The 7ft 8in Teen Who Can’t Stop Growing

SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: /> A GIANT teenager has reached a record-breaking height of 7ft 8ins - and is still growing. Broc Brown, who was officially the world’s tallest teenager before becoming too old for the 18-and-below classification, is growing at the rate of six inches a year. If he maintains that rate, the 19-year-old from Michigan could easily surpass the current world’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen, who stands at 8ft 2ins. Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Dan Howlett, Ellie Winstanley Editor: Marcus Cooper Barcroft TV: />Barcroft Cars: />Bear Grylls Adventure: /> For more of the amazing side of life: For the full story, visit BARCROFT.TV: />Like BARCROFT TV on Facebook: />Follow @Barcroft_TV on Twitter: />Check out more videos:

Wholesome Lad
How do we know everyone in this video isnt just super small?
Im GaLeTo4S
1:55 *_I like me some gooooood fish sticks_* I swear this guy is the most funny humble goofy dude ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Top ten characters Thanos was scared to battle
Chris 23
This guy would be impossible to guard in the post
Chaos: International
get this man an exoskeleton they exist, and they can help him
Nerdy Indian
He can't be bullied in school
RackEmJonas #Trump2020
He's got a $1000 chair, but doesn't use it.
1000subs wit no vid challenge
When some one is bigger than u in kindergarden and ur in high school Thanks for 70 likes thats a record make my day if u like :)!
burymedeep 2093
Unfortunately, I think his life will be shortened
Mukund Shivakumar
The perfect man: according to girls on Tinder
Heaven Green
5'2 in kindergarten???!? I'm 5'2 now!!
"I'm like a bottomless pit" Jesus i can relate
that one guy
There must be alot of pain too
Man this guy is amazing, such a hard life but such a great personality. I hope he finds someone that can appreciate who he is and lives a long life.
Guy with the Cool shades
2:52 My G out here throwin thom gang signs ya naw i sayin
Damn a kindergartner 5’2?? I’m in high school and 5’1 💀🤦🏽‍♀️
Remy Damato
Looks like he throwing up a gang sign at 2:57🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rogers Williams
I see why he has a heart of gold 😭
Q predicted this
“Explosive disorder” Hmmm, a giant, potentially violent. The ideal warrior.
Michael Garcia
1:56 “I love me some gooooooood fish sticks”
Stuff stuff and More stuff
I hope the best for this guy. He seems like such a nice, genuine person
Ur Mom
“I Looove me some guud fish sticks...”
Bluu Hendrxx
1 in every 1500 and I am free from any illness Praise the lord man and follow his commands ♥️😭
Broc should have started to train his muscles when he started growing so much, now he can almost not walk and i saw that his back isn't rely strong enough for him
1:18 "He has a heart as big as gold"
Real-life lies
He's out here wearing size 24 shoes and here my friends are shocked at me at having Size 12 feet as a High School junior. What a joke 😂
He can go up to everyone and call them midgets lol
There’s something about this guy I genuinely love
Daniel Voss
“I love me some good fish sticks” 😂😂
DanyDud 3
It’s so sad to see that someone so nice and sweet has to go through the health issues and pains that come with excessive height.
Regie G
I believe in reincarnation. This man will be a kind and wise king in his next life
Seem like a nice kid, I hope everything works out for him :)
Isabella Denney
the tallest im gonna be is how tall he was in kindergarten😱😂🥶
Cool Gamer
In kindergarten he was taller than me in elementary school
bad muchacho b
5ft 2in in kindergarten and im that height in 8th grade
Retr0__ 760
"He's like a gentle giant." Fast forward 3:50
Scott Sullivan
Its OK, Elizabeth Holmes will find a medical miracle for giants.
Really DreamZ
So how’s he doing ? Is he the tallest yet
Fake Fire_YT
Imagine playing basket ball with him and just stands by the basket and block every shot
thots be like did you say 7 foot?
Pyro 6
My friend is 14 and 6 he’s still growing
iIJayZIi zHeXay
Mo r
My heart goes out to you Brock ❤ your so strong and I like that you always seem in good spirits and are so positive x
Random Dude
With proper workout he will be UNSTOPPABLE!
Alex Carey
I love me some good fish sticks
Aleksandar Kastratovic
It has been 3 years since this he ok now?
Meme Vault
He seems like a good friend
Alexander Fair
“I love me some good fish sticks” 😂
Fleodree :3
Imagine if he was able to run and jump: the greatest nba player
Poor guy ; I think he won't live old
him : *plays basketballs* nibbas : wait thats illegal
The last time I took shower was
2nd last year until i graduate and I'm just 5'7 lol
1k subs With no vids
Reminds me of tacko fall
Some reason he looks tall and it sounded like he wont stop growing.
Bob Tomgil
the video currently has 7.8m veiws
Aiden Klass
I can sympathize, even being 6"7 with size 18 feet is hard to maintain. I wish him luck.
Ate you kidding a dodge neon 😂
They should feed him a lot, but better food please.
I'm so sad that this sweet boy may not live to an old age. He is so precious! 💙💙💙
jack wentworth
Bless him
kyle theking 123456789
I love you Broc, you remind me of my little brother, he has the same funny humble vibes you have my dude. Keep strong and step forward
He's a beautiful boy, god bless him.
Tallest man was 8ft 11.1 inch
The moment you realise that justice is an exception rather than the rule in this world.
bronzyn Buckle1
I love some good ol fish sticks (some tall boi 2018)
Katelyn McCarthy
Ayyyyeeeee that's my ADHD ODD brother
Joey Montoya
Dutch Van Der Linde
My boy be like Thanos
Clorox Bleach
5'2 in kindergaten?! I'm only 5'2 at 14 lmao.
Donovan Gregory
Too much pediasure lmao 😂😂
David Long
Brock: 5 foot 2 in kindergarten Me:5 foot 3 in 5th grade “I was taller than him...”
m i r a n d a
Awww he seems like a giant teddy bear
Tinier you are - higher your voice is. Bigger you are - lower your voice is.
Rocky Plays124
He is tall I hope he gets taller without pain
Aaron Manser
u know that the doctors could cut his epiphyseal at 1.90 m and no problemo
Филип Б.
Start lifting at age 6 problem solved lol
Ricky Bobby
"I love me some good fishsticks"
Steven s
dam what a super nice man despite his illnesses he still smiles god bless you ;-)
God Bless U, Love U from Pakistan
wait 5'2 in kindergarten?! I'm 4'10 and in 6th grade
k p
A heart..... As big.... As gold.......... She should just stop talking
Queen Le
God bless and may he live a long long life
He sure should do basketball B/C the guy would DESTORY EVERYONE
Z-ManGaming 0707
That’s what Every person height is when I stand up 👍
Chaos Primordial
That's pretty scary considering tall people don't live as long as short people.
Sloopy Skoopitty shootippy
Awww but he’s so adorable he looks so squishy!
A clear path to follow
I feel bad for this guy. His mom microwaves his fish sticks instead of putting them in the damn oven like she should!
that moment you're in college and a still a measly 5'4, Sad thing i stopped growing years ago
God bless him
Simona Pizzingrilli
Then again I’m still here at 5” 😂
Turtle_ gamer
to bad buddy there are no more sporting goods
when ur little brother creates a my player and he tried to make shaq
jojo Matheww
7 feet 8 inch .lucky guy
Zix Zizia
He should play basketball!
Mr. Koala
Imagine a guy so tall he has to bend down as low as possible so his head doesn’t hit the ceiling.
Dr44 1
And 15 and 6”5 but this guy makes me feel like a dwarf
Patrick Gamer
Brook: 5'2 in kindergarten Me: 5'2 In 6th grade
Diego Perez
Bruh im 4.8 in 8th grade
Carlos Corral
The next tallest man in the world 🌎
sienna lombardo !
his height in kindergarten is taller than my height now