Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 04 - Helpless (by EarpJohn)

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Tom Bombie
I'm just approaching 70yrs and this was a major part of the sound track to my early life. ❤✌
This is what I find fascinating, these jams are over 47 years old, and people of old and young folks from all walks of life still love them. This time period like the past was unique. A great Country that has lost its way, and is trying to keep in step. It's a feeling.
Michel Guimond
what a time my god what a time
James Gatto
Music like this far surpasses anything composed today. Nothing today even comes close!
Joseph K Schneider Realtor
Lets not forget Jerry Garcia on pedal Steel sweet!
Surajit Manna
"Helpless" There is a town in north Ontario, With dream comfort memory to spare, And in my mind I still need a place to go, All my changes were there. Blue, blue windows behind the stars, Yellow moon on the rise, Big birds flying across the sky, Throwing shadows on our eyes. Leave us Helpless, helpless, helpless Baby can you hear me now? The chains are locked and tied across the door, Baby, sing with me somehow. Blue, blue windows behind the stars, Yellow moon on the rise, Big birds flying across the sky, Throwing shadows on our eyes. Leave us Helpless, helpless, helpless
Little story...1975.....I ( at the time young Italian traveller around Europe) was heading to Sweden by Inter-rail ( remember?) with other Italian buddies and we happened to make friends with a few US Folks on train...We started to talk ( with my bad english at the time) and at a certain point one of the Americans inserts a tape in his player...This beautiful music starts to spread around...I was literally struggling to get to understand the lyrics... So one of the US Folks patiently and kindly ( almost word by word) helps me get the complete meaning of this fantastic track....Thank you, Mister..I still remember this after 41 years
Donna Marie
so very very sad, so very very  beautiful
Anastasia Kay
Bought this album in California when I was 15 y/o. Great album! One of my favorites on it is Helpless. Neil Young!
Ross Odom
Such a beautifully forlorn guitar. Helpless. The piano marries it well. If Neil Young can be credited with it, he was at his best in my opinion.
Carrie Berry
this song rips your heart out and stomps on it. May be my favorite song by Neil Young.
Neil's voice. Neil's voice. I dread the day he will no longer be with us. I love Neil.
michael kulbaba
blue, blue widows behind the stars the yellow  moon on the rise big birds flying across the sky throwing shadows on our eyes. leave us helpless. neil young can sure tell a story.
Jessica R
Dance with me..when I lay my head down it is on your chest.when I close my eyes I hear your heart. I think i will die if I ever lose you.
LC Jackson
A friend is missing in Venezuela...and this song is all I can sing.
can't believe that only 75,000 views and this is best version of this song on you-tube 
R Ca
I ran off from Memphis to a farm in Ontario in 1980 and never looked back, this is my heart song. Thank you Neil and thank you Ontario. My god.
One of my favorite songs.  love, love, love it!!!
Time Traveler
Thanks for uploading it here. I listen to it every time. It's beautiful, and it's my favorite song! I have so many memories in her, that in the reflection of my thoughts I see my father.
Christopher Perry
Gold from the Boys
Eddie Fingers
small trivia: this was the b-side of "woodstock"....
Major Roids
My vinyl is my key to what it means to dream to be original.....
Time Traveler
I used to listen to my dad when I was a kid, he listened to this song on vinyl. And I loved it. Today, my dad is in heaven and with this beautiful theme I remember him every day.
The Homies
No dislikes. Nuff said.
clare .elliott
A more poignant dirge was never penned
Perez Mendo
knocking on heavens door was released in 1973, so this song is very original. Viva Neil.
4oa tech
Almost impossible to listen to this song and not have it elicit an emotional response. The best songs do that. Evocative. Neil's voice, the piano, and the harmonies.
Rolf Neubert
Das war noch echte Musik. Als das Album rauskam war ich gerade mal 9 Jahre. Um so mehr habe ich mir das Album später als Jugendlicher direkt reingezogen :))
Antonio Dias
classic!!!! A must!!!
maurizio orani
music 100 years from now..will'always present
Philip Foote
I’m 67...heard vinyl coming back from my 20 year old daughter. Hope it does...need to buy this album again...wore old one out. To all of us in late life, our music was the greatest ever. Want proof...we are still listening...AND OUR KIDS ARE BUYING THESE ALBUMS.
This song leaves me feeling helpless.
John Riccio,Jr.
paul scott
Totally timeless, simply beautiful and my dad passed on the album to me bless him, played me the most wonderful music, love ya and miss ya.
john theobald
All the albums from the 60s and 70s should be played on all our radio stations
Knock knock Knocking on Heavens Door.. :D
Chico Goodguys
john theobald
Still makes me cry
Time Traveler
A kiss to heaven dad .... love of son.
Bobby Bob
There is a town in North Ontario Dream comfort memory to spare And in my mind I still need a place to go All my changes were there Blue, blue windows behind the stars Yellow moon on the rise Big birds flying across the sky Throwing shadows on our eyes Leave us Helpless, helpless, helpless, helpless Babe, can you hear me now? The chains are locked and tied across the door Baby, sing with me somehow Blue, blue windows behind the stars Yellow moon on the rise Big birds flying across the sky Throwing shadows on our eyes Leave us Helpless, helpless, helpless, helpless Songwriters: David Taylor / Rob Downes / Alex Mungo / Jasper John Nielson Stainthorpe / Stephen Wren / Mark Robert Tiplady Helpless lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
Ward Nine
yep good to be playing
Tony Conyers
Any relation to the Earp's of Tombstone ?
Rob Marley
i am not really sure if anyone has ever used the term "sick" to describe any of C,S,N,(Y)'s music. It is cool to see this wonderful music still reaching younger generations, and inspiring them. But you're right CSNY is wicked sick!
I Love Cobain, I grew up a Punk Rocker and metal head, but having Hippie Parents this was in the back ground at our house a lot. This particular song I love. I was watching an old Replacements song the other night and some shitbrain wrote "Jack Ass brought me here. That's insulting to true fans. But I do feel like (c)RAP fried Rock music worse than Cobain he was still in the right Vein for it.
Andrew Castro
Im 22 and I just really enjoy these guys steven stills is the man of jam that dude is sick! I try to base my playing off his and many other blues artists
first view and first comment :)
Drát Vejdr
My favorite song.
Axepacker Music
I grew up on this album!! Perfect!!
Maxime Olagnon
"Knock knock knockin on heaven's doooor heeyy heeey yeaah yeaaah..." "When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it beeee, let it beee, let it beeeee let it beee..."
Jan Gillihan
Only the best
Its as if they know me personally?
David Schmidt
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to share this. This is one of the songs I do when I'm all alone (as usual) late at night, and feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to teach it to the kids in my ":Beginning Guitar Class" at my school but without the background the song is not the same....and the kids these days have NO IDEA what people thought in the 70's or 80's.
Mbongeni Mguni
Dreamy, sad, surreal, hopeful. Perfect.
Djowin Zschuschen
Wauw,1off the best songs ever!!!
Mo Mcnally
Cooking my Christmas dinner and listening!
James Giberson
Beauty, harmony, and resonance personified...
Trust YouMe
Made @ least 3,000... on the blvd
Mama Jacqueroo
I loved Neil Young then. I still love Neil Young.
Paraic Bergin
the long ads before and after each video make this unwatchable
Que Beckles
I'm so grateful my Father introduce me to all types of music coming up and still to this day❤❤❤
Robert Ommundsen
this is before knocking!
Time Traveler
I listen to it again and again and I do not get tired, it is medicine to my soul that longs for those moments that will not come back.
Giuseppe Ricci
che miti...
David Landers
I think they understood the firmament
Karla Adams
Sad song about having polio in Omemee.
I hope you get good news, LC.
David Henning
1:08 today I heard this as "Big Bird's flying across the sky."
Richard Abrahams
R. I. P. Lisa Ann. Dad loves you
Steve Melton
My heart is helpless.
randall scott burress
Woodstock 1 and Woodstock two??...watt happened to all our ..differences ???
Stephanie Morris
love this song
Giuliana Rubino
Dischi da leggere 7 h · Il 28 marzo 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young pubblicano il 45 giri "Woodstock", brano firmato da Joni Mitchell, come singolo di lancio per il loro album "Deja Vu". Sul lato B "Helpless" di Neil Young.
carlos tha rippa
is it me or is this version slowed down
Halimous Bathyal
It was hard to get any sleep in them days. Too many bullets going past. We thought we'd moved past that, but Morons Are Governing America again.
Raymond Faron
Hitting my late 60's now, fell asleep many a night to these folk sounds, sleep don't come like it did back in the day...which fork in the road did I miss?
Crosby, Stills, Fudgedog, Nash and young. unbeatable
alpha and omega fan
Who dislikes this song.
Tony Canaris
We are Helpless pertaining to Today chemtrailing, Bad. Genetically tampered food, Big Birds flying across the throwing shadows of chemicals on us. LORD Help us.
Mario Milos
for my brother
rafael rubio diaz
Dios tu debes estar detras de esta gradiosa obra de arte.
Katalin Kalmar
GERHard Deusser
I hate Neil Young "helpless, helpless, helpless, helpless"......squeak, squeak".........
Richard Ryan
Joe Brown did a show in Liverpool,England and his son Pete did this song. His version is superior.
Time Traveler
A nadie le gusta esta canción porque en realidad no saben el significado de ella. En esta canción hay sentimientos y ese amor por un pasado bastó y lleno de vicisitudes. Improvisaciones que ya tienen más de 40 años, monumento cruel a todos mis recuerdos y lo digo porqué aquí están mis mejorías en esta hermosa canción.
this song is pitch shifted. this is not the original.