2018 Team Tiger Muay Thai Tryouts Full Documentary

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Tiger Muay Thai invited 32 up and coming MMA and Muay Thai athletes from around the world to compete for a year scholarship to join their professional fight team. The contestants went through a three-day, brutal, physical and mental test to compete against each other for a spot on their professional fight teams and a to win a year's scholarship training at the camp in the tropical land of Phuket, Thailand. Winners of the tryouts have gone from obscurity to fighting in the highest promotion(UFC, ONE, Bellator). Of the 32 invitees, only a few scholarships were given. Watch and find out who can make it through the tryout and be awarded a SCHOLARSHIP. www.jeffsainlar.com

Someone made a comment saying something like “well I’ll guess stay out of the moustache guy’s way” 😂I can’t stop laughing
Nagyon Okos Minde Tudó Béla Úr
It is a place where Thai guys happily beating up foreigners without having trouble with a police and they get paid for it as well.
George Christou
thai people are amazing. the nicest people in the world but toughest fuckers there is at the same time
@11:20 the trainer guy was nice enough to remind him keep his guard up
Just a question, fighters who try to participate and train at tiger club, are they all pro ? Cause the fitness level is really high.
NoFap 365
This is a good workout & money making business. On a long term basis Professionals need another kind of coaching.
Nick Philliou
I like this camp and want to train there, fucking awesome
The Cauliflower ears tell the stories, Broken Noses extra hard work, and Harder Play. Salute
be on time, but be early!
Mark Munoz
Love this awesome job
Mason wang
Why don't you just join the seal?
Eating a desert, laying in bed with my feet up, watching people killing their bodies fighting n working out I could totally do this, right after I take a nap
Courtlen Cole
And that is the focus I am looking for in a training program. Nothing but training.
ffomecblot ffomecblot
lucie bertaud big up !!!!!!
This needs to have more of a storyline for this to be a documentary. This was just 1:16:48 infomercial. Shots were great but needs proper producing
7 Andrey
Saksurin is a beast!
Donato dela Paz
15:13 - He sounds like a girl but fights like a beast.
the girl with the clean boxing skills. the older one. why didnt she make it? was it the injury? she was clearly the best striker imo but not enough vid for me to be 100%. do they have this for pay? like a week retreat lol.
Mighty Lightning Blader Ribb
This would be a dream! what is the music? its soo beautiful and motivational!
Tyrell Bernardo
"You're on time if you're 30 min early, you're late if you're on time"
27:42 damnnn girlll
This was amazing and really insightful!
Name of the music, from 4.06m onwards, please....
Seems like the guy lost both fights but still became a winner 🤔
Ernie Contreras
This is so epic! Lets get million views and more! Muay Thai!!! 👊
Vulnerable Son
I wish I was younger
Jossof Kadiri
Somebody knows the music? Minute 49?
Miriam Gonzalez Martinez
Saksurin its just like : Woooowwwww!!!!!! You better hit the pao when he shows you, otherwise he kills you 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😝😝😝
rip Jah
jonathon edgecombe
no one seem to mention how hot it is over there, you can sweat sitting still over there... for them to do whole day training is awesome, but i don't think my body could endure that type of punishment... well done
JustaNormalMan bla bla
What's up with their ears ?
Chris A
Great work! Really enjoyed watching it. Thanks!
I would give my left nut to train with these guys/gals.
sam mallory
Man I wish it was 20 years ago and this was happening. MT was so not on this level back then. This is great to see how big the art and sport is these days.
สถิต ไชยโคตร
Jim Varu
43:26 😈😈😈 Legend says if he lose from a foreigner he"ll shave the moustache!
Phillip Strickland
Imagine the heat
Jesus those thai pad holders hahaa this is great - what a gauntlet
Would fail this but give me a year then I might be able to finish this
32:30, I wonder if chewing bubble gum is part of the jujitsu training?
Hugh Jass
that's the nicest beach I ever saw, wtf
Damien Ohare
How do I apply
i was waiting for the killer smile when they get hammered by the trainers
Yul-Rahim Zaman
Are there videos of the full fights?
I've noticed that the muay thai trainer with the moustache, without fail, destroys all the contestants EVERY SINGLE YEAR. He's awesome lmao
Damn thomas in not quitin 7:53
Fábio Ziul
Esse Magrão com bigodinho é muito mal, mano kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Wayne Blackman
Brave men and women. It takes courage and a strong will to go through that.
Peter Hickman
Good job
So basically like.. a third passed.
Art Library!
I really want to be training there!  :(
Travel Darts
Where are the Thais?
Mama Papa
When you apply there for the muay thai team tryout do you still have to do all the different sports like wrestling and jiu-jitsu?
Malaval Chris
Lucie Bertaud je t'ai vu félicitations à toi ma belle tu est une vraie guérrière
Tiger Muay Thai đã mời 32 vận động viên MMA và Muay Thai đến từ khắp nơi trên thế giới để tranh giành học bổng một năm để gia nhập đội chiến đấu chuyên nghiệp của họ. Các thí sinh đã trải qua một bài kiểm tra ba ngày, tàn bạo, thể chất và tinh thần để thi đấu với nhau để giành vị trí trong các đội chiến đấu chuyên nghiệp của họ và giành được một khóa đào tạo học bổng một năm tại trại ở vùng đất nhiệt đới Phuket, Thái Lan. Những người chiến thắng trong các cuộc thử thách đã đi từ tối nghĩa đến chiến đấu trong chương trình khuyến mãi cao nhất (UFC, ONE, Bellator). Trong số 32 người được mời, chỉ có một vài học bổng được trao. Theo dõi và tìm ra ai có thể vượt qua thử thách và được trao tặng HỌC BỔNG.
Xenis _GR
So glad for the argentina kid, he looks happier than ever!!! very congrats on him!!!
Jordan Ray
How long are the tryouts????
Tiny Wrath
13:25 (my bookmark)
Jonny Hughes
Rich kids
How do i join this?? I would go 180 on my life and do this as if it was my oxygen if they gave me a spot!
Shine Biswas
What the weight of kettle bell that are used in training session in beach
LeGeNd Sensei
Th is is torture lol
Travel Darts
Isn’t that the Thai guy The Dingo smashed in Phuket at the Baukow fight ?
44:30 hahah you can tell he enjoys beating up foreigners lmfao
N Simie
can somebody explain why they take jujistsu class while they want to do muay thai ?
MC Batu
ceren bacım nerde
Tscherno Bill
Man i really hope qiutin is not gonna quittin
canadian aussie
TRT HGH Deca d ball glen u will win easy
Camden Rose
53:04 prospect hesitated for his second kick and paid the price
Just Smile
great club of muay thai. how can i join
Achilles Myrmidon
Great video with great peoples. Just need to chill down with the action music a bit.
Wes Moore
Why he do em like dat? 20:32
Skimaskway 64
The trainers went so much easier on the girls my god 😂😂😂
Dillon Miller
How far was the run?
Only linked George Hickman to the first tryout video on the second time of watching... drove me crazy think I recognised him but didn’t know what from 😂
Shit, i watched the whole thing. Amazing job
Wh Chan
It is a great place to train!
Carlos Y Milo
two argentinians male and female got the sponsorship, that tells you something isnt?
gohst killa
Hard core no joke training.I trained in my teens with master woody in Manchester United Kingdom. Lord it was nothing like this. This is the real deal.Nuff respect to all the winners who got a scollership and I sussgest to tiger to open small gyms all over the western world so you could really expand.nuff respect to master ronny green Grand master Toddy master A master krinn master sken and of course Grand master woody.These gys brought Tai boxing to uk in the 80s and did a great job in setting the foundations of tai boxing in the UK.
anyoen know what the intervalls on that plankig session 30:00 min were?
Not many ugly chicks in Muay Thai. If any at all.
Nick Pierce
i wish to fight one of these guys in a Small Gloves Muay Thai ( Cage MT Match). Too bad this sport does not yet exist :( . It would be like MMA, without they Lay n Pray!
no disrespect, but some of these guys are average joes and straight bum fighters
Damien Ohare
Is there another one this year
ian davies
This is a brutal sport
that saksurin guy is that guy who turns up at parties always too serious
Wilser Patiño Pizarro
El nivel es alto y exwlwnetes entrenadores
الحياة حلوه
Ton Da DeathBlow
Did you study Mae Mai Muay Thai ? Did the trainer teach you ? In this video, I guess you learned realy Muay Thai just 20%. #Pay for physical suffering. #Hard but not True.
Johnny Icarus
The Thai fighters are lethal. However, even a average American college wrestler would take them down, negate their lethality and maul them.
Piercing NoizEz
how do you join the said tryouts
Sophia Woods
What happen to the old school Muay Thai of the 90’s, when did by wrestling enter? WhT happen to there tradition? Seems like the old old days are gone. It all seems foreigners and 💰, like s nice mma has bocome snake oil and all the events the old Muay traditions are gone.
Chucky Conan
We all know that girl from Kenya ain't serious about fighting for real. Shes just there to have fun. Taking someone else's spot and opportunity away. Shes taking away the spot of the people who really want to fight
Liam Nek
Tiger Muay Thai best tourist gym with worst disrespectful n lazy staff. Every instructor is licking some famous guy s or rich clients butthole.