot the HVT and leave .. this one stayed to kill everybody... and those people should really know not to get into the line of sight after their comrades got smoked.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Archaeopteryx
Proof the bloody glove found at the crimscene did fit OJ Simpson.
sirin hamza
The Russian always with the names of Vladimir or Demitri
Nicholas Feagin
Don't peek the sniper other guy what did you say buddy "dead"
Finally some ACTION rather than a twatwaffle spending 63% of the video explaining himself.
So this is what happend to Cuba gooding junior's career XD
hmm theres a new sniper rifle that can compress the 50 cal bullets into an M4A1 magazine
Hardballer Recon
Too bad that rifle isn't a .50 cal! Biggest caliber that rifle comes in is .338 Lapua DSR-Precision DSR-1
I'd watch this if only for Gooding Jr
Cuba Gooding Jr will never be the "Denzel Washington" of solo films.
Russian Firepower
Russian names in American games and movies Sergei Nikolai Yuri You now we have names other then that
4395creatives official
that sniper gun is DSR sniper rifle
Ice Cream White
Is that DSR-1 Sniper?
Ghost adlan
Actors need to play pubg first
8 Balls
The overall quality remind me to Brazzers
The acting is amazing.
byron hayes
glad i watched this. almost forgot cuba existed.
Shallot Onion
What were they shooting at????
Alberto Perez Perez
Qué miedo dan estos rusos !!
B Austin
That.s not a rifle, it's a SRS, the largest round model of this rifle takes the 338 Lapua Magnum. and being shot doesn't send your body flying back across a room like a car hit you, even if you're wearing armour that would catch such a powerful round! Haven't seen the rest of the film so I can't pass judgement on it all, but the Russians are terrible in this! XD
Christian Tiemann
This is a DSR 1 308. Cal 🤔🤔
Seems like a terrible, low budget, generic action flick. Wtf, Cuba... You're an Oscar winner!
Игорь Два
в закрытом доме работает техничка,неувязочка вышла....
Play in X0.25 speed at 6:50 and you will definitely see something :))
Dan Ngo
Wow. Those are loyal bodyguards. The guy that signs your paychecks just got blasted into oblivion and you just keep fighting like those paychecks sign themselves.
I love how you can hear the shot before the bullet impacts. Grade A Hollywood perfection.
taha hormozan
Such a cheap action
Akamis Hanta
Why he took a 50. Just for this he needed just 5.56 or 7.62
Artemis Hutson
When you take out the entire enemy team in CSGO casual by camping...
Mark Anthony
I should have clicked away when the scene opened with Cuba Gooding
This should be on BOTW.
Waylon Jones
Charlie Delta
Approximately 400 m shot. Those guns will reach the target. If it were a mile then the building would not be in LOS.
Málek Péter
This is a .50 Cal magazine??? Maybe .300 Win. Mag. at 5:21
Johann Alyosha Van Tassel
i love how none of them have earplugs
Lucas West
Good think nobody came by for some illegal dumping to find a fancy conspicuous suitcase.
Hideri Kanzaki
Kinda reminds me of Smokin' Aces.
Cuba's final word at the end of this scene sums up the scene and most likely the entire film perfectly....."shit".
can't a 50 cal kill somebody even if the bullet is like 5 feet away
Nobody Has thanks the bus driver
.50 cal snipers r the best snipers ever
I'm not a gun expert or anything and i might be wrong but shouldn't a .50 cal be able to penetrate most of the wall in that room without effort so why the sniper only shooting through the window?
Johnny NoGooD
Yeah cuz a black man with his hood up won't draw attention. LMAO
Sergei, vladimir, nikolai, etc. Typical russian names.... Cyka blyat.
wow..there was a time when the sniperdude was in great happened?!
Enfant Terrible
5:35 looool, is that a protection cap on the front of the scope?
Yep DSR Not Barret M82A1
Karamat Shah
his shirt is already covered with blood just before he is shot......# rip direction 😂
David Drobac
From side, dude with glasses in purple suit looks like Elon Musk
This clip is so wrong, everything is so wrong hahahaha
1:09 Camera crew in reflection.
Roger Gustafsson
He fired that rifle without any hearing protection. Have fun with the ringing...
العريف منوعات Al arif Mix
لعشاق الرعب ارشح ليكم الفيديو ده
What a phenomenal freaking actor!
Gary Chia
A group of Russian speaking English to each other in Russian accent. LOL
Ricky Bobby
That gun isn't even a .50 call of duty lied to u bro... dsr is a .338
Kaan TR
Shoot sniper with pistol im lmao
Charlie Russo
for goodness sake he's using the DSR1 bolt action sniper rifle ok there you go lol