Liquid Soul @ Ozora 2017 (Full HD Video)

11:00am // 42 Degree SUBSCRIBE TO LIQUID SOUL: />Check out the full edit of my experience at one of world's best gathering - OZORA Festival 2017. It's was really good to play once again in this cosmic event where nature and spirit become one. (Producer Set) Track List: Intro Liquid Soul & Vini Vici - Universe Inside Me Liquid Soul & Symbolic - Different Reality Liquid Soul & Phanatic - Awakening Dreams Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid - We Come In Peace Liquid Soul - I See The Spirit (Protonica Rmx) Liquid Soul & Neodyne - Cherub Freq - Dreambody (Liquid Soul & Zyce Rmx) Liquid Soul & Captain Hook - Liquid Hook Liquid Soul & Animato - Hope For Life Liquid Ace - Neurochemistry Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid - Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsider Rmx) Liquid Soul - Wake Up Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Liquid Soul & Zyce Rmx) Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Rmx) Liquid Soul & Neodyne - Belive Overlords - God`s Eye On Goa (Liquid Soul Rmx) Liquid Soul - Devotion (Zyce & Morten Granau Rmx) Follow Liquid Soul: Instagram: Facebook: Mixcloud: YouTube:

29:03 me thinking: Why dat stupid guy spends his time with his mobile phone? 29:11 me thinking: Ahhhh, explained.
Andrei oliveira
Magnífico a energia que passa o som desse grande mestre.
Dillinger Sam
F*cking Awsome Dude is The Real Deal ❤😄😎
Dillinger Sam
Thank you for Posting 😎
yeeeaaaaaah 35:07 That's me !!! XD I LOVE LIQUID SOUL, I LOVE O.Z.O.R.A. I JUST LOVE THAT !!!
Marco Schröder
Коля Калыч
00:00 🔵➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 1:31:14 🔀🔂🔁 ⏪ ▶ ⏩ 💜 🔊
Tonny Farias
Um dos melhores sets que já vi! Um salve para os Brazucas 🙌
Atlantic Pearl MASSIVEQUASAR369
BEST Producers SET EVER... TOP 10 electronic music of ALL TIME since 1990... MassiveQuasar69.
Jean Ribeiro
Um dos melhores sets que ja escutei de todos os tempos!
Vinicius Lopes
Caramba!!! Isso sim é full on de vdd... Força BRs... 3:33
Dedico a um sonho!
um som que desconhece a violência !
Dawn Alfonso
49:20 yasssss!!!! I feel it :)
*TRACKLIST* 0:00 Intro 01:04 Liquid Soul & Vini Vici - Universe Inside Me 08:10 Liquid Soul & Symbolic - Different Reality 12:40 Liquid Soul & Phanatic - Awakening Dreams 17:21 Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid - We Come In Peace 23:51 Liquid Soul - I See the Spirit (Protonica Remix) 27:22 Liquid Soul & Neodyne - Cherub 32:28 Freq - Dreambody (Liquid Soul & Zyce Rmx) 38:39 Liquid Soul & Captain Hook - Liquid Hook 43:42 Liquid Soul & Animato - Hope For Life 48:40 Liquid Ace - Neurochemistry 53:09 Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid - Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsider Remix) 59:29 Liquid Soul - Wake Up 1:04:54 Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Liquid Soul & Zyce Remix) 1:11:04 Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Remix) 1:15:21 Liquid Soul & Neodyne - Belive 1:20:38 Overlords - God`s Eye On Goa (Liquid Soul Remix) 1:26:38 Liquid Soul - Devotion (Zyce & Morten Granau Rmx)
House & Techno
#1 Vini Vici 💟🔊🎵👌
Ryan Mcgrath
1:11:11 min what a tune boom Boom
Disco Biscuits
im at work, in an office, and i turned on some repetitive beats for concentration and motivation. my foot starts tapping, then the leg follows and the knee starts bobbing. then the beats move up the spine and down the arm ,and the hand starts tapping along too. My whole body starts to bounce in its seat. Then the bass drops and i jump out of the chair!, ripping all the clothes off , buttons and bras start flying everywhere, dreads sprout out from my head, my leg and pit hair grows 10 times longer, and like some werewolf transformation, i turn into i feral hippy. next thing i know im covered in mud and in a forest. one of my bosses steps out from behind a tree, out of place in his suit and tie,and asks " Do you have those Tps reports yet? " and i hand him a leaf off the forest floor....
Artem Kondratev
Волшебные звуки, приятная атмосфера!!! Почему я не был??)))
Iva T.
what a beautiful tribe <3
drugs love
wonderful people ॐ❤🍄🕉🌞🔮🌈
Matyko Berenyi
No matter how hot the weather was, your set was one of the best of the main stage events in 2017 @ Ozora. :) <3 My wife and I felt fantastic, THANK YOU! :) <3
Dillinger Sam
Fantastic Beat / Music Video - Relax your mind people ❤😄😎
Petraki Augusto
hehe ali no meio da galera tem BR !
I've never felt heat like i felt at ozora, the heat from the SUN! and the heat from the tunes! banging, sound system was 100%
Наталья Борисова
I cant believe I was one of this croud...So different from reality. Thx Ozora, u'r the part of my life!
gostei cade os br
Marco Schröder
👺📢ϝ𝓸չξ𝒱ϱչ💨❥🕊🌊ℒἶφʊίԃ🐳💋𝓢σʊℓ✴✨ˢ💙👅ƁɾĭℓℓἶăռԵ👌🏽💎💃🏻ƥ𝓼ƴ🌈ƿɾŏʛ👳🏻էɾ∂Ոςϱ🔊💥Ƨ๔Ե💦ˢ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ❦❣️
Наталья Борисова
Pura energía ⚡️
Gustavo Rodríguez
Wooow amazing!!! beautiful 🙏👽👌🎶
ॐ Attila Psy ॐ
One of the best psy-trance DJ..... What a vibes...Liqued we love yaaa.... 🙃🕉💙🕉🙃
Maria Vallidou
fucking amazing!!!! liquid soul thanksssss <3
Mir Film
i love OZORA spirit
what an epic set damn
Poliana Nhoato Dias
infinitamenteeee o melhor do mundo S2
João Marcos
que festa ein man! um dia nos cola num festival desses!
ivan katic
Wow so good video and nice festival.. Namaste
Chap - Carlos Henrique
cant wait to see u in universo paralello 14
Rocio Matus
Me moje la pucha
Atlantic Pearl MASSIVEQUASAR369
Best music
Bakos Gabor
Ozora 2018 30 July - 5 August ;)
É extraordinário a vibração a energia que a batida provoca, não dá vontade de parar um segundo pena que aqui no Brasil poucos curtem esse estilo! Eu fico alucinado com o ritmo frenético !
Men the minute 3:40 is so BEAUTIFUL!! Love the bass
Gus Mat
The Best sounds for a nice trip
Michael Robertson
@40:15 ohhh mmyyyy gooodddd.. this beat transition melted my FACE O_____O love it!!!!
Hermi Felder
i listen Classic & Death-Metal ....but this stuff is realy superb
André Diego
Ryan Mcgrath
The hole place is in a TRANCE
Claudia Berenice Jiménez Narváez
OMG!! <3
Dyno 871
Frederic Wuyts
Thisi is just the best of Psytrance Music !!
Emiliano Marmaña
ahi se va con el MAESTRO ASTRIX!!
Aniket Amonkar
zombie festival..gud vibes..luv psy
Atlantic Pearl MASSIVEQUASAR369
Top 10 best set ever
Trooper Chick
e c s t a s y
56:56 for the Anjuna radial sample... wish I'd been there!
Claudia Barrios
<3 <3 🙌🙌🙌
Charlie Samurai
I love you!
Great thx for upload ! Best regards
Maicon Oliveira
Vi você na etrip New year, liquid você é demais!!!!!!
Samuel Bachmann
Jaman! It was fucking amazing!! Hahahaha swiss power! Eifach z geil euses Schaffhuuser Fähnli di ganz Ziit im Video! Bisch de figger gsi! 💜🌈👽🚀✨
Like ..for the begging...the ultimate seduction
Conexión total cuerpo, mente y alma. Siempre de los mejores <3 ¡Tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
Matt C
Outstanding set...absolutely brilliant... please keep it going. Thank you for sharing.
Vladimir Rekunov
Gotta love the Ads every 6 mins... Way to make a decent set trash by throwing out 15 ads. Its always good to know when you are about to blast off into the next dimesion some tupperware AD will smite that ass back down so quick its unbelievable. I will hate my self if i ever sell out like this, sometimes i hear youtube forces ads on stuff this long but thats a lie you can disable. I can just imagine whoever uploads this shit placing ads between each song xD
Angelo Litrico
💓💓💓💓💓💓 one or two pills and driving Love You Forewer
Reno van Zanten
Extraordinary oke! Thanks! The old guy in front is awesome, age is not important!
11AM 42 degreees! WTFFFFF... This seems not to be a problem at all due to your music. You seem to work like an air conditioner! :)
Renee Kennedy
Love that older man in the front grooving it out! Good for him!!!! Yahoo!
Rıfat Ramay
Mr J
Awesome oceans of trance humans
Holy Shite, this mix is sooo good! I think it's time to plan a trip to OZORA 2018 from Oz and forget the shizer that was Earthcore 2017!
Baraka Blanka
Awesome!!! 👏🏽
laura santana
bryn jones
Very,very impressive !!!!!
マコ マコ
26:00🗻💫 31:19🗻💫
Diderich Langmannen
Holy shit! This is just such an amazing kick-ass-set! Wow, wow ... WOW! What a joy.
Dedico a um sonho!
19/05 de 2018 as 5 da manhã pai 👽😂😂😂😂😂 to loko! rs
1:11:05 my God ❤
Izzy Goil
Just rebounded to this for an hour. I was gettin’ down lol. LOVE 🧚🏻‍♀️💗
The best suite is the psy festival REAL LIFE LOCO 21 GR
Sexxy Raverz
Can somebody tell me where to find the Introduction to his Masterpiece ? I love these words and would like to share them with the world, to spread the conciousness, thanks for every help, much love to all you beautiful human beings out there <3
tune me in
definitely sometimes great music betweent all the advert!
Atlantic Pearl MASSIVEQUASAR369
LiquidSoul. And to you all out there!!!Our ADN its made of water, energy and frequencys. The frequencys, and energy from this sound waves transform all of us into this massive good vibe and powerful energy all around, inside out of every single cel of our body's and this is visible. Thank you LiquidSoul!.... Let's all go to Madeira... MassiveQuasar69.
Atlantic Pearl MASSIVEQUASAR369
My oh my! I can't get enough!!
Victor Neves
Pure !
Anita Sonkoly
oxy morphic
1:00:51 this part i got suck in a whole new world. such a great feeling...
Mifo zolicek
Óscar Ferreira Dirkie
Muita viagem. Sempre a subir. Como se chama este DJ alguém sabe.
Leidy Laura Bruno Terceros
14:00 es hermosa 😍😍❤
Roscoe Deem
best set of the festival for me!!
Batuhan Budak
I wan to like that old guy in front when I'm old
Some one out there
look at his hand.why is up and down like that.? well! it's should be like that!😎 omg i'm talking E ? oh yeah 🤣🤣
Sheheryar Ahmed
I would recommend putting in the timing of each track in the track list since its all non-stop and hard to differentiate where does a song end.
Helda Davoodzadeh