Jackie Chan The King Of Parkour

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scene 1-34-44-64-70-84-105-106Who am I scene 2-10-58-73-102Armour of god scene 3-4 -108police story 1 scene 5-7-9-50-51rumble in the bronx scene 6-63-64winners and sinner scene 8-45-55-56-57snake in the eagles shadow scene 11-14 -26-85-109the medallion scene 12-13-22-64-68-69 mr nice guy scene 15-dragon forever scene 16-79crime story scene 17-43-103first strike scene 18-thunderbolt scene 19-chinese zodiac scene 20-41rush hour 2 scene 21-65-67-76-77operation condor scene 23-police story 3 scene 24-new police story scene 25-33-37-91rush hour 1 scene 27-72-78the protector scene 28-81I dont remember scene 29-heart of dragon scene 30-47-94dragon lord scene 31-my lucky star scene 32-35twins dragon scene 36-97the accidental spy scene 38-107project a scene 39-jackie chan my stunts scene 40-54young master scene 42-49-61-62-71-86wheels on meals scene 46-master witch crakked finger scene 48-60drunken master 2 scene 52-twins effect scene 53-drunken master 1 scene 59-74-80-88project a 2 scene 66-75-police story 2 scene 82-89around the world in 80 days scene 83-93rush hour 3 scene 87-98-99rob b hood scene 90-shangai knights scene 92-the next door spy scene 95-shangai noon scene 96-the myth scene 100-tuxedo scene 101-dangerous scene 104-super cop scene

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Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee Fans
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Leewin Mangang
Father of parkour....jackie chan😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍
Hillie van der Zalm
Jackie does lots off good things,he helps poor people. Presents EARTH and yesterday I saw Jackie Chan's green heroes. (Recycling plastic ).GREAT PROGRAM. 👌👌👌
Vincen Cohan
Living legend. He actually did it himself no green background 😬👍🏻
The best specimen of human ever?
woo boon
Jackie made Parlour look so easy!!!
Mr Dupur
The boss
arpit Yadav
Arijit Hazra
Love Jackie Chan always always. God Bless him
Himanshu Yadav
jackie chan can do in real life.
Hillie van der Zalm
mysterious rupok
Suryo Ardi
Jackie chan doing act free - run parkour action before it famous nowaday.
After watching this all the cat will say we have to train more to defeat this man
Nay Thum
I..love.. you..Jackie
sarthak chandra
I cried watching him so old in The Foreigner
Henry Wolert
The way he climbs you would swear he is part squirrel
Gaãddãfi Dã Stubborn Bwouy
I hate seeing ma all time idol get old
Johnny Esmond
Even lion could not beat him
Ronald Lee
Michael Jordan of Parkour
Amy 2676
it looks like it's nice to do..but it's a lot of risk..love u jacky..my idol
Bruce wani
I wanna be that flexible
Kaito Melt
Desde antes que existiera el "parkour", ya se veían cosas así en Asía. #parkourOverrared
Danny David Salazar Villarreal
El mejor.....
D3K54 Setiawan
Okagbue Johnpaul
He's the best
Jeffry Tuburan
I love jackie chan super!!
Munees Waran
no words to say about Mr.JACKIE adventures.bcz he is birth for adventures.
rajendra prasad
Greatest man salute to you
Wen Long
Jackie Chan is a true legend!! Keep making videos!!!
Diego Lozano
The coolest man ever
Jose Carabez
That is, das and will be the king ...yes
Ajay tytufKumar
Xavier Viegas
Jackie chan. .sem palavras. ..O melhor excepcional. ..
Sudip Gurung
He is my best stunt man in this world. Thank you for this video you uploaded.
Sevendra Singh Parmar
My fabrit hrro fyter, ohooo
Jackie chan taught me that anything is possible
Intakhab Ali
am Jackie chen big fan
Sam Lee
I'm a mainland Chinese. I always wonder why he always wear suits in the fighting scene, often no sports fashion suits! ?
ShiniGami AD
JC is Lord of Action. P.S and the haters on this vdo, u r shit.
Bosco Touthang
One of the best Asian actor
Royal Channel
i am love jackie chan bro
Clemons Kunkel
Wowing. He makes it look so Easy. Jackie is the best. I love his movies.
dev raj
Jackie extraordinary yar. .........
Muhammad Ali Khan Ali Khan
Jackie Chan my hero love you
cristiano ronaldo
nice work
what song is this in the first half of this video?
aldemir lopes monteiro
Melhor ator na minha opinião, não é atoa que ganhou o Oscar honorario
kavitha S
Perizat Avci
Very good
Jay Shizuran
Jackie Chan created parkour.
Lau Antolin
My grandpa was on the jc stunteam
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Trương Tịnh Sơ-張靜初
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Geff mokaya
Jackie Chan is physically fit 👍
Arup Mallick
My all time favourite Hero...
M. Ultra Instinct Vegito
Jackie chan doesn't do parkour. PARKOUR DOES JACKIE CHAN!!!
Todo Sobre La Musica De Este País Música En Español
Grande Jackie
Hillie van der Zalm
I heard yesterday a song on the radio, and it was Jackie i think Does someone know that he sings ?
Nathaniel NB Brownell
wow !Jackie Chan is so great I believe that his movies satisfied every generation
Williams Toro
Ladys and gentlemen this you can call it true love for acting. God bless him with true love for his job.
WWE In hindi
Don't forget to subscribe
Nazar Danilevich
After this video I wanna rewatch his movies
Atom Tv
Vincent Marduk
Time to another marathon of Jackie Chan movies.
Yes! Absolutely right. Jackie Chan is the King of Parkour.  From 1980's through 2000's, I was so surprised to see Jackie's Parkour movements in the movie theater. Probably most of Japanese fans were impressed with his Parkour, too. He is the father of Parkour who impressed people all over the world with his stunts.
Aman Kumar
I love you so much! Jackie chan i am your veryyyyyyyyyyyy big fan from india.
Emeka Oputa
I love this guy
Alexandre Arefyev
Cool stuff👍Number for times he broke his bones.. There should be a warning for some tricks : "not to try to repeat, il you are not a professional"
Mavuri Lenin
No words....
Golden ModeM
he's also the father of breakdance
adhi trian
I love this Legend
Stephenlalfanliana Zinhlawng
He is my favourite and best martial artist for me
Akansha Naithani
Song name
Mikhael Lopez
Yeah your right he is the king of parkour..my idol eversince i was in grade school back in 80s
Thease can not be true.Jackie chan shold have to been dead many times.So a Jadkie Chan is dead,then next Jackie Chan comes. Nobody can be like him.He is the only one.I admire him.I wish him live long.
Krishna A
The living legend ..I'm big fan of Jackie
Oh man... the coffee-house scene in Miracles/Mr Canton & Lady Rose would've fit right in this video. Great stuff with narrow doorways, spiral staircase, and bannisters.
"scene 28-81I dont remember" ^_^
Ahsan Akhshan
Jacky's specialty💜💜
Manu Manu.m
I love you chacki chan sar u r riyalli great person god bles u
Maksum Rifai
no words to describe him.. speechless 😶
Raju Naga
I love you jacki Chan and die hard fan
Gopi Kishan
only Jackie Chan
Сергей Сенников
Джеки красава
михаил богданов
Он лучший, таких больше не будет
Tkd Boy
Jackie sir is my all time. Fav actore ....love u sir
Sendy Kurniawan
Salute² WOW He My IDOL !! Reliable Skill your Parkour ,Best. Best N Best
jhoni Alagu
i love Jackie chan Bruce lee king of the power of Dragon style manitharkal
Kenny Konsam
Waooo uncle Jackie Chan is the best 😍😍😍
Father of parkur 😘
samie Life
Grtly made Song name please of 00.01
Wooderford Clesca
body sculptor
thanks for making video, was awesome, Jackie is ahead of his time
Thomas Masih
Best action hero ever : Jackie Chan
prashant singh yadav
The best as always.. Jackie chan ❤️❤️👌👌