History Of Sektor Mortal Kombat X

Time to cover the cyber red ninja Ketchup a.k.a Sektor! Follow me />Watch me stream at

JaKoBe ArUaN
the perfect lunch 1 patty and 2 buns with letucce cyrax = mustard sektor = ketchup smoke = black grounded pepper and cyber sub zero = ice for your drink
Kyle S
So sektor never won a single fight lol
Anderson Hosein
his first appearance was in mortal kombat 3.. not ultimate mk3.
Is it me or sektor looks like Shang tsung
ADM TommyTrixx
Best looking Sektor (MK9)
HighTide Kraken
Man Sektor just can't win Lol
Conner Nichols
Sektor is underrated
Biff Weed
So glad Sektor finally got an episode. He's my favourite.
ofarnden BTM
I hear Halo! Good choice of music.
wow what a surprise! didnt think you'd come back to this
I would really like you to cover the Bloody Roar Lore.
Hope my boy Sektor is in mortal kombat 11 🙏🏼 #IwillShowNoMercy!
Wayne Waldron
please do one on motaro
Joseph Rock
Nobody cares who is first!!!!
Burgerwolf Brown
its nice to see sektor ketchup with the MK games... :P
I hated sektor I only liked the fact that he was red
Stevie Grant
Seeing kabal ganeplay gear system i would love to see cyrax sektor
Cesar Diaz
How about Stryker and Sheeva?
Croc Gator
Thank you! :DD I love sektor
Jayson Mendoza
Sektor is in Mortal Kombat 11.
Charles Dejbakhsh
Halo 2 music eh?
James Lamp III
You Should Do Stryker After Shinnok
Siobhan Fleming
kotal khan
Rizer Stake
Quadborg. Alright. I think I'll main Cyber Sub Zero
Snakeeye Alex
stryker please, or tremor
first comment! love your videos HBTW!
ur mom
this vid is in my guts
Sungura Kaiser
Quan Chi has a Majin "M" on his chest... 0___0
beaconcontrol inc.
I was just thinking about you before this video notification popped up!
Tyler Bergen
I'd say my favorite original Cyborgs it would be Smoke, Cyrax and Sector. Sector had some cool Fatalities. But nothing beat Cyber Smoke annihilating the entire world for no reason lol. Cyrax was always a bad ass, though I liked his Fatality arsenal though. I grew up on the first 3 games (oh man, do I remember Mortal Kombat 1 being SO controversial lol)...so it's hard for me not to be nostalgic about playing those games in Arcade, on Genesis, and N64 (Mortal Kombat Trilogy!!)...nobody bought the lame SNES version of MK1. It was all about the blood code for Sega's version. Which was the original social media...it was called talking with your grade school friends spreading the word of the blood cheat lol. ABBACAB! God damn, after 25 years ago I can't believe I remember that. It must be like the Konami code, forever imprinted in my brain.
/\/\ 6DarkseeTRD The Comic Kid9 /\/\
HBTW thank you for doing sektor I've been waiting
Adam Young
Stryker and Tremor
Jason McDonald
Thanks for your upload on Sektor, looking forward to much more :)
Derrick Kelly
Can't wait to see him in mkx pack 2
Bet km don't play mk11 ever BC cyrax and sektor aren't in it 😂😂😂
Endl3ss Flam3
what if whatever sub zero uploaded made triborg active
Ryli Wright
Um actually he's know triborg so yeah
N O T A 444 TM
Idk why, but i feel like Triborg is canon. Not quadborg.
My man sektor took nothing but L’s lol
Mathew Langner
sektor first appeared in MK3 not Ulitame MK3
Kid Calypto
I feel the halo MCC remake music in the back!
Jesse Pina
Can't wait to see more Tekken history
Ultra instinct Grey
I like the way sektor looked in MK3 , really gave off a predator vibe
Josiah Doddema
Akuma from street fighter would be cool
Alexandre de Souza
I wanted to see Shinnok.. So, you kinda read my mind.
His first appearance was the regular mk3
Mike El
you should do a dragon ball z series
Panda {Will is helt hostage}
Can you do Reiko???
Thought I might add that Sektor was the very first to become a cyborg and the one to do so on his own free will
I like Roman noodles
Yay finally more mk characters !!
Sakura from Street Fighter
I think it's awesome how when they did Tri-Borg vs Tri-Borg on the Kombat Kast. It said one of them was named "Tech or Tek" something like that. It says "I am Tek, of the Tekunin Clan"
Nick Chandler
Sektor was first in MK3, not UMK3
Jonathan Reyes
Do History Of Stryker
Ty ' Shawn Jones
I've been waiting for this moment I can finally see the next Mortal Kombat character
after shinnok, bo rai cho would be cool
Minimum Viewer75
Do Mokap
You should've waited for Triborg to be released to make Sektor's history and you didn't mentioned he was on MK Gold.
I want to see Hsu Hao & Bo Rai Cho
Luigi The Vulpix
Screw Sektor he's Evil. Cyrax is Better plus he's the Good and I don't care if he's stuck as a Robot he's still my best character since MK3, Armageddon, MK9 and MKXL(which is Triborg's Variation)
Ty ' Shawn Jones
I finally know anything about Sektor what about the evil Elder God
Pls continiue this series!!!!
Just Mitchel13
can you plz do like the story of the eldergods or fujin?that would be awsome :D
Matt Devlin
Eric Crabtree
finally doing Shinnok
Mecha Krizalid
loved it xD.Hope the next mk history is tanya,kai,fujin,skarlet or khamileon some old school forgotten characters
James theboss18
Always thought it made sense to say it mustard and ketchup so I could spell MK
kirby march barcena
Sektor's really a dedicated warrior,to think that he would follow orders so blindly.
Evil Outcast
I thought you were covering Kazuya
Silverio Luna
History behind the Warrior Scorpion part 2
Legendary Scorpion
History Behind The Warrior I know a little bit about Shinnok.
Gabriel Benejam
When follow in flight from halo 2 anniversary is playing in the background
Can you do one on Earon Black
Jeremy Romo
Sektor is awesome straight out of mortal kombat!!
solomon odulusi
Now please do kintaro
Jay Collins Collins
A triborg brutality is cyber sub-zero grab final hit of course up on dpad an let the magic begin
Alijah Maddox
So how many times did subzero come back?
i love cyber ninjas
bo rai cho next please
Rom The Space Knight
do Onaga
Sektor is my favorite mk character
origami hearts
please do killer instinct at some point
Nozaki Kun115
history of havik or hotaru
Drake Roberts
This video was ultimately ultimate.
first (;
wat about fujin boraicho and erron black very imp as he killed cobra the member of red dragon clan
Umbra Magnus
Did anyone notice the halo music in the background
King Elijah
Bo rai cho after shinnok pleas :)
G Truesdale
Sektor was also involved in the events of Mortal Kombat 4; ordered to keep eye on an dysfunctiong Cyrax (and terminate him should he become a liability...)
Ekkasit L
Batken pre 52 52
first jl
Cody Sseyd
please do Onoga
Adam Niccum
also where is the shinnok video
Yay! A new MK video!!
bum eater
Bo rai cho after shinok plz
hey do skarlet pls
Arc redemption
You think you could do Bo rai cho
Shivank sharks terrifies me Srivastava
pls do five things you didn't know about raiden