How Exactly Does Smoking Kill?

Smoking kills, but what exactly is smoking doing to your body that kills it? Can The Harmful Damage From Smoking Be Reversed? ►►►► /> Read More: Tobacco smoke carcinogens, DNA damage and p53 mutations in smoking-associated cancers />“It is estimated that cigarette smoking kills over 1 000 000 people each year by causing lung cancer as well as many other neoplasmas.” Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-induced signaling events relevant to inflammation />“Our novel findings may improve the ability to predict outcomes for future studies with additional toxicants and mixtures, identify novel targets for biomarkers and chemotherapeutics, and have possible implications for future risk assessment for these PAHs.” ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube /> Subscribe now! /> DNews on Twitter /> Trace Dominguez on Twitter /> Julia Wilde on Twitter /> DNews on Facebook /> DNews on Google+ /> Discovery News /> Download the TestTube App: /> Sign Up For The TestTube Mailing List:

Never underestimate the power of addiction.
Stride Tide
Adolf Hitler started the first anti smoking campaign. The more you know.
Iroquois Pliskin
"Don't smoke! You'll get cancer!" They say with a large cheeseburger in one hand, while digesting 3 energy drinks.
Zachary Patton
I never have and I never will smoke
Yet people continue to smoke...
I quit smoking in april of 2013.
Haku Hatake
Smoking is disgusting, but people don't care, In fact they don't care so much they smoke around non smokers because, You guessed it, They don't care.
xxx xxx
If smoking kills, then why won't the government ban cigarettes? Answer: they doesn't give a single f*uk about it's citizens, only money > profit.
Eri Airlangga
I'm smoking while watching this. Who else?
Smoking Marijuana is bad as well, inhaling smoke of any sort is stupid.
Is it just me or did the editor not filter out background noise/static?
I just don't understand how can people be addicted to smoking (yeah I know it's nicotine). My smoking friends often offered me some cigarettes, I find there's nothing enjoyable about inhaling poisonous smoke that irritates your airways. Plus it makes your breath stink. If you want to smoke go ahead but don't do it near people who don't.
I think doing sports is the best way to quit. I remember I never smoked just before running, I couldn't smoke meanwhile and my lungs were killing me afterwards. That were like 1 - 1.5 hours I did not think about smoking per day without any issue. It doesn't sound much but if you start with a couple smoke free hours a day you can slowly extend it. At some point I managed not to smoke the entire time at work. That was a real mile stone! I kind of made it a challenge and tried to break my own records. After a while smoking actually got annoying all by itself because I started to smell how it stinks because my nose was kind of "clean" when I got home. It's like when you smell your older clothes after you have taken a shower. You better put on fresh ones. I was also curious how my stamina would change so I just went for it at 8 o'clock in the evening on september 9th 2009. Now 2015 I never think about cigaretes anymore and I don't remember the last time I did. The memory is completely gone and smelling smoke of others is just disgusting. You just have to be careful, don't become that former-smoker asshole who wants to cure every smoker he meets, posts stuff on the internet and what not. :)
suyash mittal
after 8 months of regular smoking . finally I have quit smoking. it's been 13 days today . not even a single puff.feels amazing
Little Habits.
Ya wanna know what else is smoking? Julia's face..
Funtime hz
How exactly?!! Smoking weakens your horsepower in bed.
Emir Sandoval
Julia looks sssssssssssssssssssssssmoking _the mask voice_
Walking in nyc i run into allot of smokers, what about second and third
Anthony Zamora
what about vaping?
John Davidson
I have stopped 7days ago
A smoking gun... talk about a two for one!
Zehnstern Astrologie
They should put more and more deadly and effective substances in the cigarettes so that smokers die more quickly and satisfactorily.
one tip if you wanna quit smoking.TAKE LSD!
so glad I gave up smoking 6yrs ago - and never looked back
Thirteen Hundred El
I've been watching cigarette vs health related videos to make me feel better about quitting, and this one takes the cake. It sucks to not smoke, I get into my car and I want a cigarette. I've got some time before that addiction goes away. Anyway, my will power is strong, addiction is just in my head.
Cordell Allen
I want to see more studies on smoking pipe tobacco. Pretty much everything I ever see about the risks of smoking is aimed at cigarette smokers. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I began smoking a pipe about a year ago. I know that in general pipe tobaccos have fewer additives. Also, most pipe-only smokers do not inhale. I've known several pipe smokers in my life, many of them family members... and I'd say that on average all of them have lived well into their 80's and 90's, and only one of them had cancer. My grandfather was a pipe smoker and he had heart disease, but he was almost 100 when he passed away, and the cause of his heart disease was linked to other factors. I found a couple of studies that suggested that pipe tobacco is up to 16 times less harmful than cigarettes depending on how much you smoke, but they are questionable sources. Again, some of those questionable sources have stated that pipe smokers tend to have lower blood pressure than cigarette smokers... Long story short, I want more credible research on the effects of long-term pipe smoking, because I believe that there are differences, but to my knowledge, no credible academic research has been published.
Roscoe Kane
Switch to the patch! It's not super healthy either, but not as bad as smoking. Any kind of smoke can damage your lungs and heart, it's not the nicotine, it's the particles of smoke. Smokers of weed: edibles are waaaaay better for you, and less noticeable to people who frown on that kind of thing.
Sonny Parmar
Julia is pretty.... SMOKING HAH
For me, the most off putting habit a person can have is smoking
Eric Mugford
Here's a question: WHY IS IT LEGAL? These companies probably pay a lot of money to keep it legal, but why not charge them for MURDER?
Bread Millz
yeah im actually about to go over and grab a pack :)
Leonell G
TL;DR version: Smoking kills you, don't smoke
This is scary, I need to light up a cigarette to cool me down
Alex Royster
*Heavy Breathing*
Luke DS
Not to mention that cigarettes are radioactive.
talas attila
Yeah I'm still smoking just to let you know ;) Peace.
Hope you don't mind me saying but that video was... Smokin'
roy benson
very good,but a little too fast spacing video. slower next time. the message will stick better!!! thanks.
Victoria Hancock
it hurt from my great grandmother
Chef Oppai-San
I'm still going to smoke scrubs っ︻デ═一 2mlg4u bby
Some Crew
As I was watching this video, I glanced at my tv to see an anti-smoking ad. Poor Tobacco, you saved Jamestown but everyone hates you:(
Good. I anticipate death. We all die eventually. •puffs cigarette*
Cristina Georgopoulos
I already know why can smoking can kill you 1. smoke gets to your lungs 2. your lungs get covered by tar 3. burnt tobacco 4. rat poison
I am Literally Tearing Because my dad Smokes 😭 GUYS PLEASE TELL ME HOW CAN I STOP HIM 😭😭😭😭😭😭🔫
Keith Gaughan
Knowledge of the damaging effects of tobacco went back, but further than this century. Its effects on ones lungs were noted in King James I's " A Counterblaste to Tobacco", and Francis Bacon observed its addictiveness.
Trey Stephens
So what you're saying is that I should smoke for my health?
Ricky Cabrera
thanks gorgeous for the informative video BUT how dare you not be on wikifeet :[
And yet people still START smoking.....
It does have some positive effects on body. Please make a video about this too. I know there are not many positives m but there are at least a few :)
Lone Wolfgang
This is a great episode, I'm happy to know the damage is irreversible, now time to light up!!
SplashBro 23
Do weed next lol
so does that mean only tobacco smoking kills you? What about cannabis and other drugs ?
Peter Rabitt
"Would someone please turn off the A/C? We're trying to film in here!" Said no one, apparently.
Almost through my current pack and after watching this video I'm going to buy a pack very soon. And I'm not even joking
I feel like a smoke...
Etienne SA
....... I am 23. Started smoking when I was 15. I think a change of habit is required in my life.
Lord Luke Lightbringer
I'm gonna go to the corner store and pick up a pack of cigarettes for my great-aunt
shouldnt really be smoking while watching this....
Short Limb
no, I won't! Julia your hair makes me want to marry you <3
Hani Basim
quitting smoking is a very important thing and need focus . i must take a cigratte to think about it
Lennon Mowbray
Smoking is a legal way of population control
Lord Devonius
Thanks DNews, just gonna go smoke a cig now?
Jordy Sci
Ironically I'm smoking right now-.-
KK Woolsey
and I'm smoking while watching this video. I know I know I know. I'm in construction I can't help it
Patrick McAsey
Without question most smokers want to give up, some desperately. Unfortunately, so many try to give up again and again. Smoking is really pernicious: it's a very expensive, very painful way to die, often young.
Weed hasn't killed a single person. Just saying...
I would be interested in seeing a similar video examining the potential dangers of vaporizing weed. I know for a fact it's no where near as damaging as cigarete smoke and I know a lot of runners smoke weed before their work outs,but I am curies just what are the side effects exactly.
Red Amber
Why i don't smoke? *much money *unhealthy *smoke*oh yea APOCALYPSE!!!
Irish Payne Styles
im curious. i never smoke anything my entire life
Guardian Galaxy
You are beautiful. I always like the vid when she's here lol
is there a difference between organic tobacco vs main stream cigarettes
King Cat
I've been smoke free for 5 weeks and they smell nasty now, I can't stand it. I love being smoke free!
Matthew Medel
Can you a video about history of smoking
Lahkesis Nyx
i quit smoking 3 months ago , didn't ease into it or found a trick i just threw away my last pack of cigarets and never bought anymore packs never going to smoke again
Ezrah Davies
Still finna smoke 😂😂
nail in the coffin
there is no living evidence that smoking kills. Think about it
Amanda Byrd
I wish my mom would stop.
Key Gee
No I won't pick another pack of cigarettes! I quit today! Thanks guys!
jearrel lijnzaat
ofcourse i still gonna smoke, the only method that works to releave stress by me...
God job kerbelEncences 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🚬❌
Fredrik lundgren
And thus you only smoke at parties
and plus I think smoking gives people like anger issues
kelly lee
What about 2nd hand smoke(r)?
Jeff Session
Smoking also increases risks of getting MS
Amber Jade Owens Hughes
You were talking about Cilia, my cilia in my body don't function because of a genetic mutation, but not because of smoking. I've never smoked in my life lol. I didn't know that smoking could make your cilia not work, that's fascinating.
yes i was smoking while i watched .
Levi Howell
Interesting... (He says as he takes a long drag on his cigarette)
Was smoking too many blunts.. I just came back from the store with Raw papers ;)
Joshua Causey
I was smoking when I clicked this
Yes, i will still smoke, in fact, I'm gonna get my smoke on right now.
whealz nelson
what about smoking weed. is it also of the same effect?
10-3 leep 13
Some people who say smoking is bad in this. Video are 10% hipacrates
Smoker shaming :P
Hana Harcevic
My father is always smoking i am scared!💔
well i am somking wihle watching this video
you guess should do a video on, weed vs cigarettes vs hooka vs vape
1:35 I love how she says potentially <3 __ <3 haha
unlimited haro78
I've smoked everything under the sun and cigarettes were the hardest to quit do to the accessibility of the product, if the government weren't so dependent on the income from tobacco companies.
Arthur Thorne
Do you know you are seriously cute when you say "Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" (-: